My Wife is a Goddess: 99 Secret Kisses

Chapter 210 - don't buy

Chapter 210 - don't buy

Inspector Han came to a conclusion, "So, that's why he placed a bomb and wanted to take the opportunity to escape. Unfortunately, he died. He fell on the hole he dug. And, we lost all the opportunity to get some information about this drug and the ringleader behind it."

However, Xue Lin suspected something else. 'Did brother Bojin really do that? I know he can make all the foolish decisions but being reckless is not in his blood. He is even scared of the dark. And more precisely, he wasn't the main part of the drug dealer. It was third and fourth brothers-in-law.'

She narrowed her eyes and pondered deeply, 'The most important part is, I hypnotized him for ten minutes. When the police officers went inside to capture him, at that time he only came back to senses. He wouldn't have the time to make a bomb or he wouldn't be able to think of it in that short period. Could it be someone else who caused it? But wouldn't that person die from the explosion?'

Her heart started to hurt thinking all about this. She rubbed her temples and told Inspector Han, "I've something I want to share with you but we have to go to the police station first."

"Yes, we have a lot to know from you," he said. He turned around and instructed his men, "I'll leave the rest to you. Let the fire service team find out the cause of this explosion and after the fire does down, you will go down there to search for whatever remaining is left."

"Yes, sir!" The police officer saluted.

After giving him the responsibility, Inspector Han singled her to leave with him.

At that moment, a shrill cry pierced through their ears. Xue Lin flinched after hearing the sound.

Her second aunt broke into tears and cried like a madwoman. She was hugging her son's dead body and wouldn't let the medical team take it away. "Bojin… wah… my son… my precious son… how could this happen to you? I've raised you with love and care and never let a bug touch you����� my son…"

Xue Lin's heart shook upon hearing such heartbroken words. All the emotions surged up to the surface. She clenched her fists and controlled it. There was no way she would cry in front of so many people. It was too embarrassing.

Those who weren't badly injured came forward and tried to pull her away. However, Xue Lin's second suddenly got some energy out of nowhere and she didn't budge at all. Even Xue Lin's male cousins couldn't pull her away.

"Mother's love is very dear," Inspector Han commented. A deep sigh escaped from his mouth.

"But sometimes it's annoying, just like now," Xue Lin threw a remark. She didn't like it when people cried like that. It was too heart wrenching. It was trying to force her to cry and she didn't like it. 'Such a nuisance,' she thought.

"That's so rude." Inspector Han commented and frowned at Xue Lin. He didn't expect her to say anything about her dead relatives. After all, it was no joke that someone close had died.

"I'm just telling the truth. Let's go. I don't want to see any more family drama. Moreover, they were rude to me before, not me." Xue Lin shrugged and headed toward the car.

Inspector Han gave her a quiet look and he thought about something before following her.

Just then, Xue Lin's second aunt looked in her direction. She felt all the hatred and anger toward that girl who told the police that her son was the killer.

She stood up and walked toward Xue Lin with her trembling legs.

Xue Lin hadn't got inside the car yet. She was waiting for Inspector Han to drive his car to the road. All of a sudden, she was attacked from behind. Her long hair was pulled harshly by her second aunt and she heard her shouting, "You shameless girl! You destroyed the happiness of my children and you dare to show your face. Look at you, you don't even cry when your cousin is dead. You are a witch! I'll kill you. You took away my son. I'll take your life!"

Xue Lin was unexpectedly beaten. She took three hits. While she was still shocked, she saw her relatives looking at her without any sympathy. Some women were smirking seeing her misery.

Her eyes turned cold. She got a hold of herself and harshly pushed her second aunt away. Her second aunt couldn't balance and fell on the ground.

Those who were smirking secretly came forward and caught her second aunt in time. They glared at Xue Lin with dissatisfaction and reprimanded her, "How dare you to hurt your aunt? Wasn't killing Bojin and your brothers-in-law enough?"

Xue Lin got mad. She crossed her arms and asked directly, "Excuse me? Whom did I exactly kill? Brother Bojin killed his own brothers-in-law without hesitating. He used a bomb to kill us all but died himself. Where is my contribution there?"

"I know you are dumb and illiterate but that doesn't mean you can slender me illogically. Cross your line and I will sue you," she mercilessly threatened them.

Her relatives got quiet after being insulted in front of so many people. Not only police officers were here, but also the neighbors were present. They saw everything and whispered in a low voice. Some of them even talked loudly enough to let others hear their thoughts.

"So, it's Fa Family's Bojin who killed his brothers-in-law."

"Tsk, such a heartless man. How could he do that?"

"His elder sister has two kids whereas his younger sister is pregnant. Didn't his hand shake while killing them?"

"They talked about drugs, didn't they? It looks like Fa Bojin is a criminal. What does a criminal feel anyway? We better stay away from this family."

"Yes, we should. Just look at them. They won't even accept that Fa Bojin killed his own brothers-in-law. Instead, they would attack an innocent, little girl. They are really something. No wonder Fa Bojin became like this. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

Xue Lin sneered inwardly upon hearing their words.

Onlookers were just like that. They will enjoy others sufferings, talk about it but won't lend a hand or shoulders for people to shed tears. People like them are despicable.

Xue Lin's second aunt heard their words and shouted at them. "Don't talk about my Bojin like that. He never harmed you. How dare you to talk about him like that?!"

A skinny female neighbor chided her saying, "Enough! You should check your head in the hospital. Your son is a killer and you are shouting like as if you are the queen of the world. Drop your acting and find out how your son killed your sons-in-law and made your daughters widows."

She had a bad relation with second aunt. Since the neighbor got the opportunity to see the misery of second aunt, she couldn't let this slide.

"…" It seemed like others looked at her coldly because her behavior wasn't appropriate enough. However, that woman didn't bother with other's stares.

Xue Lin didn't feel like listening to their unhealthy conversation. She went inside the car.

"Are you all right?" Inspector Han asked her.

She replied while brushing her hair using her fingers, "Yeah, I'm fine. And next time, don't criticize me when I'm cold toward my relatives."

"Just because someone dies, doesn't mean I have to good to those who hurt me," Xue Lin's voice was void of emotion.

"…" Inspector Han wasn't able to say anything in return.

Xue Lin's second aunt saw her leaving. She shouted at her, "Curse you, witch! Curse you! You will never be able to find happiness."

"Drive," Xue Lin quietly told the inspector.

Inspector Han drove the car without saying anything.

Xue Lin talked to herself inwardly, 'Just because some people don't know their tears, doesn't mean that they aren't hurt.'

After going to the police station, Xue Lin gave a full report of what she had experienced in Fa Bojin's house. However, when it came to describing about how she found the secret elevator, she said, "My earring suddenly fell and it rolled inside the bookshelf. Since it's a bit expensive I had to mov the shelf and then I found the secret elevator."

"May I see your earring?" Inspector Han asked while sharply looking at her. He wanted to know if she was telling the truth or not.

"Of course," saying that, Xue Lin took off her earring. She thanked her husband inwardly for making her wear this pair of earrings that can roll on the floor. She also prayed so that the police officer wouldn't understand whether the earring was really expensive or not. Her heart was beating fast but she kept a poker face.

Unknown to her, the earring she thought it was a simple stone earring was actually diamond earring.

After checking that it was not only 'a bit expensive' but highly expensive, Inspector Han removed the thought of her being a culprit's accomplish.

At first, he thought she was connected to them since she abruptly found who the killer was. However, listening to her detailed explanation about the case, he was very impressed.

Unknown to her, the earring she thought it was a simple stone earring was actually diamond earring.

After checking that it was not only 'a bit expensive' but highly expensive, Inspector Han removed the thought of her being a culprit's accomplish.

At first, he thought she was connected to them since she abruptly found who the killer was. However, listening to her detailed explanation about the case, he was very impressed.

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