Ode to Longevity

Chapter 1: The Journey to an Ancient World

Proofread by Cheng Jingtao

In the Land of Stars and Moon.

In the main hall of the Fengs, there is a calligraphy work named "Longevity"written by the Emperor himself with a frame mounted with gold and jade.

Grey-haired Feng Lingyun wears a black gown embroidered with Kylin, sitting square.

The ministers who send gifts are constantly coming, and the gifts are taken over by servants on the side.

The Fengs helped Lord Yun, Murong Hao, ascend to the throne, and the family enjoys an unshakable position as the first general's house in Yun Kingdom.

As long as it is on the birthday of the head of the Fengs, Feng Lingyun, Lord Yun Murong Hao will definitely congratulate Feng in person, so will he today.


The scene of the front yard is in stark contrast to the backyard, where the red silk, dozens of meters long, is in a terrible mess, and vegetables and fruits scatter all over the place.

A man in dark gold sitting in a wheelchair is looking indifferently at the crowd in front, while a sharp dagger is pointing to his neck, with scarlet blood dripping down the blade.

The weather in December is extremely cold, but the strong drunken man holding the dagger is naked to the waist. He grasps the wheelchair with one hand, "Don't move! Lord Cen is here!", he yells with a ferocious face.

"You, you are out of your mind! Let go of Lord Cen!"The faces of the guards who are holding sabers turn pale, and even Feng Chen who has gone through many dangerous moments feels nervous and dare not act rashly.

There is a commotion in the crowd, but no one dare step forward.

At the same time, a fat person is pushed out, and the fat body is like a puddle of mud, poured out.

"Oh, my god, is that Feng Qingge the fool? What is she doing here!"

"We can't infuriate him right now for Lord's safety. Let the fool come back quickly!"

"If we were not careless, this would not have happened! Don't infuriate him and protect Lord Cen!"

Who is saying my name…

Ouch! The whole body seems to be run over by a truck, full of pain.

She struggles to open her eyes and feels the glare of the light

The rising sun reddens half the sky. In the golden light an elegant man is sitting quietly in a wheelchair. His black hair dances with the wind, and his thick and long eyelashes are slightly closed. At a sudden glance, Lord Cen's eyes which are like the smooth surface of the lake meet Qingge's perplexed ones, and his eyes are shining with a strange light.

Feng Qingge is shocked for she has never seen such a good-looking man. He has an air of calmness and elegance, like an immortal coming out of a gorgeous painting.

This should be a pleasant scenery without the buff man standing aside.

Feng Qingge stands in front of them, feeling like a monkey being watched.

"Where am I? Why am I here?"Feng asks, with one hand pressing hard on her temple.

She looks around curiously, only to see two men in weird ancient clothes and buildings in ancient style. Feng can't hold back her confusion and asks,"Are you shooting a teleplay?"

"Shut up! Just stay where you are and do nothing!"Not expecting Fen's appearance, Wang Ming moves towards Feng suddenly and fiercely out of extreme anxiety,with his strong fist hitting towards Feng.

"Who are you?" Feng says disdainfully, and a touch of cold light crosses her eyes. She steps back and adjusts herself quickly to a fight. As one of the top-ranked international spies, she does not take Wang as her rival.

She acts so fast like a gust of wind, and is to catch this buff man's arm; however, her new body moves too clumsily to complete actions which should have been completed. So not until she touches Wang, she is hit by him on forehead.

Instantly, her sight becomes vague, and blood drops from her head, dying her eyes red. Her long eyelashes can't help trembling. Memories flocking into her head bring her a splitting headache, and a mess of strange information pops into her mind.

Feng Qingge, 20 years old, the eldest daughter of the Fengs in Yun Kingdom of Land of Stars and Moon, was born weak, which fails her to cultivate star power. From very young age, she has been bullied by other peers for her head of a moron. Because of her fat and ugly appearance, no one came to her family to propose marriage till she was 22. Although she has been taken as a fool all the time, she secretly loves the prince Murong Chu.

Today is the 60th birthday celebration party of the head of the Fengs. Lord Cen who is handicapped arrived early to send gifts, but was kidnapped by Wang Ming, who disguised himself as a servant in the house.

Wang Ming is an ordinary guy without Star Power, but he is strong, which makes it difficult to cope with him. For fear of hurting Lord Cen, guards around all stay still.

Feng Qingge, who was in the crowd before, was pushed forward by someone, leading to the current situation.

No! She is supposed to be back! Back to the earth!


In her world, the freezing bullet went through her heart, and she was plunged into the cold, dark, rimless sea. Now, she lives inside another one's body, owning a different soul which doesn't belong to her. The actual her in the real life is dead, and this cannot be reversed.

"Hongzhe...I died, but I'm still alive..." She has no idea how to express her feelings-she didn't mean to survive the mission at all. However, instead of meeting her beloved one in the heaven as she wished, she somehow came into this unacquainted world eerily.

Without any desire for life, her black eyes are dull with gloomy shade. Even though she is held hostage, nobody in the Fengs cares whether she will be alive. The only thing they care is the safety of Lord Cen. As to such a good-for-nothing as her, it's no big deal even if she is killed.

"Cough, cough..." she hears muffled coughs behind her. Sitting in the wheelchair, Murong Yun turns even paler. A crafty look comes to his slightly closed eyes. As if having known what Qingge has in mind, he said with a faint smile, "Such a man as I should be still alive. That's just laughable, isn't it?"

Is it laughable?

Qingge is suddenly transfixed by something that emerges in her mind by itself.

Murong Yun, Lord Cen, joined the army when he was only five years old and has fought on the battlefield with ease for 16 years, achieving numerous illustrious military achievements and winning the title of Mars. Surprisingly, the genius was disabled and became lame in both legs two years ago because something went wrong in his martial arts training.

All his veins were ruined. Reduced from superior Mars to a cripple, he is even inferior to an average man. It must be a burning shame and crowning humiliation for him to be kidnapped and unable to resist.

Under such circumstances, however, he left everything behind unexpectedly and told her with a smile that the like of him can yet carry on. With sound limbs, though delicately built, she has no excuse to give up her life.

Anyway, she can't bring herself to see the handsome lord die in the hand of a nobody!

Qingge observes around unhesitatingly, with her glorious black eyes twinkling. Besides the surrounding crowd, a few guards hide on the eave. As long as Wang Ming slackens a little, he will no doubt be defeated instantly.

But the abductor Wang Ming is not stupid. Though the dagger he uses is of small power, he has taken advantage of Yun as his trump card, thus forming a dead angle for attack. Rather than wait for him to expose flaws, she is better off seeking opportunities and gaining the initiative.

Squinting her eyes, Qingge asked imperturbably, "Are you hungry?"

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