Ode to Longevity

Chapter 3: Get out of the Trouble

Proofread by Yin Jing

Just as Wang approaches, she suddenly bends her body and bumps against Wang's chin fiercely like a pop-up ball. Before Wang could respond, she gives Wang a violent kick on the right foot.

"Ah!" Wang becomes more wide-eyed in severe pain. He gives a violent wave of his hand, and the dagger in his hand shows a flash of cold light. He glares at Lord Cen with bloodshot eyes and roars, "You should play tricks on me! Even if I die, I will drag you two together!"

"The jig is up. It's beyond my strength. Dodge, Mu Cangyun!" Qingge nearly spouts blood. With a sudden leap, she kicks the burning wood on the ground away.

"Be careful." Without any ability to attack, Mu has no choice but retreat by his wheelchair, staring at the man out of the track he planned. He frowns tightly, with his slender fingers tapping the wheelchair subconsciously.

"Bang!" Wang takes a sudden step back and was hit in the arm by the piece of wood. His eyes turn completely bloodshot. Glaring at the fat body of Qingge, he roars, "I'll kill you first!"

"Humph, come on!" The stout body darts forth abruptly. Upon a sweep of Qingge's foott, a pile of wood shoots out neatly.

Before Wang could react, Feng flings her arms around a pillar. The center of her gravity sinks; she launches a kick high up in the air. However, she ignores her current weight. Under this support, her arms are not strong enough to clasp the pillar. Then, her stout body strikes the ground hard.

"..." The corner of her mouth twitches severely, and Qingge curses secretly. Seeing the dazzling dagger is about to come, she grabs the wooden pillar hurriedly, kicks against the ground with both legs, and rolls her fat body to the corner in a funny way.

Since the attack comes to nothing, Wang becomes even more furious. He springs nimbly to stab Qingge with his dagger.

"Ci!" Bloody cut emerges. Qingge looks extremely pale. She has just been reborn in this body and is unaccustomed to it. The object is so large that she does not have time to dodge before being stabbed by the dagger. She rolls over the ground awkwardly with her untidy hair stuck together by sweat, and she is no difference from the beggars outside.

If she continues to be passive, she may never have the chance to attack. The body is too weak to stand even two rounds of fighting. So the fight could not last any longer!

Qingge takes a big breath. The instant Wang hacks, Qingge's eyes look totally different. She grabs suddenly behind her back and then casts the dust in her hands towards Wang's eyes.

"What?" Wang rubs his eyes promptly, moving backwards.

But Qingge would not give him the chance. The moment Wang retreats, her stout body moves over. Her lightning-fast fingers lock Wang's wrist. Then, she disjoints his right wrist directly.

"Clang!" The dagger hits the ground. Qingge swiftly kicks it away. Without the weapon threatening her life, she cannot help but to breathe a deep sigh of relief. When she is about to carry on the next round of attack, fingers hard like talons of a falcon lock her neck.

"Bang!" The back side of her head hits the wall, and Qingge feels dizzy for a while. The sense of suffocation drains the color from her face. She reaches out to seize Wang's wrist subconsciously.

"Court death!" As his right hand suffers from dislocation, Wang pinches her neck with his left hand and throws her to the wall heavily. The whole wall is shaking. That 100-kg weight is far from light, so the hit feels like an earthquake.

"Dong, Dong, Dong..."

Hit after another, Qingge feels as if her brain were going to break, when Wang loosens his hand suddenly. She falls down on the ground at once. Seeing that big guy making his way towards Lord Cen, Qingge becomes sober.

No! Lord Cen Yun must not die!

"Ha!" If she has had the super power of thunder and lightning, Wang would have been killed immediately. But now, the100-kg body jumps up and smashes down heavily like a rubber ball.

It never occurs to Wang that Qingge should still be able to stand up.100 kilograms drop down on his head. All he heard is a "crack" and then his spine breaks directly.

"100 kilograms! Even though I'm no fighting match for you, I can crush you to death!"

"If I can't crush you to death, I'll beat you to death!"

"Go to hell!"

Before Wang is able to react, Qingge throws herself on Wang's body and punches him hard on the head. Head is the most vulnerable part of human body. Even the practice of astral power cannot change the fact. She has been growing up in the dark team since she is young and knows everything about the Achilles heel of humankind...

The strength of the punch is just appropriate. It doesn't kill Wang but directly knocks him out.

The wounds are bleeding all over her body, and after such a fight, Qingge is exhausted. She sits on the floor panting heavily as if her chest will burst.

The same as it has been, Mu's look has never changed. Even when seeing Qingge stun Wang, he just closed his eyes slightly and stopped tapping the wheelchair with his fingers suddenly.

Exhaling a breath of cold air, Qingge looks down at her swollen hands and then takes a deep breath. She forces herself to stand up and asks in a trembling voice, "It's over. Are you all right?"

"I'm OK, of course. Here you are." Mu Cangyun takes out a bottle of unguent and says calmly, "Smear it on your injuries after washing them and you will recover in three days."

The wind rises. Clouds scud. The person who sits in the wheelchair is as gentle as the wind, learned and refined. Though not valiant as before, he shows another kind of charm with this morbid look. His eyebrows as sharp as swords, his eyes as shiny as stars, and his flawless face could dazzle anyone in this world. Even his voice is sexy and soft, like spring breeze stroking osiers.

"Thank you." Taking the bottle, Qingge forces herself to stay calm promptly. She is not allowed to have any more thoughts. After the danger usually comes rescue.

After making sure there is no fighting anymore, the guards outside kick the door open and all rush in.

As if holding a hot potato, Qingge clenches the bottle at once, hiding it inside her sleeve.

"Are you all right, my lord?" The guards look better. Glancing at the trembling Qingge standing aside, the leader says, "You must feel bothered, my lord. Come and take Lord Cen to freshen up immediately. Arrest this guy, and put him into jail to wait for disposal."

"Why are you standing still? Clean the backyard right away. Young miss, please go to wash and change your dress too. The emperor is about to arrive." Seeing that the crowds do not move, he frowns and continues to say. His words are easy to understand. Qingge shall not bring any shame on the Fengs.

Clenching the bottle, Qingge turns around to look backward. Mu Cangyun is surrounded in the crowd. She sees many backs, but none is his.

"Feng Qingge..." With a faint smile, Mu Cangyun indifferently glances at the person who is leaving. A sharp glint flashes across his wise eyes. He raises his hands slightly and says, "Go where you should have been as if this never happens, for the sake of Feng Qingge."

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