Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint

Chapter 24

Episode 6 – Judgment Time (2)

Just as I was about to open my mouth, I heard Cheon Inho’s voice.

“Oh, Dokja-ssi! You came just in time.”

Cheon Inho smiled as he found us. I had a foreboding feeling as Cheon Inho spoke in a loud voice.

“Dokja-ssi has a lot of coins! How much? You are probably the richest one among us, right?”

[The character ‘Cheon Inho’ has activated the ‘Incite Lv. 2’ skill.

The crowd looked my way.


“Who has a lot of coins?”

It didn’t take long for all eyes to turn to me. Cheon Inho, he was a really great guy.

“Y-You are Dokja-ssi?”

“Please save me!”

People panted as they approached. The number of people flocking was estimated to be at least 20. If I gave all these people coins, I would lose 2,000 coins. But if I didn’t give them coins, I would become a big villain of Gumho Station.

[Your understanding of the character ‘Cheon Inho’ has increased.]

“Haha, Dokja-ssi. I don’t have the coins to help all these poor people but…isn’t Dokja-ssi different? Will you just wait and watch?”

I sighed quietly. I had seen this trick one or twice.

[The constellations of the Absolute Good system have defined Cheon Inho as ‘wicked’.]

I had enough of putting up with him.

“S-Save me!”

“Please save me!”

People burst into tears with the most pitiful expression in the world.

[Hahahat! This story is becoming fun. For reference, there are 10 minutes left!]

Bihyung spoke in a voice that was full of joy and the party looked at me with strange expressions. I let out a short sigh and slowly closed my eyes before opening them again.

“I see. You want coins?”

Then I laughed.

“Why should I?”

I looked around at the people. The first scenario was original sin. Thus, none of the people here were innocent.

That made it more disgusting. Those who trampled on someone else to survive, who couldn’t even bear responsibility for their own life.


“You have a lot of coins! Can’t you give us a few?”

In the midst of the confusion, Cheon Inho burst out laughing.

“I expected this from Dokja-ssi.”


“From the very first moment Dokja-ssi showed up here. Didn’t you sell food for coins? If you didn’t make them buy food at that time, do you know how many people can survive now?”

“Yes! He is right!”

“Shit! Give me back my coins!”

Suddenly the atmosphere was flowing against me. Maybe this was what Cheon Inho wanted.

“Just a minute everyone! Your actions right now…!”

“Dokja-ssi isn’t such a person!”

Yoo Sangah and Lee Hyunsung tried to diffuse the crowd but they had already lost their sense of reason. Then Cheon Inho drove in the last wedge.

“Dokja-ssi. I will give you one last chance. Give the coins back to the people.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“Then the worst will happen.”

The crowd of 20 people started to approach step by step.

“T-This…come! Give me your coins!”

Nevertheless, no one attacked first. Eventually, a member of the Cheoldoo Group came forward.

“You scum! What are you doing? Kill him! Why are you hesitating when you can snatch the coins after killing him?”

The man who shouted had a very sturdy physique. I triggered Character List and confirmed his information.


[Character Summary]

Name: Han Minsung

Private Attribute: Bully (General)

Overall Stats: Stamina Lv. 8, Strength Lv. 8, Agility Lv. 8, Magic Power Lv. 2.


He was the owner of abilities that fit a ‘bully.’ He wasn’t originally at this level…this guy did ‘it.’ Yes, he acted rashly because he believed in his stats.

“Kill that bastard!”

The metal pipe in his hand moved. A steel pipe containing a Lv. 8 strength. The former ‘Kim Dokja’ might be scared by this threat but… For the current me, it was just ridiculous.


The man’s arm was cut off and rolled across the ground with the iron pipe.


The blood covered Unbroken Faith was emitting a white light. I swept a glance over the quiet people.


Everyone turned pale when they saw a Cheoldoo Group member being overwhelmed with one blow. Now that I had shown off a bit, it was time to start.

“Pathetic… do you really believe this situation is because of me?”

I looked left and right at each face in the crowd. On the other side, Cheon Inho was looking confused.

“In fact, you know very well that it isn’t me.”

Like a sick goldfish, the mouths of the crowd dropped open. I spoke like I was disseminating food to them.

“You guys are doing this because you are scared. In fact, even though you knew what was wrong and are in a crisis, you are trembling in fear because of them.”

“Haha, look at this, Dokja-ssi! What are you saying…?”

“It is because they are stronger than you! Their overall stats are higher than you and they have a lot of coins! But everyone, you know what?”

I took a step towards the crowd and asked. The entire crowd retreated like surprised goldfish. However, they were already in my fish tank.

“Why are they stronger than you?”

I took one more step.

“More than anything, why do they have more coins than you? Is it because they are gangsters? Perhaps.”

[The characters around you are shaken.]

Even in fear, there were some emotions that could be conveyed with certainty. Questions passed over their faces.

“C-Cheon Inho-ssi, how many coins do you have…?”

“Haha, don’t you know? Well, I have sold a few and―”

“Do you think it is possible to get that many stats with just that? Really?”

Cheon Inho closed his mouth. I turned from left to right, looking at the crowd’s faces one by one.

“When I came to Gumho Station a few days ago, there were 87 people here.”


“But how many people are left now? I don’t think there is more than 50 people. Do you know why?”

“T-They went out as scouts and the monsters―”

“Monsters? Do you still believe that?”


“You fools. Think about it with your brains. Did those people really die because of the monsters? Then why haven’t any of the Cheoldoo Group bastards died?”

The area became quiet in an instant.

“Why is it that they come back stronger?”

[The constellation ‘Secretive Plotter’ nods at your reasoning.]

“D-Don’t tell me―”

The people turned to look at Cheon Inho. The Cheoldoo Group members hesitated. Now it was my turn to drive in the wedge.

“They said it before. If you kill me, you will get coins.”

[The constellation ‘Prisoner of the Golden Headband’ pulls his hair in excitement.]

“But how do they know that killing a person will give coins?”

“Y-You…Inho-ssi! Don’t tell me?”

“Shut up! I’m being framed!”

As Cheon Inho moved back, the men of the Cheoldoo Group pulled out their weapons. The frightened people were weeping.

[Hahahat! There are 7 minutes left!]

I stepped forward towards the people.

“If you have any last self-respect left, fight with your own hands.”

The Blade of Faith cried out violently. Anger filled the eyes of the people.

“At least get back what was taken from you.”

As I waited, the people of the Cheoldoo Group rushed towards me simultaneously. I also ran towards them.

“Now this world is such a place.”

The white light moved and people screamed. Then someone shouted.

“Yes, shit!”

“Sons of a bitches!”

The people started to move. All in all, they were people who had already killed.


“Dayoung, come here! Do this! Just like what you did on the subway with Mother!”

Children and mothers.

“This fuckin’ bastards!”

There was a middle-aged Indian man.

“These scum!”

But they weren’t a match.

The number of people left in the Cheoldoo Group was high and their fighting power was overwhelming due to all the coins they obtained through human hunting.

Or this would be the case if it wasn’t for me.


The arms and legs of the Cheoldoo Group members who rushed for me flew off. The eerie sensation of cutting off a person’s limbs filled my hands. The incapacitated Cheoldoo Group members looked up at me.

“S-Spare me…”

At that moment. Someone moved ahead of me and stuck their blade in the fallen Cheoldoo Group members.

“I said I would kill him.”

[All evolution conditions of the attribute ‘Crouching Figure’ have been met.]

The attribute of character ‘Jung Heewon’ is blossoming.]

A dazzling brilliance was rising from her body. I nodded. It was now time.

[The attribute of ‘Jung Heewon’ has blossomed to ‘Judge of Destruction (Hero).]

A judge to wipe out evil. The best of the three ‘judge’ attributes woke up from a crouching figure.

[You have contributed greatly to the attribute of ‘Crouching Figure!’]

[The character ‘Jung Heewon’ won’t hesitate to be your sword in the future.]

“Rest from now on.”

Jung Heewon’s eyes were pale blue as she declared.

“These guys are my share.”

[The character ‘Jung Heewon’ has activated the exclusive skill ‘Judgment Time.’]

[The Absolute Good constellations have agreed to the use of this skill.]

[’Judgment Time’ has been activated.]

Jung Heewon had a bloody aura around her body as her blade painted an eerie trail. It was a light and precise kendo that moved between the Cheoldoo Group members. Blood spurted everywhere.


It was a scene of a complete massacre. Of course, Jung Heewon wasn’t the only one fighting. Yoo Sangah, Lee Hyunsung and even Lee Gilyoung were protecting their respective positions. But no one was as active as Jung Heewon.

Like a person who was born for murder, Jung Heewon killed and killed. If I cut off a man’s arm, Jung Heewon stabbed his heart. If I cut off his leg, Jung Heewon cut his throat.

Jung Heewon took care of all those I left behind. She moved without hesitation, like a person who had been longing for this moment.


The area was filled with blood.

The only person left from the Cheoldoo Group was Cheon Inho. However, many parts of his body were injured by the citizens. Jung Heewon looked at me and I nodded. Cheon Inho laughed as he looked at me.

“Hu, huhu…y-you…”

He never stopped speaking. Jung Heewon appeared behind Cheon Inho and cut him from top to bottom.

[All constellations in the channel feel intense joy.]

Finally, everyone stopped moving. The fight was over. However, they couldn’t feel it.

The times when they ate grilled meat, felt the meaning of life, joked while walking and enjoyed moments of peace all seemed like a lie.

This damn scenario.

Yoo Sangah was crying. Lee Gilyoung closed his eyes. Lee Hyunsung bit his lips so hard he was bleeding. Jung Heewon exhausted her physical strength and was sitting in a pool of blood.

Yes, this was the truth of the world.

[The survival value will be settled.]

There was the sound of popping all around us. Those who had coins survived. Those who failed to get coins were now dead. And no one was able to save each other.

I said to the people.

“Wake up, everybody.”

Even if I raised my head, the sky couldn’t be seen. I stared at the unseen sky for a while, resisting some great fate.

The noisy constellations had no answer this time.

“This scenario has just begun.”

While everyone was in deep thought, I was thinking about the next scenario alone. My mind was calm as pages flipped one after another.

I have obtained everything I needed from Gumho Station. The next stage was Chungmuro.

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