One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 2579 - Why not kiss me if you want to thank me?

Chapter 2579: Why not kiss me if you want to thank me?

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The woman bit her lower lip as frustrated tears rolled down her face. What the idol could not bear most was to see her cry, so he frantically wiped her tears away again. The wounds on his back seemed to throb faintly anew when he saw her crying so heartbrokenly.

“It’s over!” He gently cupped her face and faintly smiled reassuringly. “Don’t cry anymore, alright? You’re scaring me now… If I knew you’d react like this, I’d rather go to the hospital than let you apply medicine on me.”

She pursed her lips momentarily and responded, her eyes swollen red, “Hua Jin, thank you…”

When he heard that, he rolled his eyes playfully. Thereafter, the corners of his peepers raised slightly, and with a devilish smile, he asked expectantly, “Is there any reward that comes with thanking me?”

“What reward do you want?” she asked seriously.

He pretended to look pensive for a long time before he lifted his face arrogantly. With his long and slender fingers lightly nudging his face, he requested carelessly, “If you must thank me, how about giving me a kiss?”

She glared at him then pouted.

When he saw her looking somewhat resistant, he immediately commented, “Don’t misunderstand; I don’t mean anything and am just teasing you…”

Before he could finish speaking, Yun Shishi leaned forward, with her head slightly tilted, and gently kissed him on the cheek.

The man was fossilized on the spot.

She blushed and asked coquettishly, “Are you satisfied now?”

He still did not have any reaction.

The actress had to shove him slightly in embarrassment, and this was why a certain guy finally came back to his senses. His countenance looked a bit unnatural as he cleared his throat. He was only joking with her and did not expect her to take it seriously. Thus, her small action had wholly caught him off guard!

Yun Shishi took a look at him and was keenly aware that a vivid, reddish blush had crept into his cheeks and spread from his ears down to the tips!

Is this chap so easily embarrassed?

However, when she observed him on set, be it a bed scene or a kissing scene, he behaved like a veteran sans the slightest hint of shyness. In the production, ‘Extreme Youth’, he had the role of a playboy. Right from the start, the character he portrayed was extremely rebellious and frivolous, and his opening act already required him to perform a sizzling bed play. The passionate French kiss that happened on set got her feeling rather awkward as she watched him portray his Casanova character, and yet the idol had not shown a bit shyness after that hot-and-steamy scene and merely complained that the female co-lead was not pretty enough.

I didn’t know that he could be shy at times!

“I’m just… I’m just kidding!” He tried to act reserved while he explained himself. “You’re the one who couldn’t help wanting to kiss me; I wasn’t the one…”

“Alright, I know.” She flicked his forehead with her finger and then said, “Turn around with your back facing me; I’ll apply the lotion on you now.”

“You can apply the medicine but you mustn’t cry anymore!” He told her this with a serious look on his face.

“I understand!”

She acknowledged before urging him to hurry up.

The moment he did as instructed, she proceeded to apply medicine on his back without another word.

Gao Nan had put up a really fierce fight earlier, attacking the young chap with full viciousness. Excluding the old wounds of the latter, the rest of the bruises were from the former’s hard punches.

The room turned quiet for a while.

The idol let her apply medicine on him, and then with a pout and some hesitation, he said suddenly, “I won’t call you ‘Shishi’ anymore.”


There was another awkward silence.

The woman grumbled inwardly, What an oddball! Why did he go quiet again when I asked for a reason?

She looked down and continued with the task at hand.

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