One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 3194 - Journey Of A Father (21)

Chapter 3194: Journey Of A Father (21)

Before Little Yichen could reply, Youyou harshly mocked her back, “How can you understand what I’m saying when I’m not speaking human language? Or are you calling yourself a b*tch? Auntie, if you have time and energy, you should spend it on taking care of your ageing face, and also think about how to educate your son so that he doesn’t become a dog and go around biting others!”

Little Yichen almost fell prostrate on the ground in admiration and praise when he heard these words from Youyou!

How could one retaliate gracefully?

This was practically a textbook template!

He did not curse and swear at all, but his words were like poison.

As expected, when the woman heard this, her face flushed red and she subconsciously raised her hand with intention of giving this sharp-tongued boy a tight slap!

However, she immediately realized that the two people in front of her were children. She was an adult. If she were to hit a child, it would invite gossip from others!

At the very least, she should be talking to their parents!

“Which family are you from?! I’m going to look for your parents later to discuss this matter! You’re so young, yet your words are so vicious. You don’t have any manners at all!”

“The truth is always harsh to the ears! It’s not up to you to judge whether I have manners or not! You can’t even discipline your own son properly, what qualifies you to discipline others?”

Youyou paused for a moment before continuing, “It’s true though, we can’t expect you to bring up a well-disciplined son, for the next generation will only be as good as the one before! From your son’s character, I can tell that you’re not much better!”

With that, Youyou tugged at Little Yichen’s arm and said, “Brother, let’s go.”

Little Yichen nodded.

The two of them did not even spare her another glance as they carried Yueyao into the pram. After this incident, they were no longer in the mood to stroll around and planned to head back home!

When the woman saw this, she walked over to them at once, as though she had more to say.

Mu Yichen lost his patience completely. He turned around and kicked the rubbish bin beside him!

This powerful kick caused the metal door of the bin to cave in with a loud clang!

The woman was completely dumbfounded.

Mu Yichen told her, “Get lost! Otherwise, I’ll stop bothering to be cordial!”

The woman was scared speechless!

She had never seen such a sturdy child who could do this to a rubbish bin with just one kick!

Before she could recover from her daze, Little Yichen and Youyou had already pushed the pram far away!

When they got home, little Yueyao was still holding her chubby paws up and crying profusely. Little Yichen said that he would coax his sister and urged Youyou to get changed quickly.

Youyou’s clothes had been dirtied, especially the back of his pants where his butt was, it was stained with dust and mud.

Youyou returned to his room and took off his dirty clothes. He changed into a clean set of clothes. When he changed his clothes, he noticed a few bruises on his thigh. His skin was very tender. Sometimes, hard pinches would leave traces. Now that he had fallen heavily, there were bruises.

However, he did not take it to heart. He was worried about Yueyao. When he went out and saw that Yueyao was no longer crying, he felt relieved!

Mu Yichen was good at coaxing his sister. No matter how hard he tried, he could not coax her. However, he was smart enough to clean up the toys and disinfect them before putting them in her arms.

Little Yueyao held the toy in her arms and smiled contentedly again, revealing a tender patch of gum.

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