Pampered Consort of the Fragrant Orchard

Chapter 87.4 – Competition Start (4)

Everyone followed Ji Liu Xia's and looked over, seeing Ji Liu Feng. He was currently speaking with a guard. His movements revealed that distinguished unruly manner, and also that responsible and diligent attitude of his.

Speaking of which, he was already twenty some. Ordinary people at this age of his, their children would already be old enough to run errands, yet he still haven't married. Have to say, just like as he said in Du Village, he indeed went and realized his dream, having his youth and hot-blooded passion offered to the battlefield for many years, and together with countless soldiers, brought about Feng Ming's peace and prosperity.

Du Xiao Li and them afterwards had their attention turned to the other students. Only Han Ming Xiang continued to stare at Ji Liu Feng, her gaze rippling.

After Ji Liu Feng finished speaking with that solider, he sensed someone looking at him, lifting his head to look over, seeing the people on the terrace. Thinking for a moment, he walked over.

"Greetings Princess." Ji Liu Feng cupped his two hands and saluted.

"Young General, you're excused." Han Ming Xiang lifted her hand and said.

Ji Liu Xia seeing Ji Liu Feng coming over said, "Big brother, how come you came over?"

"I saw you all here, so came over to greet you all." Ji Liu Feng said. He looked to Han Ming Xiang, who was sitting in the middle. Seeing her currently looking at him, he shifted his eyes again, saying to Ji Liu Xia, "Instead of staying at home, you're running around again."

"I came to look for Xiao Li and them. These days, they've all been busy, leaving me alone. I'm about to be bored to death." Ji Liu Xia said as she stuck out her tongue.

"Xiao Li being this busy, remember not to give them more trouble!" Ji Liu Feng warned.

"I know, I won't!" Ji Liu Xia discontentedly pouted at Ji Liu Feng.

Ji Liu Feng worryingly glanced at Ji Liu Xia, then said to Du Xiao Li, "Keep an eye on her, don't let her get into trouble."

"I will." Du Xiao Li nodded.

Ji Liu Feng saw a guard waved at him, and thus bowed to Han Ming Xiang, before turning to leave.

Han Ming Xiang watched Ji Liu Feng leave, staring all the way until he and that guard left the competition site, before somewhat reluctantly retracting her gaze.

Du Xiao Li silently stared at Han Ming Xiang, shocked by her discovery. However, she didn't say anything.

Because the exam question was relatively long, this round's competition time was also rather long. At halfway, Han Ming Ze and some key officials left in advance. And shortly after, the rest also left. After all, just quietly doing exam questions, there was indeed nothing to watch.

Afterwards, one after another, they finished the exam questions. Those that finished can have their answer sheet turned in, and the person receiving the answer sheets will write a number on the right corner of the exam paper according to the order. Once the exams are graded in the afternoon, to confirm advancement, aside from needing to look at the score, also need to look at the order in which the exam was handed in. If the same score, then it's naturally the person who finished first to advance.

Du Xiu Heng wasn't the first to finish, but he was also nearing the first few. After handing in his exam, he returned to the resting area. Looking around the viewing platform, he saw Du Xiao Li and Fu Ya Lan, and slightly smiled. Afterwards, he started chatting with the people near him.

After everyone all handed in their exam papers, the examiner had the exam papers all put away, and each country's students then returned to their own courtyard. For the sake of guaranteeing the students' safety and smooth execution of the competition, during the competition period, students aren't allowed to leave Sui Yuan.

During the afternoon, the eight judges will being grading the exam papers, and then select the fifty-six people that will be advancing. That's why, there weren't arrangements in the afternoon. Du Xiao Li, because of this free time, was also in her own room reading a book.

Suddenly, a Sui Yuan servant girl hastily ran into Du Xiao Li's courtyard, seeing Xia Yuan and immediately saying, "Big sister Xia, something happened!"

Xia Yuan was currently planning on bringing tea over to Du Xiao Li. Recognizing this servant girl was the one in charge of Northern Qi's female courtyard, Xiao Lan, and seeing the anxious expression on her face, she asked, "What happened?"

"Big sister Xia, Princess Ling, Princess Ling suddenly said her stomach hurts!" Xiao Lan said as she gasped for breath. Just by looking one could tell she'd hastily ran over.

"What's the matter?" Du Xiao Li, hearing the movements outside, came out with book in hand, looking to Xiao Lan and asking.

"Miss, just now, Princess Ling said her stomach hurts, her complexion deathly pale like a sheet of paper. This servant, seeing something wrong with the situation, thus immediately rushed over to tell miss." Xiao Lan said.

This is just the first day and something already happened!?

"Xia Yuan, bring the things and immediately follow over. Xiao Lan, let's go see first." Du Xiao Li said as she placed her book into Xia Yuan's hands, and headed to the Northern Qi's female courtyard together with Xiao Lan.

Xiao Yuan knew the situation was tight, and hurriedly went into Du Xiao Li's room, having the tea cups and book placed onto the table, and taking out the box containing the silver needles. After checking that there weren't any problems, she quickly chased after.

Du Xiao Li arrived outside Beiling Yu's room, hearing the painful cries inside, and also Beiling Yi Cheng's gentle voice consoling her.

"Miss." The servant girls at the door, seeing Du Xiao Li enter, bowed to her.

Du Xiao Li nodded at them and entered the room. She saw Beiling Yu crying on the bed like raindrops on a pear blossom, and Beiling Yi Cheng sitting by the bed, holding her hand. His hand was already bruised by her grasp.

"Why hasn't the imperial physician arrive yet?" Seeing Du Xiao Li entering alone, Beiling Yi Cheng asked with a cold face.

"Seventh prince, can you let me examine the princess?" Du Xiao Li asked.

"Seventh prince, our miss is a doctor." Xiao Lan, who followed in, explained.

Beiling Yi Cheng half suspiciously nodded, moving to the side, having his position yielded to Du Xiao Li.

Du Xiao Li came to the bed side. Seeing Beiling Yu's deathly pale little face, "Princess, stay still, let me examine you."

Beiling Yu was already drain of strength from the pain, freely allowing Du Xiao Li to have her body laid flat and press around on her stomach, asking if it hurt or not as she pressed.

Du Xiao Li examined for a while, then took Beiling Yu's pulse. Her expression didn't change, but she was endlessly alarmed inside.

"How's my imperial younger sister? Don't just take her pulse and not say anything!" Beiling Yi Cheng looked to Du Xiao Li and anxiously said.

"Seventh prince, don't worry, princess's situation right now is rather urgent. I'll first stop the pain for her, else princess might die from the pain." Du Xiao Li said.

She got up and came before the table, swiftly writing a prescription and handing it to Ying Ge, "Personally go fetch the medicine, and then immediately cook it and bring it over."

"Yes, miss." Ying Ge took the prescription and went out.

Xia Yuan had long let someone have the hand-washing water prepared. Du Xiao Li washed her hands and put on the gloves Xia Yuan handed her, saying to Beiling Yi Cheng, "Seventh prince, asking you to please step out, we need to give the princess emergency treatment."

Beiling Yi Cheng saw the long silver needles in the case and said, "Why should I believe you? Having my imperial sister's life handed to you?"

"Seventh prince, right now, you don't have time to consider these, and don't have time to chose either. Right now the princess is in danger. I need to have her condition stabilized first. If you continue to say this, it'll be further detrimental to the princess. Right now, I need to take off the princess's clothes and apply the needles, do you think it's suitable for you to be in here?" Du Xiao Li said.

Beiling Yi Cheng saw that Beiling Yu had already lost consciousness from the pain. His two eyes became somewhat distracted. Waving his hand, he left the room and closed the door.

"Xia Yuan, let's began. You there, have your princess's clothes removed............"

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