Prime Originator

Chapter 1 - Life After Death

Chapter 1 - Life After Death


Waking up to an unfamiliar environment, Leon had cried out at the last scene of his father being murdered by the very hands of the people that sworn to serve and protect them.

The [Divine Book of Life] was a treasure of unparalleled knowledge in the use of medicine and alchemy. Founded and inherited by his father, the Divine Medicine King, it drew the envy and greed of all who walked the path of medicine and the everlasting.

But as one of the top figures standing at the peak of the Divine Realm, who dared to offend his father!? It is absurd that his father did not perish at the hands of a rival Divine King but at his own subordinate's hand. His short life also ended after.

The mere thought of his father's death by betrayal drove him furiously to the point of near insanity. Vengeance must be exact! All who participated will die! All who schemed in the dark will also not be spared!

His father's subordinates did not have the courage and strength to plan this betrayal on their own. Someone must have plotted and pushed them to act when his father was at his weakest.

"Do you have a problem with my teaching, Leon?"

A question broke him out of his chain of thoughts as he quietly inspected his new surroundings.

He appears to be in a classroom. The person asking him was a very young but beautiful woman. She was standing at the very front of the class with a dark and fiery expression.

'Ah, she must be a teacher.'

He figured.

Realizing that his sudden outburst must have disrupted her from teaching, he felt a bit uncomfortable with all the weird gazes directed his way.

He pushed back the previous thoughts in his mind and took his time to figure where the heck he is.

"No problem, Teacher," Leon answered.

Despite his attempt to ease the situation, the teacher still explode. Either the teacher had issues, or his answer was not satisfactory.

"Good. Very good! My class must be very boring for you, right? I did not say anything when you were sleeping in my class, but now you start to scream and disrupt my class? Is this amusing for you? GO STAND OUTSIDE!"

The female teacher exploded.


Leon answered.

He got up from his seat and started walking towards the exit door, obediently without complaint as he had yet to adapt to his new environment and understand the situation.

Nevertheless, the teacher sure had a fiery personality.

"Wow, bro. You got guts to yell in Teacher Lina's class like that. I like."

A fatty commented while giving him the thumbs up.

"You can join him in the hallway too."

Teacher Lina said darkly.

The fatty froze like his brain had short-circuited, with his thumbs up hanging in the air.

"Did you hear what I said!?"

"Ah? Y-Yes, Teacher Lina!"

Not wanting to further antagonize the teacher, the fatty resigned to his fate and sadly made his way to the exit.

This was one of the legendary school punishments; 'naughty kids have to stand in the hallway, right?'

Leon thought amusingly.

Although the students were already in universities, which supposedly give students a greater degree of freedom, it was a different case at Royal Crawford University, which retains strict discipline.

The classroom had a mixture of different expressions. Some tried to stifle their laughter, some showed disdain, some indifferent, and some amazed.

Leon had heard all sorts of whispers as he exited.

"Is he crazy? Doesn't he know teacher Lina is a spicy hot pepper?"

"His good days are over now that he offended teacher Lina."

"Father? What father? Isn't he an orphan?"

"He must be some bastard child to be able to study here despite his poor background."

The last comment almost sent Leon into a violent fury and smack the person to death.

However, he no longer possesses the strength from his past life, and without fully grasping his situation, it was not wise to act recklessly.

More importantly, he felt incredibly weak.

Leon did his best to reign in his violent urges.

Standing in the hallway, the fatty introduced himself, "Hey, bro. My name is Benjamin Farley, but you can also call me Fatty Ben."

Despite his body size, Benjamin had no scruples with the way he looks and exuded confidence.

However, Leon paid him no mind as he's already pale and weak body grown a shade paler. His body contained traces of a lethal poison, which must have been what killed the previous host of the body and allowed his transmigration.

But at this rate, his second life might be a short-lived one.

His consciousness was like a flickering candle fire on the brink of being snuffed out when a wave of pure medicinal essence with life-force suddenly washed over him from the recesses of his soul, remolding and rejuvenating his body and soul back to a healthier state.

"Hey, Bro. What kind of trick is that?"

Fatty Ben asked curiously, seeing Leon's complexion undergo various color changes.

Leon stared at him, speechless. This was no trick. He was poisoned, but something cured him.

Closing his eyes, Leon began self-introspection to figure out the source. Something had come from the depths of his soul, and he was bent on finding out immediately.

"Yo~~~ Bro, why aren't you talking? Am I annoying you? Do you not want to be friends with me?"

Fatty Ben asked.

After not getting any response, he decided to keep quiet and wait. There was a mystery surrounding Leon that drew his attention to him. He wasn't sure what it was, but instincts told him that he was not ordinary, or rather normal.

It has been 2 months since the start of the semester for the first years, and it was Fatty Ben's habit to secretly study everyone's expression. Being a noble is to know how to read expressions.

Royal Crawford University isn't any ordinary place one can get into if they want. It was a prestigious establishment meant for nobles. The kingdom's elite are gathered here.

It is not hard to guess that he was part of the nobility. His father was a Baron, and their Farley family had an estimated net worth of 150 million Craws.

Leon's enrolment to Crawford Royal University was a special case that left students pondering without an answer.

Leon was an orphan, abandoned at the doors of Silver Oak Orphanage when he was just a newly born infant with nothing but a jade pendant and a note to his name.

Adopted to an ordinary family at 7 and showed the first sign of extraordinary intelligence in middle school. Granted scholarship upon entry into Crawford and eased the family's financial burdens.

With the Dean's silence on the matter, Leon's entry into Crawford remains a mystery.

Some students believe he is the bastard son of some noble, while some reckon his identity was purposely kept hidden due to having a strong background.

Some noble families exercise such practice on their offsprings to temper them and force them to mature quicker so they can become someone capable in the future.

Regarding the assumptions, the majority of students tend to believe the former rather than the latter.

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