Profane Prince of Domination

Chapter 12 Blissful Punishment R-18

Without a shred of doubt, the energy signature within those flames was of demonic origin.

Not only was the Grand Knight woman horrified, but Iliana's eyes were also full of terror. Within the Holy Continent, demonism was a forbidden practice punished by death, and demons of all kinds held the status of "kill on sight."

Across the hundred thousand years long history of the Holy Flame Empire, there had been countless witch hunts and exterminations of people related to demons in any way conceivable. Possessing demonic blood was a surefire road to hell.

"How can he be…of demonic blood?"

One of the main reasons why demons were so reviled, beside the teachings of the Holy Flame Church, was that they were innately driven to acts of sin and depravity.

Regardless of the demonic bloodline, there was always one defining deadly sin that could be used to represent them. Lust for incubi, wrath for ashuras, greed for drudes, gluttony for vampires, etc…

Most creatures of the holy continent considered them to be harbingers of calamities, and she was no exception.

But thinking of Konrad's words, and how he bravely stood by her side against impossible odds, she couldn't find the strength to scorn him.

Konrad's body bathed in swirling violet flames while pink colored fog erupted from his pores and spread through the atmosphere. That pink fog carried with it the scent of orchids and in a heartbeat, indiscriminately invaded the gathered females.

Iliana who had been up until now the only one not targeted by Konrad's powers was finding herself overtaken by rising fires and hidden desires. The fantasies she kept deep within her heart crept on the surface and clouded her vision.

The others were not better off.

They had been targeted by Konrad from the very beginning, and now, the pressure had risen to a monstrous level. The three True Priestesses collapsed in a loud thud, their eyes shining with a pinkish glow while they moaned and frantically rubbed their inner thighs.

Their bodies were set ablaze by an abundance of nefarious fires, and within their eyes, engrossing worlds of fantasies were being drawn.

The Grand Knight woman who directly faced Konrad's ability suffered the most. Although her cultivation was leagues above the rest, she had always been short tempered. A disposition that made her more vulnerable to Konrad's pink fog.


She struggled to stand up only to fall on her knees. Sweat dripped from her forehead as she tried to resist the demonic power's effects on her body. But it was to no avail. Her body burned, her cheeks were flushed red, and she quivered on her knees while her own fantasies turned against her.


The difficulty with which she spoke was apparent for all to see.

Konrad stretched his right hand, causing purple flames to gush from his palm and soar toward her.


The fire engulfed her but didn't sear her body. Instead, it obliterated her energy armor, sealed her cultivation, ruined her clothes, and caused the desires she was suppressing to erupt.

Her eyes rolled back, her inner thighs were drenched by her squirting juice, and she fell onto her back with an earsplitting moan. But Konrad wasn't done with her. He stepped toward her and with her mask now gone, her face was available for him to appraise. And it indeed was praiseworthy.

She had mid-long vermillion hairs that stopped below her neck, and golden eyes that would in normal days glitter with ferocity but now glazed with lust. Still, there was defiance in there. Her eyelashes, her nose, her long legs, and voluptuous curves, everything about her was perfect. Everything about her rippled with an indomitable spirit that was collapsing at fast pace.

Seeing Konrad stand so close to her, defiance, dread, and lust intermingled within her golden eyes. But when his rod rose to attention and tore an opening through his pants, lust began suppressing the rest.

The golden, holy light swirling around it contrasted with its massive girth and sinful nature. A contrast that made it look captivating.

She tried to resist the enticement, but it was growing by the second, and her pussy had already turned into a greedy fountain.

The three True Priestesses at her back were lost in furious masturbation, but when they witnessed the rod, they snapped out of their trance, and instinctively crawled toward it with hunger and deference.

But although they wanted to seize it and shove it down their pussies, Konrad's overpowering presence controlled even their most carnal desires. If he didn't call for them, they could only stare, and in silence crave him.

"What's your name?"


She initially didn't want to answer, but as she stared at his violet eyes, all resistance faded in the oblivion. The compulsion they provoked was too strong. She had to obey! And unbeknown to her, she was rubbing her inner thighs from expectation.

Konrad's hand flickered upward, causing a surge of telekinetic power to lift Freya from the ground and pull her toward him. She floated nine inches above the ground with her cantaloupe sized breasts pressed against his chest, his scalding shaft on her leg, and her craving eyes peering into his compelling gaze. Her heart spiraled out of control, beating at an alarming rate, and causing her breathing to grow more pronounced.

Her cheeks were flushed by an incarnadine red. Konrad's disguise fell, revealing his Adonis figure to the gathered beauties. And if his gaze was previously compelling, it was now irresistible.

"What should I do with you?"

Hearing that sultry voice snake into her ears, Freya's last bastion of defense crumbled.

"P…punish me."

She whispered.

"I didn't hear you."

"Punish me."


"Punish me!"

Every time she answered, her juice dripped stronger, her body burned harder, and her breathing grew more ragged with a sense of freedom flooding her mind. The thought that he was her savior, that his rod would free her of all her shackles was quickly being imprinted within her mind.

"Spread your legs."

She obeyed, revealing the wet mess her sex had become.

"That eager?"

Konrad's lips curled into a devilish smile, and he grabbed her pussy within his left hand. First caressing it from bottom to top, then inserting his index.


She moaned, feeling a jolt of electricity spreading through her body. Konrad's index poked around, teasing and pleasuring her in ways she didn't know existed, then he inserted his middle finger, and increased the pace.


Her moaning intensified, and she became more active, bringing his hand deeper into her fold, and practically fucking herself on it. But then he stopped, pulled his hand out of her, and patted her cheek with his drenched palm.

"What is it that you want? Tell me."

Desperation overtook her gaze which went back and forth between Konrad's eyes and the scalding shaft that pressed her leg.

"I want you to…fuck me!"


Commanded Konrad while lifting her right leg.

"I want you to fuck me! To make a mess of my insides, to paint my walls white with your sperm, to mark every inch of my body with your cock!"

She roared!

And Konrad obliged, driving his cock into her vagina with one clean stroke.


She bit her lower lip, but as expected, she was no virgin, and her pussy greedily sucked him in. Golden light spread within her insides, heightening her sensitivity by a hundred folds while Konrad raised her left leg and held her in suspension by her firm buttocks. He gave her walls a second to appreciate and adjust around his shaft, then started pounding.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

His cock drove into her like a car on an empty highway, finding and conquering her sweet spots while hitting places she didn't know could be hit. His waist danced in serpentine arcs that sent his cock wreaking blissful havoc within her insides, while her gasps and moans entangled in a furious display of pleasure.


She didn't need to guide, she didn't need to direct, she only needed to moan, moan, moan, and moan.

To lose herself in the pleasure only he could offer her.

"Master…yess…master…you're sooo good! Heaven…this is…heaven!"

Konrad took her lips into his, silencing her in muffled moans while his cock and balls slammed into her and hammered scalding, electrifying pleasure into their bodies.

Then he flipped her onto her right leg, while still holding her by her left in a scissor-like position and bending her in an impossible arc to keep her lips into his.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

The pounding resumed, with Konrad's cock hitting and creating new pleasure spots for Freya to drown in.

Unbeknown to her, however, with each thrust and moment of kissing, her hard-earned cultivation leaked from her body and slipped into his. Like a true sex demon, Konrad devoured her essence while instilling soul-consuming pleasure into her body and turning her into a slave of his carnal powers.

The position once again changed, with Freya now standing on her hands, and drawing an acute angle with the ground while Konrad held her by the waist and shagged her from behind.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

After the umpteenth orgasm, Freya completely abandoned herself to Konrad's clutches. Her hands gave in, and to avoid her dropping, Konrad reverted her into her initial position with one hand holding her waist and the other pressed on her back to maintain her in balance and took her until his cock trembled to announce its release.



He groaned, releasing his warm cum inside her vagina, and painting her walls in a purple shaded white.

"Did I…die…is this…paradise?"

Her eyes had rolled back, her lips contorted into a silly smile, and her cultivation had shrunken from the second step Grand Knight to first step True Knight, but she was…happy!

But Konrad didn't stop there, and immediately grabbed the three priestesses whose masks and clothes had long since fallen onto the ground, split them onto his cock, and drew them into a demonic world of pleasure ruled by none other than him.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

"Master…oh yes…my master!"

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

"Take me! Defile me!"

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

"I died…or am I…dying?"

Their bodies writhed and intertwined with his in wondrous positions and bouts of ecstasy, and their cultivations dropped at breakneck speed. Going from the middle of the True Priest Rank to the first step Adept Knight!

But as the final wave of orgasm overtook them and each received copious jets of his purple shaded semen within their pussies, they had no complaints, because they were…happy!




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