Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1260 - Poor Han Bingxue

Chapter 1260: Poor Han Bingxue

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Ye Xiao was shouting, roaring, and howling in his mind.

[Am I really that ugly? Why do you think I am ugly? Which part is ugly? You have been my best friend forever since the day when I looked just like this! Are you actually telling me I am ugly after all those years? Are you sure you want to be so impolitely frank? Can’t you shut your mouth and not split out the truth? How much better looking do you think you are than me anyway?]

A comparison was what terrified people.

Xiao Monarch and the young Lord Ye was definitely the most obvious comparison!

If Xiao Monarch had never become the young Lord Ye ever, people wouldn’t think Xiao Monarch was ugly, because he had been like that forever and people were used to the way he looked…

However, because he had lived as the good-looking young man, his face looked like a pile of dog sh*t compared to the handsome Lord Ye. It just didn’t seem right…

Li Wuliang thought exactly this way, but he was not the only one who did. Han Bingxue, Yue Shuang, and Yue Han all felt the same way!

Men needed a pretty face too. After all, it takes a long time to know the good heart of a man, but it only takes a moment to see a man’s handsomeness!

One glance was all it needed!

When Li Wuliang returned to the fight and started to control the sabers, the attacks didn’t only look powerful anymore but also had greater power for real. Han Bingxue’s suffering began.

“Do you think you are excellent in cultivation now?” Li Wuliang gave Han Bingxue a firm punch on the nose.

Han Bingxue started to bleed in the nose and fell back on the ground, moaning and shouting in fury, “What the f*ck! Li Wuliang! Don’t attack people’s face…”

“So do you think your spiritual power is awesome?” Li Wuliang kicked him on the mouth and shouted angrily, “I am going to tear your f*cking stinky abusive mouth into pieces! I am going to ruin your f*cking little pretty face! Don’t you love your face a lot? Great!”

Han Bingxue moaned really loud, rolling and crawling on the floor like a ball.

Li Wuliang didn’t just stop but instead walked over immediately and beat him up even harder. He hit Han Bingxue on the head with the back of the saber while shouting, “I don’t believe you have a head that is even harder than a turtle shell! What do you say?”

– Bang, bang, bang… –

A lot of bumps kept rising up on Han Bingxue’s head, swelling and turning red. However, it just got swollen but didn’t bleed. The bumps just grew on his head like bamboo shoots in spring.

What a huge hump on the head!

It made him pretty eye-catching.

Apparently, Li Wuliang was careful in every attack. After putting Han Bingxue under control, he intentionally punched Han Bingxue and made sure it was safe to attack.

After a while, Han Bingxue didn’t look like a human anymore—his pretty face had become a pig head. After that, Li Wuliang even started to keep smacking Han Bingxue fast. After being smacked over twenty times within a short time, as expected, Han Bingxue couldn’t even say a word!

When Li Wuliang was going keep doing it, Han Bingxue slightly lowered his head and amazingly got away from Li Wuliang’s attack. Li Wuliang was shocked. Although he wasn’t slapping with a lot of power, he did use his Tittle Phase skill, which meant the slap was impossible to miss. How did Han Bingxue do that?

Li Wuliang tried to slap him again, but Han Bingxue slightly moved aside and dodged again. Li Wuliang was astonished this time. [Has he broken through? Why didn’t he fight back if he has reached a higher level?]

He looked at Han Bingxue carefully and found that his eyes were blank. It seemed Han Bingxue was numb. Li Wuliang had no idea what was happening to Han Bingxue, so he just smacked him again. However, when his hand was about to touch Han Bingxue’s face, Han Bingxue suddenly stepped back a little bit. That was the third time he amazingly dodged Li Wuliang’s impossible-to-miss smacking attack!

Ye Xiao, who had been watching the fight, made a sentimental sigh and thought, [Han Bingxue didn’t get beaten for nothing today. He has his own Tittle Phase skill now… Well, he hasn’t really mastered it yet. He is just making reactions that follow his instinct!]

In fact, in the beginning, Han Bingxue had almost dodged a saber attack from Li Wuliang. When Li Wuliang made his powerful saber strike, Han Bingxue was so confident and careless that he had mentally lost it. However, when the saber was going to hit him, he slightly got away, and that was the real power of a top-level Dao Origin Stage cultivator who had a spectacular cultivation skill. Since he could dodge the impossible-to-miss attack, he must also have done a Tittle Phase skill too!

However, that successful move was Han Bingxue’s good luck, not his real capability. After the first dodge, he didn’t even realize that he had already successfully dodged Li Wuliang’s impossible-to-miss attack. In fact, he only thought about defending himself with only the ability of Dao Origin Stage because he didn’t know what he was truly capable of. It was expected that he would eventually fall into a disadvantageous position when the fight lasted long!

Currently, Han Bingxue was totally numb because of all the attacks that had firmly hit him, which meant he had totally set his body under the control of his instinct. Surprisingly, his body was putting on a perfect performance of his master-level moving skills. On the other side, Li Wuliang was still using his impossible-to-miss skill, but he didn’t do well because he had to be careful not to truly put Han Bingxue down. Therefore, again and again, his attacks missed!

Neither Han Bingxue nor Li Wuliang noticed what was happening. Ye Xiao, on the other hand, caught everything in his eyes!

Han Bingxue was an expert in moving skills, so his Tittle Phase mostly served his moving skills and brought him the skill of absolute-dodge movements. Absolute-dodge movements and impossible-to-miss attacks seemed to be two opposite techniques, but they were only two different aspects of the same type of power!

After a while, Li Wuliang seemed to realize Han Bingxue’s condition, so he started to attack more fiercely and forcefully, which had changed the situation a lot. Although the attacks were still weaker than impossible-to-miss, they were at least possible to hit Han Bingxue!

Han Bingxue couldn’t always be numb, could he? He gradually returned to himself. However, it was better for him to stay numb because when he was sober, his instinct lost control of his body, and he was punched hard by Li Wuliang again. After being beaten for a while, he was numb again, so his instinct took control of the body again… and the absolute-dodge movement was back again…

After repeating the same loop twice, when he returned to being sober for the third time, he started to try to move away from the attacks by himself! Although he mostly failed to dodge, he didn’t get hit every time! Maybe the heart of a brilliant cultivator was waking up inside him, or perhaps he was beaten up to awakening!

As the fight went on, he almost didn’t look like a human because of all the hits on his face. However, bit by bit, he was getting closer to the awareness of Tittle Phase. He could dodge more and more of Li Wuliang’s attacks now! His power was skyrocketing!

He was not only learning to master his Tittle Phase power but just improving his mindset in the practical fight.

It was definitely an excruciating way to learn the Tittle Phase skill though. He couldn’t feel more in pain to get through this wonderful process…

For many times, he wanted to kneel and beg for mercy, but Li Wuliang wouldn’t let that happen!

He had made Han Bingxue go through all kinds of painful experiences except the taste of death!

In the end, Han Bingxue gave up the idea of finding a chance to beg. He thought, [All that I should do is to try my best to dodge his attacks…] That was the only thought he had when he was being beaten…

– Bang, bang, bang… Bang, bang, bang… Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang… –

Even Ye Xiao felt scared to hear the sounds of the fight.

[What is Li Wuliang doing? He is not addicted to torturing, is he? Is he enjoying it?]

After a while…

Li Wuliang suddenly moved to Ye Xiao and stopped beside him. He looked refreshed and spirited. While rubbing his wrist, he said, “This guy has a tough body… It feels good to beat him… Well, I got to say I am having quite a good time!”

Ye Xiao thought, [Okay… You are enjoying it…]

He was shocked, and then lowered his head speechlessly.

[Of course, you are having a good time. You are the one who’s doing the torture… Is Han Bingxue enjoying this too?]

He knew the answer was no…

Han Bingxue was like a big piece of flesh lying on the floor. If he weren’t breathing, people wouldn’t recognize him as a man… It was hard to tell which part was his head and which part was his feet anymore…

That was not exaggerated. At least, his neck was as thick as his waist at the moment…

Ye Xiao wanted to go over and feed him some dan beads.

“He isn’t suffering for nothing after all. When he fully masters his Tittle Phase power, he will be able to dodge my impossible-to-miss attacks at a fifty percent chance. That will be amazing. Let’s not disturb him now and just let him recover by himself. That is the best for him.” Li Wuliang was holding Ye Xiao’s arm as he said, “Why don’t you tell me now… How did you two suddenly get improved so much? You two were boosted like rushing to the heavens by one step…”

Ye Xiao was shocked by the reason why Li Wuliang didn’t want Han Bingxue to be helped at the moment.

[To fully master his Tittle Phase power…]

[Come on, brother… You have enjoyed your moments now, haven’t you? He has become a pile of bloody meat right there. What is he going to master when he is just a piece of dead flesh? I guess if he has the chance to make a choice again, he would rather die than choose to accept what is happening to him right now…]

Li Wuliang suddenly took out a tea table and two chairs from his space ring. Teapot and teacups were ready on the table. Everything was available.

After a while, they got a pot of hot tea.

He was apparently going to wait for Ye Xiao’s answer!

“Wait a minute… Holy f*ck… Are you telling me you guys have gotten a lot of…” Li Wuliang was exclaiming as if he had heard something extremely horrible. Ye Xiao glared, and Li Wuliang hurriedly covered his own mouth. After a few seconds, he got closer to Ye Xiao and spoke in a low voice, “Did you get a lot of Divine Yin Yang Fruits?”

“You will get your share.” Ye Xiao rolled up his eyes and humphed.

“Hahahahaahahahaha…” Li Wuliang laughed out loud, “I have been working so damn hard just now to help the prick, Han Bingxue, in his cultivation. You are his boss, so you should give me something as a return! That is fair! That is reasonable!”

[Wait, help? Working so damn hard?] Ye Xiao thought.

He sighed and wanted to ask, [Just how shameless are you? How can you shamelessly mention the word help?]

[Fine. Okay. Now, I get it. The most shameless person among the brothers of mine is no longer Han Bingxue, but you, the Fierce Blade, Li Wuliang! Your shamelessness must be the best in Qing-Yun Realm!]

After a while, Ye Xiao and Li Wuliang had finished two pots of tea already.

“Oh, my bloody hell…” The anguished exclamation of Han Bingxue finally sounded from where the fight happened… Han Bingxue had been beaten so hard that he didn’t even have the chance to moan when the fight was happening.

“I was beaten so damn f*cking hard…” His pitiful voice was sounding. It sounded so sad that people would weep for him if they heard him!

“Bastard… Sick bastard… That was… That was too merciless… Too cruel!” he kept murmuring.

“Hmm? Wait? What did you just say?” Li Wuliang didn’t forget to warn Han Bingxue.

Han Bingxue immediately spoke in a friendly tone, “Well… However… Brother Li’s wonderful hits have taught me a lot. I have understood many flaws of myself in cultivation. How inspiring! I have even made a small step into Tittle Phase… which I was taught by my dear boss Ye Xiao… Brother Li is such a good man… Brother Li is like my biological elder brother… From now on, Xiao Monarch is my Boss, while Brother Li is my chief!”

Well, he was thinking quite differently in his head though. [I am lowering my head because I am standing under your roof! Well, enjoy it when I still call you chief! You better pray that I won’t surpass you in practical fights! Otherwise, I will let you know how it feels to get through what I have suffered just now! A biological brother to me? When I get the chance, you will be calling me Chief, and I won’t stop beating you! I won’t stop until you start to beg for mercy!]

“Ahem…” Ye Xiao almost choked when he was drinking tea because he just heard what Han Bingxue said. [Holy heavens… This guy is a complete fool… Listen to him… Why didn’t I realize he was actually good at talking soapy words?]

[I guess he could be the most shameless person among my brothers…]

After a while, some mist started to rise upon Han Bingxue’s body.

He was healing himself…

It lasted for about four hours.

His body was still swollen badly, but he finally staggeringly stood up. When he looked at Li Wuliang with his big swollen eyes, he automatically trembled and then started to act obsequiously… With a sickening voice, he spoke, “Boss, Chief, how are you? Good?”

Ye Xiao turned his twisted face away and tried not to look at Han Bingxue.

Li Wuliang sat in a dignified manner and said, “Good. We are good. How are you?”

“I am good! I am perfect!” Han Bingxue grinned. When he grinned, his face hurt, but he didn’t care. He wanted to sit with Li Wuliang, but when his buttocks touched the chair, he screamed out, “Ah!”

Well, his butt was swollen so bad that it hurt to sit.

“Look how excited Bingxue is.” Li Wuliang spoke in relief, “It is reasonable to be thrilled because you did get boosted in cultivation. However, just try to control yourself. After all, you are a super-level cultivator now. We must keep decency.”

“Sure! That’s right! Control myself… Be decent…” Han Bingxue kept nodding like a chicken pecking.

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