Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1747 - Encounter

Chapter 1747: Encounter

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It was necessary to collect the pure poison of the Destined Toad from upon the clouds. It didn’t cost Ye Xiao a lot of time anyway. Nothing else was more important than getting on the road!

“This place is three thousand miles away from the Foggy Miasma Mountain. However, we can’t be sure if it is safe here!” Ye Xiao said, “Let’s go further. We should go at least ten thousand miles before talking about others.”

He was so sure about ten thousand miles because they should reach the Monarch’s Hall after ten thousand miles.

Ye Xiao had killed his way to the west. The twelve units of the Monarch’s Hall had seized the territories behind him!

When they had made it seven thousand miles, something happened, but it was resolved very soon. Ye Xiao found that the Dragon Unit had occupied this area, so he gave the men some instruction. If people of some powerful forces came to this place, nobody started a fight. After that, they were back on road again. When they reached the area that was ruled by the Tiger Unit, Ye Xiao stopped.

Lei Dongtian was guarding this place. He saw Lord Monarch, and he was too shocked to react.

“Tell everybody that I am coming back to the headquarters of the Monarch’s Hall soon. My trip is finished. I will collect information along my way back.” Ye Xiao immediately gave the order.

Lei Dongtian nodded. He didn’t know why, but he followed the order.

Ye Xiao finally felt relieved. He took a shower and changed his clothes in the Tiger Unit. Finally, he was relaxed. He looked spirited again.

Ye Xiao didn’t tell anybody about killing the man in a purple robe, Jiang Zhinan.

He wanted to keep it to himself. Erhuo knew it, but Hawky and Bab didn’t. Xuan Bing and the others weren’t there, so they didn’t know either.

Ye Xiao didn’t tell the ladies, because he didn’t what them to act suspicious. Even though they were all experienced cultivators, he couldn’t be sure they could keep the secret!

Ye Xiao had done everything he could to hide the traces, but he knew one thing–people who were important to the Sky Kings all had their soul marks stored in the royal houses.

Once the soul mark was broken, people knew they were dead.

Ye Xiao killed not only a great general in the North Sky King’s Army but also an Undead Stage cultivator.

If he had to fight one of the five Sky Kings now, he would die.

He was right.

When Jiang Zhinan died, the royal court in the North Sky was shocked.

Within fifteen minutes, several men rushed out to the south, moving like lightning to the Limitless Ocean.

Ye Xiao was three thousand miles away from where everything happened.

When Ye Xiao was taking a shower and having a rest in the Tiger Unit, the men from the North Sky had reached the Foggy Miasma Mountain!

It was shockingly fast!

“Lord Monarch, something changed. We need your decision.” Lei Dongtian was surprised when he saw Ye Xiao, but he was also glad.

“What is it?” Ye Xiao squinted at Lei Dongtian. “What is it that you want to tell me? Come on. You are eager to tell me. You are the head of the Tiger Unit, so be like a leader!”


Lei Dongtian was embarrassed. He said, “Here is the thing… A few days ago, I sensed something strange… It was untraceable and unreasonable…”

Ye Xiao frowned and said, “What is it? What are you talking about?”

“Our cultivation… All of a sudden…” Lei Dongtian clicked his tongue and said, “Suddenly… We were boosted! Ten times! That’s… It was too much! We are ten times faster than before… I mean… We are ten times faster than we were in the Hall of Life and Death!”

Ye Xiao nodded and said, “Well, go on.”

“That was a miracle!” Lei Dongtian was excited. “The Hall of Life and Death is already a paradise for cultivators. The spiritual qi is so rich, which makes us cultivate ten times faster than usual. After that special change, we were another ten times faster! I mean… It means… After cultivating one year, we improved more than a hundred years of cultivation! Lord Monarch!”

Lei Dongtian talked like he was showing off. Suddenly, he raised his power waves and blew the dust to the sky.

“Ahem…” Ye Xiao wasn’t ready for that, so the dust got him on the face.

He wouldn’t know that Lei Dongtian would suddenly raise up his power in the middle of a conversation…

The dust got into Ye Xiao’s mouth, and he kept spitting it out. He was a bit annoyed, so he said, “You… You are such an erhuo! Lei Dongtian! Are you going to attack me?”

(Off-screen voice of Erhuo: “Holy hell, Master! How many times do I have to tell you? Erhuo is a compliment! You don’t use it like this!”)

Lei Dongtian was shocked. He said, “I… I mean… No… I didn’t…”

Ye Xiao looked at him and then laughed. “What do you mean? What are you talking about?”

“I just want to show you my power. Wasn’t it the plain way to show my power? I… I just…” Lei Dongtian was so excited that his face turned red. “I have reached the second level of the Saint Origin Stage… This is… This is like a good dream to me…”

Ye Xiao squinted at him and said, “Level two? Is it? That’s so weak! Come on! After such a long time, you are actually only at level two of the Saint Origin Stage?”

Pah, pah, pah… –

Ye Xiao scolded Lei Dongtian for quite some time. His saliva nearly drowned the poor man…

Lei Dongtian endured the special rain from the Lord Monarch. He wiped his face and went blank.

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