Rebirth of Chen An

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: An utterly terrible rebirth

Since he failed to kill himself the first time, trying again a second time would be an act of utmost stupidity.

At the least to Chen Zhang An, he would not aim a gun to deliver a bullet to his temple again.

Since he didn’t die, he should live well. The only thing is that to him, his current situation is not much better than if he had indeed died and gone to hell.

Standing in front of the mirror in the hospital toilet dressed in a large white gown, Chen Zhang An gripped the washstand tightly with both hands as he screwed his eyes shut. Though he had never thought that such as situation of rebirth, travelling through time and/or space or some other supernatural possibilities would ever happen to him, but why must he be reborn in such a person?

Reigning in his murderous impulse, Chen Zhang An slowly opened his eyes to gaze attentively at the reflection in the mirror.

A 160 kilogram fatty fit to be Pigsy* who can walk on his hind legs!

Under the leadership of his two central incisors, this upper teeth look ready to strike out and break into enemy lines in a war zone.

If he were to lose the glasses pressing on his nose right now, he would not be able to differentiate between humans and animals beyond 5 meters.


Chen Zhang An is not a man who like to swear but right now, it is the only word that can describe his terrible mood. He looked at his foreign reflection in the mirror and couldn’t help but laugh bitterly.

Is this his punishment from god?

'Uncle, Uncle Chen, are you alright?’ A bespectacled youth hurriedly ran in from outside, his clean and fair face still bearing 5 faint fingerprints.

Chen Zhang An cast a glance at the youth beside him. Those pure black eyes filled with concern suddenly reminded him of his younger brother. Just like a piece of white paper, like a pool of clear spring water, so clean that he didn’t dare to come close.

'Uncle Chen, the Doctor ordered that you stay in bed. You should be resting.’

The seemingly slightly bookish youth helped Chen Zhang An slowly back to his ward.

After settling back in his hospital bed, Chen Zhang An glanced around his somewhat shabby room. There was neither television nor a fridge. With 3 people crammed into the small room, he almost forgot how an ordinary hospital ward looked like.

The pungent smell from the IV fluid caused disgust to curl up in Chen Zhang An. He cast a look to his side towards the youth pouring him a glass of water and peeling an apple.

Sensing the gaze thrown at himself, the youth swiftly passed a peeled and sliced apple over while consoling Zhang An. 'Uncle, you can rebuild your house and earn back the money that you have lost. You are only in your thirties, you still have plenty of opportunities in the future. After all, the American Colonel Sanders was only able to succeed with KFC when he was already 66 years old. Our fellow Chinese man, Shi Yu Zhu* was able to pick himself up and soar after going bankrupt. Uncle, you can definitely stage a comeback in the future.’

As he listened to the youth’s rambling, Chen Zhang An slowly shut his eyes. He needed to get his thoughts in order.

His current identity is a bankrupt man whose business had failed. He couldn’t take the blow and hence attempted suicide. They share the same surname and even similar given names, with the exception of the word 'Zhang’ in the middle.

Chen An, 32 years old, is indeed young.

Eliminating the horrifying obese, nearsighted and bucktooth appearance, 32 is indeed the prime age of a man. Besides, when he offed himself, as Chen Zhang An, he was already in his forties.

Chen Zhang An comforted himself silently. Everything everything, he could reluctantly consider himself to have received the longer end of the stick.

'What is your name?’, Chen An asked. Though his looks are somewhat rough, he had a masculine voice that was pleasing to the ear.

The youth nearly choked on the apple he was eating. Starring with widened eyes at the man lying on the bed, he anxiously yelled, 'Uncle, I’m Chen Yang! Don’t you remember?’

*Pigsy: Is a character in the classic novel 'Journey to the West. He looks like a mix between a man and a pig and is notorious for his gluttonous nature and lust for pretty babes.

**Shi Yu Zhu is a Chinese entrepreneur, software engineer and billionaire .

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