Rebirth of Chen An

Chapter 141: Be My Sugar Daddy (III)

Red Fox immediately looked at the speaker. When she saw a strange man who looked lazy and just woke up from a sleep, her jaw dropped.

There was a stranger, a male stranger, in Lu Feng's room. And the man came out of his bedroom.

Red Fox, who never ever blinked her eyes on battlefield, knew all too well about Lu Feng's feelings towards Chen Chang'an, so Red Foxwhen she saw this she was stunned. It was like the sun rise in the west and she couldn't believe what she saw.

"Who are you?" Red Fox looked at the man who suddenly appeared.

Chen An leaned against the door and smiled. He held out a finger to point at Lu Feng, "From today on, he is my sugar daddy."

"Sugar- Sugar daddy?!" Red Fox couldn't help but raise her voice and shouted out. Then she covered her mouth quickly and looked at Lu Feng beside her in shock and doubt, "Boss, is that true?"

"It's a long story." This made it difficult for Lu Feng to explain, so he simply didn't bother to explain. After all, the reason why he kept Chen An was unknown to himself.

To make it simple, he didn't want this man to sell himself out for money.

"The Middle East has always been the largest source of arms dealers. The eastern division responsible for business in the Middle East region can be said to be the most important department in the organization. If there is a crisis in the eastern part, it will certainly have a chain reaction. Maybe other departments will also be affected, and it won't be long before the organization collapse."

Chen An, who had just woken up, came out of the room. He heard the conversation between Red Fox and Lu Feng just now, but unlike Red Fox, he didn't think the east was the one to be blamed.

"But if it was done by the east, wasn't that too stupid? Will you blow up your own house on your own territory and rob your own goods? If you will, then you must be out of your mind."

"Then how can you be so sure it wasn't done by the east?" Wait, that was not the point. Red Fox was staring at Chen An closely with some precautions, "You know quite a lot."

"How could you find a sugar daddy if you know too little?" Gently rubbing his forehead, Chen An deliberately walked over to Lu Feng sitting on the sofa. He directly sat down beside Lu Feng under the gaze of Red Fox and leaned on the young man's shoulder.

Chen An looked over at Lu Feng with his head tilted, his deep eyes beaming with intoxicating smile, "Don't you think so?"

There was a moment when Lu Feng was really in a daze, just like the ordinary character who were obsessed by female ghosts in Hong Kong ghost movies in the 1980s and 1990s.

After Lu Feng regained himself, he moved aside, reached for Chen An's arm and tried to distance himself from the man.

However, when his hand touched Chen An's arm, each finger of him seemed to stick to Chen An's arm and was unwilling to let go. Through the thin cloth, he could feel the temperature of Chen An's skin, making him enchanted.

The appearance of Lu Feng's honesty and resistance was completely saw by Chen An and Red Fox nearby. The former was thinking in his mind that teasing this brat was quite interesting, while the latter was thinking that her boss had been bewitched.

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