Rebirth of Chen An

Chapter 143

Chapter 143

The whole floor had been rented and was inspected inside and out . The few people gathered in the conference room in the name of commercial cooperation were big shots in today’s international arms circle and were the core figures of the Brothers Group led by Lu Zheng .

Brothers Group was jointly founded by Chen Chang’an and Chen Changle . Its business covered arms industry, commercial military industry, real estate, entertainment and so on, with the arms industry as the core .

The arms sector was divided into four divisions, of which the east was in charge of business in the Middle East, the south took charge of South Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia, the north presided over the Nordic countries and Russia, and the west was in charge of the western countries .

This time there was a problem in Syria, which was administered by the east . The problem could be considered serious or minor . In terms of losses, it was not a particularly big one for the whole group, but what worried them most was that if there was no spy among them, it seemed impossible for outsiders to destroy their garrisons and seize the weapons in such a short time .

Once the incident was related to the words such as “betrayal” and “spy”, the problem could not be ignored .

“I am not so stupid as to blow up my residence on my own territory . If I did this, I am the one who would lose the most . ” Arafat, minister of the eastern division tried to defend himself .

Arafat was about forty years old, with a finely trimmed beard that was typical of Arabs, and a strict face that that made him look very difficult to get along with .

Chen An, who was sitting next to Lu Feng, gave Arafat a glance . This guy was a reliable and time-tested friend he made in the Middle East . When he began handing over his power to Lu Feng a few years ago, he specifically appointed Arafat to help Lu Feng consolidate his position in the group .

Most people didn’t know Lu Feng put Chen Chang’an under house arrest, and those who knew about it merely heard it from some gossips . Without solid evidence, it was hard to confirm that Lu Feng killed that old fox, Chen Chang’an .

One of the most difficult things for others to believe that Lu Feng killed the old fox was that Chen Chang’an did take a back seat on the grounds of recuperation, and later he also handed over his power to Lu Feng . Lu Feng had no reason to kill Chen since he already had the power in his hands . If he was the real murderer, what he done would make himself fell into the blames of others .

Secondly, everyone knew clearly how loyal Lu Feng was to Chen Chang’an over the years . Lu Feng would obey whatever Chen Chang’an said, so the subordinate would not become a traitor so easily .

“Haha, according to normal logic, it is the most unlikely that you did it, but maybe that’s what you think, and you did it on purpose so we won’t suspect you . ” Said a white old man with grey hair, who was over 60 years old, smoking a cigarette in his mouth .

This old guy was the head of the north division, a Swede who smoked very heavily and was nicknamed the “heavy smoker” . He had always disliked the east division .

“Hum, the north has always been jealous of the profits we get in the east . Maybe you did this to frame us . ” Arafat fought back .

“Enough, you two,” said Red Fox . This graceful woman gently parted the red hair on her forehead and said sarcastically in a cold voice, “We haven’t found the mole yet, but start an internal strife first . The mastermind behind this will laugh at us . ”

“Red Fox is right . Now things have not been investigated clearly . We can’t suspect anyone without proof, let alone jumping into conclusions . ” Said an American about 40 years old . He had light brown hair and a thin and slender face . He looked like President Lincoln at the first sight . What was more coincidental was that this guy was really named Lincoln .

Lincoln, as the head of the western division, also worked as a lawyer . He had certain connections with the U . S . government, and was also responsible for contacting their insiders in the international police force .

Chen An looked at Lincoln, and Lincoln also turned to look at him, with a pair of cold sharp eyes sparkling terrifying light, while his voice was very elegant and gentle .

“Boss, may I ask who this friend is sitting next to you?” Lincoln asked a question that had long puzzled everyone present except Red Fox .

In the past ten years since they knew Lu Feng, they had never seen Lu Feng bring a stranger with him, which made them confused .

However, Lu Feng could not tell them that Chen An was his toyboy . Chen An was not eligible to attend this meeting .

“Special Adviser . ” Lu Feng simply said two words .

Special adviser? What was that?

Lu Feng had always cherished words like they were gold, so others dared not ask more questions, for fear of being suspected as the mastermind of the Syrian incident .

The meeting was soon over . Lu Feng only ordered all divisions to strengthen management and monitoring in the near future and did not mention anything else . Everyone knew that Lu Feng was suspecting all of them and was unwilling to reveal too much information in front of them .

Then, the “special adviser” who did not say a word from the beginning to the end but looked at each of them seemed extremely special .

“Your eyes are really sharp . ” After the meeting, Red Fox stayed .

She wondered whether this man was boasting at the beginning, but Chen An’s performance just now convinced her that he might really know something .

All the people present just now fought their way through bullets, and all of them had amazing momentum . The look in any of their eyes could scare the ordinary people to death .

Chen An not only calmly accepted the curiosity or cold gaze from everyone, but also quietly swept everyone present with his eyes that made people feel nervous .

When Chen An’s eyes fell on Red Fox, for an instant, she even thought of the old fox who had left . The old fox’s eyes were always mild, but they were so mild that people would feel afraid .

Although she had followed the old fox for more than ten years, Red Fox always felt a kind of chilling pressure facing Chen Chang’an An . When Chen An looked at her quietly just now, she actually felt an invisible pressure, too .

Hearing Red Fox’s evaluation about himself, Chen An slightly raised his lips . He had seen all kinds of people . One of his friends had even got a fake funeral in order to know what people around him thought of him after his death .

Now he was back to the Brothers Group, Chen An could also see how people evaluate him after his left .

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