Rebirth of Chen An

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Discharge

Chen Yang is Chen An’s nephew. Last year, he enrolled in a university in Shanghai. Chen An has always been doing business in Shanghai and had some savings so he didn’t mind keeping a look out for his nephew.

There was a reason why a man who is already in his thirties but had not yet settled down or even had a single girlfriend. Chen An is a homosexual and like men.

Before, he had an affair with a younger man. However, in the end the young man partnered with outsiders to swindle him. His company folded and his villa was seized. Losing his career and falling out of love, Chen An chose to slit his wrist to end his life. Luckily his nephew Chen Yang discovered him in the nick of time to send him to the hospital.

But though he was able to keep his life, he lost his memories.

Chen Yang felt that that was not a bad thing. Forgetting all the unhappiness in the past meant that he can live a better life. What he didn’t know however, was that his Uncle Chen An had become another person.

Chen An truly could not stand the smell of the IV fluid in the hospital. Since he has recovered, there is no reason he could not be discharge.

With Chen Yang’s help in handling the discharge procedures, Chen An and his ‘nephew’ left the hospital. The moment he stepped out of the hospital, warm rays of sunlight shone down his head. It felt so good that Chen An could not resist smiling.

Silently he mocked himself. The sun on the island is far more beautiful than the one in Shanghai but as a free person, even with the subpar air, it can still make one feel great.

'Uncle Chen, for the time being you should stay with me. My house is not big so you would have to bear with it a little. The hospitals in Shanghai have good reputations so you should see a doctor here regarding your amnesia. Once it has been treated, I will send you back to your hometown where you can rest.’

Chen Yang is very tall. A casual estimate would put him at 1.85 meters tall at the very least. On his nose rest a pair of black framed spectacles and on his body, a simple T-shirt and jeans. One can tell that he is an university student with just one look.

Though his hair is barely styled, but based on Chen An’s experience of observing countless people, this kid is fairly good-looking. How is it then, for definitely blood-related relatives, could he himself look like this?

Chen An wore a face mask. Though he had only just left the hospital, he is already making plans to return to get his ugly teeth fixed.

If he has to live as this identity and as this person for the rest of his life, then everything would have to be according to his intentions. The influential and elite Master Chen could not tolerate living with this ugly appearance.

In the past, in all his dealings and meetings with warlords and arm dealers, Chen Zhang An had always stood out from the crowd. This man is used to cleaning up his appearance and had a presence of refined elegance. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be tossed on to the bed by the bastard he brought up.

Just thinking about the filthy desires the bastard he raised for 10 years had towards him, Chen Zhang An couldn’t help gnashing his teeth in anger.

'That looks so spectacular. Are they filming a movie?’ Chen Yang suddenly remarked.

Standing by the road beside Chen Yang for a taxi, Chen An snapped out of his thoughts. Following Chen Yang’s line of sight, he saw a chain of more than a dozen black limousines passing by in front of them.

Chen An narrowed his eyes. These cars and their license plates look very familiar. Aren’t they the cars he had in Shanghai? The only times he would use these cars was when he returned to Shanghai or had important events to deal with.

It was then a taxi arrived. Just as Chen Yang made a move to approach the car, a man decided to cut in line and pulled on the car door to enter.

'Hey! We were here first. You can’t just jump the queue!’, Chen Yang quickly grabbed the man.

'Move aside! Why are you pulling on me for?’ That man yelled a few words and slapped Chen Yang’s hand away. Just as he was about to enter the car, he felt a tug on the back of his collar.

Before he could respond, he was hauled down to the ground.

'What are you waiting for? Get in the car!’ Chen An stuffed Chen Yang into the cab before going in. The man on the floor scrambled up to rush towards them only to fall back down again from a ruthless kick from Chen An.

'Follow the cars ahead’. The moment the door was closed, Chen An coldly intoned as though nothing had occurred.

Chen Yang was completely stunned. 'Uncle, you were so amazing just now.’

Chen An threw a light glance at the silly kid beside him. 'You have a lot to learn.’

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