Remarried Empress

Chapter 174

Heinley: “Oh, right, Queen. You mention you like gold?”

Navier: “Hm? Oh, the letter. Have you read it?”

Heinley: “Yes. By the time I left, the room wasn’t finished yet … …”

Heinley gave a small smile.

Heinley: “Maybe it will be decorated with gold when you arrive. Please look forward to it.”

Navier: “I like gold, but the room doesn’t have to be gold.”

Heinley: “Nevertheless, my wife resembles gold.”

Navier: “!”

Heinley: “If I lie next to you, my view will be as pleasing as gold.”

Navier: “If so, I will simply turn my back and go to sleep.”

Heinley: “Similar to our current arrangement, perhaps?”

Navier: “!”

In order not to forget that we are riding on a horse, I gain control of the reins as hard as possible. Heinley was like this the whole time on the horse. We talked lightly, but at some point, we talked about the fact that we are a couple.

Each and every time, I showed surprise. Ever so often he mentioned that he’s a husband, that I’m his wife, and a partner, and whenever he said this, my face became hot. But I can’t tell him to ‘Don’t say that‘, I can’t say anything else …

Heinley: “By the way, Queen. Did you know that… there is no queen’s palace in the western kingdom?”

Navier: “Then where do I sleep?”

Heinley: “There are three rooms on the same floor, among which are the common bedrooms and the queen and king’s room, which is an adjoined room.”

Navier: “… …Why do you have such a structure?”

Isn’t that too uncomfortable for having a structure like that? No matter how good the couple’s relationship is, sometimes you want to be truly alone, but aren’t we married only in name. … Heinley exclaimed softly again.

Heinley: “The King and Queen are always using a single bedroom.”

Does that mean you are looking forward to the first night? I am somewhat surprised. However, Heinley’s voice this time was not playful, and the tone is quite serious. I hope my question didn’t seem rude. So are we really going to use the same bed? Either way is plausible … …

First, I want to get off the horse. When the border finally appeared, I heaved a sigh of relief. It’s good to get out of this shameful arrangement. However, the tension returned when I saw the train of carriages, guards, and Sir McKenna waiting behind the border.

Gradually, I slowly pulled the reins of my horse and approached them across the border. When the horse stopped completely, two guards from the Western Kingdom approached and took control.

Meanwhile, Heinley got out of the horse first and reached out to me. When he took my hand and I came down, McKenna approached me, greeted me first, and asked Heinley a question.

McKenna: “Your Majesty, I sent two horses, but why are you only riding one?”

Two horses? When I looked at him, Heinley shook his head expressionlessly.

Heinley: “You’re wrong, McKenna.”

McKenna: “Yes? Did I make a mistake? I’m certain I’ve sent two horses.”

Heinley: “There is only one horse.”

Heinley, who spoke suddenly, looked at me. When his eyes met mine, he chuckled, sheepishly implying that McKenna made a mistake.

When McKenna drew a funny impression of Heinley from behind, I laughed and shook my head, and lately, I’ve noticed the looks on the guards’ faces and immediately became flustered.

The guards who were out to escort Heinley appeared to be trying to keep their solemn expressions, but the eyes and lips seemed to tell otherwise. McKenna noticed my expression and smiled confidently.

McKenna: “I was very surprised to see the Queen who I’ve only heard from the rumors.”

… … I don’t think my face has a look of awareness after calling my title. I wondered if they have caught me in another awkward moment. But if I’ve seen here embarrassing myself further, my mood will get worse.

I smiled, pretending to calm down. Meanwhile, McKenna quickly opened the door of the carriage.

McKenna: “Please enter, Your Majesty.”

… … I do not know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. When I was called Queen, I was seen failing to react, so I quickly got into the coach. But even when I entered, the guards’ eyes that I had seen before were not easily erased from my mind. Even the guards devoid of such expression were sharp to notice.

How will the people of the Western Kingdom see me, the nobles who I will meet in social circles? Who will I meet in the Eastern Empire when I become Queen?

The scene seen through the window was slightly different from the Eastern Empire, and from this moment on, there was no possibility of being tracked by Sovieshu. My mind becomes more complicated than when I ride on a horse.

Navier: ‘I’ll be fine. I did so well. I had worked hard.’

As I was thinking, Heinley called me softly, “Queen.” He sat opposite me and stared at me. When we make eye contact together, those soft eyes bend slightly. Heinley bowed slightly, then said as he put his hand on mine.

Heinley: “It’s okay. A queen is also an empress that everyone will love.”

If so, I wouldn’t have had divorce … … Heinley tends to overestimate me. Heinley’s reassurance didn’t help me much, but it had calm me down a little.

Navier: “Thank you. I’m a bit excited.”

He laughed and nodded, but he, too, could not relax until the convoy stopped. Fortunately, after Sovieshu brought Rashta, I became accustomed to receiving people’s scrutiny. To pretend to earn that look. Thanks to that, when I arrived at the palace and got off the carriage, I could smile calmly when I saw a large number of court officials.

However, my heart trembled with vague uncertainty. Curiosity, worry, hope, interest, displeasure … … Dozens of people with lots of emotion carry a sparkling optical illusion effect like a chandelier. I smiled at them and put my hand on Heinley’s arm.

Seems like it worked, they stopped for a moment and bowed quickly.

“We see Your Majesty and the Queen.”

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