Remarried Empress

Chapter 243 - Show His Face (2)

Chapter 243. Show His Face (2)

Translator: Aura / Editor: SaWarren

Small tea parties and banquets were held for the distinguished guests who still remained in the imperial palace.

However, the official wedding celebrations were over, so I took some time to make a to-do list.


1. Check the Imperial Palace Budget. Look at the account ledgers. ☆☆

2. Check employee numbers, positions, salaries and duties.

3. Check the social welfare policies of the Western Empire.

4. Making preparations for trade with Rwibt — Where do I start? How do I contact Grand Duke Kapmen? A letter? Send someone? I don’t know.

5. Investigate Miss Mullaney’s family situation.

6. Send a birthday gift to Princess Soju.

7. Send a thank you gift to the High Priest. Could it be a donation?

8. Learn more about the history of the Western Empire. There are things I still don’t understand.

9. I need aides.

10. I need an office!


However, as I wrote what came to mind, I felt a gaze on me.

It was Mastas. She was staring at the notebook with her mouth half open.

“What’s wrong?”

When I asked, Mastas smiled awkwardly and said,

“Because there are so many question marks.”

“Ah, this is not an official document. I just write whatever comes to my mind.”

“I see.”

Mastas stared in amazement at my list, and as soon as I tapped her arm to stop, she said sheepishly, “Ahh. This is impolite,” and quickly went elsewhere.

Before long, she returned with a white basket.

The basket was filled with all kinds of envelopes.

“What’s this?”

I asked as I put down the pen, Mastas explained with a smile.

“These are letters for Your Majesty the Empress.”


I knew what that meant.

“They were sent by the young ladies who have a crush on my brother, right?”

I smiled naturally.

I remembered my brother, who was uncomfortable among the beautifully dressed young ladies.

But Mastas immediately replied, “I don’t think so.”


“The senders’ signatures are from ladies like this.”

Mastas quickly extended a letter from the basket to me for confirmation.


Did the young ladies convince their mothers to send me letters?

Do they want me to approach their families to proceed with the marriage?

First, I opened the gold envelope and took out the letter.

When I opened the letter folded in three parts, clear and flawless handwriting was revealed.


“What does it say?”

I said to Mastas, “One moment,” then I pulled out another letter and read it.


After doing it a few more times, Rose poked her head out curiously.

Rose, who had brought another basket, acted similarly to Mastas.

They didn’t know anything.

After reading almost twenty letters, I said confidently.

“Mastas you are right. These letters were sent by the ladies.”

The letters were cordial and friendly, full of congratulations on the wedding and a willingness to approach.

Immediately after the self-proclamation, the families close to Heinley were very nice to me, so I expected the ladies of those families to send me these kinds of letters.

But aren’t these too many?!

I also found it strange that other high society ladies saw me on the last day of the reception and decided ‘not to reject me immediately’.

It was my understanding that half of the high society was on Christa’s side. No matter how careful I acted, they would be prejudiced towards me…

This was strange.

Still, for the moment I had to respond.

“Miss Laura, I think it is necessary to get more stationery.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Miss Rose, could you look into this matter?”

“Yes. don’t worry.”

Whatever the purpose, if they really meant well, I would be grateful.

However, if what they were after was to approach me in order to then try to stab me in the back, I would have to be cautious.


Arriving at the Imperial Palace of the Eastern Empire, Rashta ordered Viscount Roteschu to come to the palace tomorrow at 10 a.m. through a messenger.

“An order?”

Viscount Roteschu was upset by Rashta’s message, but visited her at ten o’clock the next morning as ordered.

Rashta asked him coldly when he arrived.

“The slave trade certificate. Where is it now?”

The certificate had originally been left at the bear corporation. However, Koshar had gone to get it after cutting off Roteschu’s ear.

Viscount Roteschu blatantly pretended to be unaware of this fact.

“Of course it’s in my hands.”


Rashta narrowed her eyes, biting her nails. While Roteschu continued to pretend to have it.

“Of course. Who else could have it?

“It wasn’t lost?”





When Rashta shouted and threw the cup at the wall, Viscount Roteschu flinched and shrugged his shoulders like a turtle.

The cup that flew out hit the wall and shattered into pieces. Fragments scattered dizzyingly across the floor.

“A-Are you crazy?”

The astonishment was such that Viscount Roteschu clicked his tongue, but closed his mouth immediately upon seeing Rashta’s face.

“Are you sure?”

Rashta tilted her head as she asked in a deep voice, as she was ready to throw the other cup at his face instead of at the wall if he said the wrong thing.

Viscount Roteschu kept his mouth shut.

He believed that she would change a little after having power. That happened naturally with everyone.

But he didn’t expect her to change so much or so fast…

Viscount Roteschu just clicked his tongue without even thinking of trying to put her in her place, like in the past, by saying, ‘You’re not even within my son’s reach’.

“How does Your Majesty know about that certificate?”

Viscount Roteschu could not show his anger, so he smiled forcedly.

“It’s all because of that Koshar. It was him who stole the certificate.”

Rashta looked coldly at Viscount Roteschu and ordered him,

“I don’t want to see you. Get out!”


“I said get out!”

Viscount Roteschu got up reluctantly.

Rashta glared at him, pulled the ring off her finger and tossed it at his feet.

“Keep it.”

The jeweled ring sparkled beautifully as it rolled across the carpet.

Viscount Roteschu bent down, picked up the ring and left the room with a smile.

But as soon as he stepped out into the corridor, his expression turned terribly cold.

‘How dare she be so arrogant?’

Although others considered her as ‘the hope of commoners’ or a ‘real fairy tale’, to Viscount Roteschu, Rashta was nothing more than a slave he could use.

No matter how high her position, Viscount Roteschu could not think of her as a noble.

That narrow thought stoked Viscount Roteschu’s anger.

‘I’ll have to teach her a lesson.’

He had done nothing to correct her behavior lately, but Viscount Roteschu was determined to suppress Rashta’s spirit now.

As soon as he arrived at his residence, he instructed Alan.

“Alan. Ask for an audience.”

Alan asked puzzled, “An audience?”

Whether a commoner or a nobleman, if one asked for an audience one could speak to the emperor.

As a result, there were so many people applying for an audience that the waiting line was extremely long.

Those applying for an audience had to endure that long waiting line before they were received.

Why should I apply for an audience now?

“Why an audience?”

“Doesn’t Rashta participate in the audiences?”

Hearing Rashta’s name, Alan stiffened. Roteschu smiled and said,

“I’m sure she will want to see her son. Take Ahn and show Rashta his little face.”

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