Revenge Sevenfold

Chapter 196 Troublemaker Kids

Without saying anything, Hui Yin abruptly looked down and ticked off the days with her fingers.

One, two, three, four, five...six. Only six days. This bastard's promise lasted only six days!

Hui Yin looked up at him.

"You suck."

Lu Shen looked at the girl's crestfallen expression and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He didn't say he wanted to marry her, did he? He only wanted her to stay beside him! He was still letting her go.

Of course, Lu Shen didn't acknowledge the fact that if anyone of the opposite sex remotely tries to woo her, that man would find himself thrown out of the country without a single yuan to his name. In this way, he indeed sucked.

He pretended to be a vegetarian, but was a starving wolf instead. At the end, he was only deluding himself that he could resist her.

But Lu Shen locked all these thoughts in the darkest corners of his mind and thought to himself that he was satisfied just by having her beside him.

It was indeed true that the most believable lies were the lies we tell ourselves.

"Xiao Yin, you just need to stay beside me. I won't restrict you, and you're free to do anything you want. By agreeing, you'll be able to let your brother live. I honestly think I'm getting the short end of the stick."

Hui Yin looked at his earnest expression and shouted in her mind, scammer!

He was scamming her!

Short end of the stick? My ass! Then why are you persuading me so intensely? How many years do you think I've known you? You're the type to insist for a yard after getting an inch!

Hui Yin thought of the touching scene in the graveyard and felt that this man was better at acting than her. She should have known. When she was helping him quit alcohol and smoking before, how many times did he say that he would stop before secretly grabbing a drink or a smoke?

She was definitely not going to agree!

Hui Yin held up a finger. "Just give me one day with him. That's all I'm going to ask if you can't let him go."

She was going to handcuff Hui Jinhai, find Yue Lao, and then reset all of this. She didn't know if one day would be enough, but any longer and Lu Shen would definitely make it hard for her.

He raised an eyebrow. "Going to say your goodbyes?"

Hui Yin lowered her eyes and bit her lip, summoning her acting skills and pretending as if she was trying to restrain her grief.

"You won't even let me do that?"

Lu Shen was suspicious but he didn't know how she was going to save her brother in just one day, so he had to reluctantly agree. He didn't want to look unreasonable. Despite this, he was disappointed that she didn't take his offer. He hated Hui Jinhai to the bone, but if freeing him would make Xiao Yin stay beside him...he knew what he would choose.

"I have to go with you."

Hui Yin didn't argue. "Of course."


They didn't immediately go that day. Lu Shen had something to take care of at the company, and Hui Yin prepared her things.

Handcuffs, two bottles of rice wine as bait for that drunkard deity, pepper spray...while Hui Yin was busy packing her things, she heard a commotion from outside of her room.

She stuck her head out and frowned as a maid rushed past. Grabbing her arm, she asked, "What's going on?"

The maid's face was red, her expression ugly. "Miss, those troublemaker kids are at it again!"

Ever since Lu Shen stopped Hui Yin from working and treated her like a special guest, all the maids had began calling her 'miss' despite their equal status.

"Troublemaker kids?"

"Yes. They're always throwing eggs at the mansion. Just because sir tolerates them doesn't mean we would! Don't they know how hard it is to clean up after their mess? Their parents really did a good job raising them! Really a good job!"

The maid stormed off, leaving Hui Yin bemused. Was it the same kids from before? Lu Shen told her that they come to cause trouble at least twice a week. She wanted to see these kind of brave souls who would dare to attack the fortress of the Great Dragon King.

Following after the maid, Hui Yin went out into the courtyard and glanced up at the large bay window that was now stained with yolk and egg whites. There was quite a distance between the mansion and its walls. Whoever threw it must have a perfect aim. The mess looked especially glaring under the sunlight, especially in contrast with the mansion's beautiful and sleek architecture.

Hui Yin once again marveled at Lu Shen's tolerance. She knew this mansion better than anyone else, except for him. She knew the number of guards stationed outside and guarding the house 24/7, the advanced level of security, and the ferocious dogs that were kept on a tight leash in case of an intruder. For these 'troublemaker kids' to escape harm every time, it could only be because of Lu Shen's orders.

These kids must be special to him, otherwise Lu Shen wouldn't spare them.

Hui Yin followed the maids to the entrance gate, where they were yelling at the kids to leave. Some were waving broomsticks and feather dusters, but they didn't go outside. She rose herself on her tiptoes and tried to peek from between the spires of the gate.

She could see a group of teenagers standing outside, their arms constantly flinging back to throw more eggs. Hui Yin's attention was immediately caught by the youth standing at the center of the group, his expression aloof. She felt that he was somehow similar to Lu Shen.

"Wicked youngsters! Don't you have anything better to do than to disturb other peoples' homes?!"

Old Meng Guang was particularly aggressive. She nearly tried to climb the gate while waving her broomstick, and a stray egg almost hit her face.

Hui Yin covered her mouth and pretended not to see anything. In her heart, she was cheering for those students.

It took half an hour before the youths went away. Hui Yin didn't do any research about Beijing No. 4 High School, so she didn't recognize their school uniforms. If she had, she would have recalled that it was the school Little Wuji and Baby Shang both attended. Unfortunately, Hui Yin didn't manage to meet her two grown up little buns.

After the brief clash from the 'troublemaker kids' and the housemaids, everything became peaceful again as they busied themselves by cleaning up the usual mess.

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