Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 681

Chapter 681

After “donating” a lot of materials as per Asuna’s request, he knew what Asuna’s face meant .

Asuna is a beautiful girl who looked cool most of the time . But, Wu Yan is very sure that deep down inside, she’s a bottomless pit .

Now that she got a good look at the Ragout Rabbit, her inner attribute must have manifested itself after seeing an S-grade material dangling in front of her .

Wu Yan tried to hide the Ragout Rabbit behind him as he looked at her with a wary look . After the Ragout Rabbit disappeared from her vision, Asuna returned to her senses .

“Th-that, just now, that’s not…”

Her eyes shook as she voiced her disbelief .

“That super rare food material known as the Ragout Rabbit?”

Players started gossiping when they heard “S-grade food material” .

Wu Yan closed his eyes and he sighed after seeing Asuna’s excited expression .

“As expected of you, you identified it with a single glance…”

“It is…”

Asuna continued with admiration in her tone .

“You actually got your hands on an S-grade food material…”

“Luck, it was all luck…”

Wu Yan feigned modesty . Asuna who was familiar with him immediately recognized his blatant lie .

Asuna would have knocked Wu Yan down a few pegs for being so cheeky . However, she gave him a very friendly but creepy smile .

Wu Yan’s lip started twitching .

Asuna continued beaming at him .

Wu Yan’s lip dance intensifies .

Asuna’s grin had a more sinister undertone .

A drop of cold sweat flowed down the side of his head .

Asuna gave him a very sharp stare .

Wu Yan lost .

He shrugged and he forced a smile onto his moppy face . He suggested to her .

“Why don’t we…”


Without waiting for Wu Yan to finish, she agreed instantly . She wanted this outcome and she got it .

The members standing behind her finally caught on .

Asuna-sama wants to dine together with the Fae Swordsman .

Asuna’s radiant smile drew silent anger from the other members . To lower herself in front of S-grade food material, where is the legendary player known as the Demon of Floor Conquest?

Rare as the food material may be, KoB guild members treated Asuna-sama like a goddess . Surely, someone like that would not deign to covet material like that, right? It’s not like she’s lacking in terms of Cors .

Wait, is that meat so good?

Pfft, as if…

The KoBs didn’t know they hit the nail on its head…


A very unfriendly voice came from behind Asuna .

Asuna’s smile dimmed down when she heard the voice . Her face bordered on annoyance while Wu Yan raised an eyebrow at the culprit . Wu Yan almost laughed out loud when he saw the perpetrator .

It was the skeleton-faced fugly standing behind Asuna .

Wu Yan instantly identified him because of his unique look . This guy was in the original work as well, his name is Kuradeel .

This guy had a very twisted love for Asuna . He was the one who tried to kill Kirito in the original work .

This guy is a member of the famous Player Killing Guild, Laughing coffin . He is secretly someone who enjoyed the death and suffering of other players .

Wu Yan can more or less guess how this is all going to go down .


Asuna turned towards her with a very firm look on her face . She’s also not a big fan of being followed by a creep like Kuradeel .

“Is something the matter?”


Kuradeel glanced at Wu Yan who was grinning at him and he made his thoughts known .

“I think we should go now…”

Asuna recalled how she needed to take this team on a raid into the labyrinth .

Wu Yan blinked in surprise .

“You’re doing guild activities?”

“Well, yeah…”

Asuna nodded while Wu Yan chortled .

“That’s just too bad…”

He didn’t sound sad at all he sounded quite happy .


Asuna tilted her head with an intimidating smile .

“Just because I don’t have the time now doesn’t mean I don’t have the time to spare at night!”

“Say, Yan-kun…”

She drew closer like a banshee from hell .

“Surely, a gentleman like you would wait for a rare guest to arrive before eating, right?”

A rare guest? You’re the one who came knocking on my door every few days to extort food material…

Wu Yan resisted the urge to object dramatically . He turned his head the other way and he huffed .

“Oh, sure! I am going to make sure you get your fill, don’t worry about that, Asuna-sama!”

“Thank you very much…”

Asuna giggled with a sneaky grin on her face . She patted him on the shoulder .

“I will be looking forward to the dinner, tonight…”

She walked away with her back towards Wu Yan . She waved her hands as she led the raid group into the labyrinth . The members stumbled along as they tried to stay in formation .

He felt someone looking at him and he looked back at the culprit . His smile turned frosty cold .

Kuradeel stopped leering at him and he went back to Asuna .

Wu Yan stretched his back . He sneered .

“Don’t mess with me, I am not as soft as Kirito and Asuna…”

Kuradeel grumbled .

“Asuna-sama, don’t go to a stranger’s house like that, it’s so dangerous!”

Kuradeel isn’t a saint . He’s also not stupid . He knows he stood no chance against Wu Yan in a fair duel . He held back his envy and anger when Wu Yan and Asuna were teasing each other . The moment he got away from Wu Yan, he started making trouble for him .

Being too famous isn’t good for a player . Asuna herself got into some accident because of malice or jealousy . This is the reason why KoBs gave her a bodyguard . Kuradeel is the acting bodyguard for Asuna .

Kuradeel always overstepped the boundaries by meddling with Asuna’s personal affair . He thought he’s a knight for some stately lady or something . Clearly, he’s planning to meddle in Asuna’s business once again .

Asuna got annoyed again but she hid it away .


Asuna stopped and she slowly turned around .

“He’s someone who beat the Captain fair and square, do you think a person like that would need to stoop to such a low level to get what he wants?”


Kuradeel protested again . He used the most persuasive tone he had .

“Don’t let his legendary player status outshine his status as a beater, he’s a selfish nasty beater who got where he is at the expense of others, don’t mingle with people like that!”


Asuna’s gaze sharpened .

How dare this guy diss Wu Yan…

She gave him another cold look and she ignored him .

Kuradeel’s eyes beamed up with hatred .

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