Starting from Zero

Chapter 170: Able-Bodied Help [Vol 5 Chapter 21]

Chapter 170: Able-Bodied Help [Vol 5 Chapter 21]

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"Alright!" I extended my hand into the bracelet inventory and took out an earth yellow rod with ends that resembled forks. That's right, it was the Vajra Scepter that the Japanese Onmyoji dropped. Afterall, it was an object that belonged to the Japs, so dismantling it was fine, they would no longer be able to snatch it back in the future.

"Isn't this a Japanese weapon? Why is it in your hand?" Clark looked at the object in surprise and flipped the thing many times.

"You recognize it?" I was bewildered, how could Clark know that it belonged to the Japs!

Clark brought the thing to my face and pointed to a square notch on the scepter. "Take a look."

My eyes immediately moved to where he pointed. The notch seemed to look like a stamp with words in it, but because it was the place where the handholds, the wear and tear of it had almost removed the words! After spending half a day full of effort, I finally recognized the words: "Spiritual Master Heaven Yang? Who is this Spiritual Master Heaven Yang?"

"Spiritual Master Heaven Yang was an elder of Daoism, this Vajra Scepter was his former weapon."

"What! Doesn't Daoism come from China? Why is he instead some Japanese Daoist with such a powerful weapon?"

"Whoever said that Spiritual Master Heaven Yang was a Japanese?"

"He isn't a Japanese? Then why did his weapon become a Japanese weapon?"

"This Vajra Scepter was originally Spiritual Master Heaven Yang's weapon, but after the appearance of the Demon Kuzuryushin…."

"Isn't the Kuzuryushin a Japanese mythological animal?"

"Stop interrupting and let me finish! The Kuzuryushin later attacked Ancient China's Mythological Creature Bi Ling…."

"Bi Ling was really an ancient mythological creature?" I thought Clark was lying to me! "Seems like…." I then realized that Clark was about to hit me. "Fine! Continue, continue!"

"Then….erm, where did I stop?"

"When the Kuzuryushin attacked Bi Ling."

"Right, Bi Ling met with a surprise attack and the news spread to China's Divinity Sect. Oh right, at that time, there were no Buddhism or Daoism, all of them were under one roof, called the Divinity Sect. The Divinity Sect was furious because of the sneak attack on Bi Ling, and chose Spiritual Master Heaven Yang to go to Japan to put down the chaos and rage. Who knew that Japan citizens were not open-minded then, and they were unable to even comprehend the Divinity sect's knowledge. In the end, they treated Spiritual Master Heaven Yang as a Demon and even started to worship Kuzuryushin. Spiritual Master was merciful and magnanimous, he did not find fault with the Japanese for their inability to distinguish good from bad, he used his Vajra Scepter to suppress the Kuzuryushin, then used his Sword to suppress the Volcano in Japan."

I quickly took out the Deity Sword. "Are you talking about this sword?"

"Oh my god! How did the Deity Sword end up with you?"

"Hehe! I am the harbinger of evil! Wherever I go, something bad will happen, if I didn't have caused the Volcano to erupt, how could I dare to come back!"

"You!" Clark returned the sword to me: "After that, the Japanese mobilized a large scale rescue effort and retrieved the Vajra Scepter, resulting in the Kuzuryushin to reive! And due to its power, the Japanese used it as a weapon. In truth, the Japanese did not know how to use the Vajra Scepter beside suppressing the monster, its true power was to perform attacks, they always thought that it was used to just suppress the monster, so they just used it to suppress their enemies' power and not used the Scepter to unleash attacks."

"So Japan's National Treasure was created by China!"

"But of course!"

"Oh right, how do you know of all these? It doesn't seem like you come from China's Divinity Sect?"

"You don't know about this, Europe's Divinity Sect is the reverse of our China's Divinity Sect. The Daoists of China Divinity Sect have a good relationship with the western's dark faction, while China's monsters and devils have a good relationship with Europe's Light Faction!"

"Seriously? Is it because they are on the opposite side of the planet, thus their belief in the Earth is completely opposite of ours?"

"No matter, ignore all of these, let's just focus on repairing your sword first."

"Let me help!"

Upon hearing of my willingness to help, Clark waved his hand at me. "You should just stand by the side! The last time, you almost destroyed my home, how will I dare to let you help me now!"

"Then, I'll go somewhere else and take a walk?"

"Alright alright, go go go!" Clark kicked me out of the room without hesitation.

The fact has to be clarified, I merely spoilt his furnace! But he was so fierce to me?! But whatever, since he did not require my assistance, I left the place and took a walk. Upon leaving the room, I was momentarily stunned at not knowing where to go, without my weapons, I could not go and train! Oh right, I could head towards the Dark Shrine to obtain the deed to the land!

I summoned Night Shade and Ling then jumped onto Night Shade and rushed towards the Dark Shrine. Fortunately, Ling was born from the darkness, although her status was gone, she still had some use. The zombies and monster NPCs outside the Dark Canyon were for Players to kill and gain levels and so did not have any intelligence to speak of, without that, they were unable to recognize the boss of the Dark Faction. Luckily, Night Shade was big enough and the zombies were unable to catch up with us. After moving through the horde's defense and area, we arrived at Domergor's barracks. Upon seeing Ling, the guards immediately retreated and knelt on their knees. Bringing the Dark Goddess along was the best solution ever, all the Dark Warriors and Dark Riders would constantly bow before us.

From the distance, I saw Domergor and a guard discussing something. I directly led Night Shade over. "Second bro!"

"So it's Third bro!" Domergor suddenly saw Ling and immediately bowed down: "Greetings your Majesty!"

"What's second bro doing?"

"Oh! It's like this, the new Dark Goddess is planning for us to research a new type of defensive trap. But we are lacking in the knowledge and weapons, so I'm in a bad spot!"

"A pity, I can't help you!"

"Right!" Domergor suddenly grabbed onto my shoulders. "You're a Player! You help me!"

"Do what?" Domergor made me confused.

"You can learn the techniques and help us create the new defensive trap!" Domergor's eyes flashed with a light, as though if I did not agree with him, he would eat me up!

"I'm a Player, but my side classes are Blacksmith, Breeder and an Appraiser! What you want is an Alchemist, which I'm not!"

"If you're not, you can learn to be one! Until now, you still don't know that the Side Class system has no limit?"

"No limit? Then why the need for us to choose side classes, if we can be all of them, why should we have to choose?"

"You really don't know? The system provides the selection of Side Classes is to gift abilities to Players, and the Players are able to enjoy the abilities directly from being recognized as those side classes, but the System does not restrict Players from learning other abilities, as long as you gain the corresponding books, you can practice them."

"Heh! Don't try and lie to me, I've played the game for so long and killed countless monsters if these skill books were drops, why haven't I seen one?"

"Bullshit, side class books are not drops, even if you kill all the monsters in the entire map, you won't find one! Maybe higher grade monsters will drop a few offensive type spell books, but side class books can only be obtained through missions."

"Say that earlier! Tell me what missions do I need to do to obtain those books, I'll go and learn them now!" Since I could learn a few additional things, I definitely had to do them!

Domergor patted my shoulder: "Why are you still asking about missions, then what am I for?" Domergor waved to the side where two young bros immediately ran out and came back soon after, with two carriages, these two carriages were piled with a load of books. "There, you don't have to do missions, let me teach them to you directly!"

I stared at the two mountain of books and salivated. "So many of them?" Two carriages, one book provided one skill, won't that be over 10 thousand skills? Much less practice all of them, I would never be able to memorize all of their names! At that time if I wanted to use one, I would have to take a few hours of going through my abilities to find the one I need!

"So many?" Domergor looked at the carriages. "It's just one skill, you call that many? Are you willing to do just a bit of work for your big bro?"

"One skill?" I pointed to the two carriages of books. "You mean that these two carriages of books can only allow me to learn one skill?"

Domergor nodded his head. "You think it's a few skills?" He suddenly understood where I was coming from. "Are you thinking that one book provides one skill?"

"But….but…..for one skill to require so many books, I can't finish them all!"

"You can take your time to read, I'm not in a rush!"

"What!" I was the one in the rush! But I was embarrassed to say it, he was willing to put the 100 of millions of money for the cannons on my tab, how could I not help with such a minor problem! I walked over to the side of the carriage. "[Starting from Zero's Alchemy Basics!]?" I put down the book and opened another "[500 Examples of Alchemy for Dummies]?" I opened another book and opened it, "[Introduction to Alchemy], [Alchemy Methodologies], [Teach you how to Alchemy], [Solutions to Basic Alchemy Problems], [Guide to Alchemy].....[Methods to hasten Alchemy], [From Beginner to Expert Alchemist], [Selection and choice of Alchemy Materials]! What are all of these?"

Domergor excitedly came over to introduce them. "All of these publications belong to our Dark Shrine and are extremely useful readings, in the future when we sell them, we will definitely earn a huge profit!"


"Hey! Third bro! What happened to you! Don't faint! I know my method is good, but you don't have to be so excited to the point of fainting right?!"

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