Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 27: Is This A Business Deal?

Chapter 27: Is This A Business Deal?

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Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t deny, Ning Qingxue sighed. He had a girlfriend, and she knew this “thing” couldn’t be done. However, he didn’t seem to be living with her. Now that she came, she instead gave him the opportunity to live with his girlfriend.

“Because I want to get married to you,” Ning Qingxue couldn’t find a proper way to put it, so she just said it straight out.

What took her by surprise was that Ye Mo didn’t seem shocked at all. Ye Mo’s appearance did make Ning Qingxue feel strange. She saw that Ye Mo was very calm and didn’t say a word, so a moment later, she asked quietly: “Aren’t you curious? Don’t you want to ask me why?”

Although the current Ye Mo wasn’t extremely calculative, how could Ning Qingxue hide her thoughts from him? From the time when Wang Ying told him that Ning Qingxue was using him to stop others from proposing to her, to how she asked to come to his house at night and even asked to get married to him, he had already connected these things and analyzed them! Ye Mo immediately knew that Ning Qingxue was asking to use him as a shield again.

Seeing Ye Mo’s calm expression while remaining silent, Ning Qingxue was feeling more unrest and asked guiltily: “I won’t obstruct you and your girlfriend. I just need everyone else to know that we are living together and even got married. I will explain it to your girlfriend…”

As he expected, she wanted to use him as a shield again. Losing his interest, Ye Mo waved his hand and said: “You don’t need to explain it to other people. This thing has nothing to do with Xu Wei, she doesn’t have any business with you…”

Although hesitating for a moment and wanting to reject, Ye Mo saw Ning Qingxue’s tragic eyes and was a bit moved. Although this woman had the intention to use him, she didn’t hide it. Furthermore, Ye Mo didn’t even care if he was used in this way, the main reason that prompted Ye Mo to help her was her sorrowful eyes that made his heart beat faster.

Although he didn’t know what happened to Ning Qingxue, since she was forced to make such a decision, it meant that what was about to happen to her wasn’t something she could bear with.

“I can pay money, I won’t make you help out for nothing,” Seeing that Ye Mo was hesitating, Ning Qingxue hurried to add the words.

“Fine, I agree. When we get the marriage certificate is up to you. However, I don’t want you to go around telling people my identity.” Ye Mo’s reply was very plain as if talking about something completely irrelevant to himself.

Ning Qingxue looked at Ye Mo surprised by joy. She didn’t think that Ye Mo would agree to her words without asking her any questions. Regardless of what Ye Mo thought, she was still grateful towards him. As for Ye Mo’s last sentence, she took it as not allowing her to tell Xu Wei.

“This card contain 500,000 dollars. You can use that for now, the password is 575757.” Ning Qingxue took out a card and gave it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took the card and laughed at himself as he said, “Very well, since you have paid now, this is a business deal between us. When you feel the agreement is over, you can leave yourself. I’m going to rest now.”

Seeing Ye Mo’s desolate back figure, Ning Qingxue’s heart suddenly squeezed. It was as though she did something wrong. What did she do wrong? Ning Qingxue was sitting on Ye Mo’s bed and was lost in thought. Perhaps what she felt wrong was Ye Mo agreeing due to the money which meant that Mumei was right about him.

When Ye Mo walked out of his room, Xu Wei had already gone into hers. He held the credit card as waves erupted in his heart. The instant he took the credit card, he had the urge to throw the card in her face and tell her to piss off. The only reason he let Ning Qingxue come in and even help her was due to the striking resemblance between his helpless master and Ning Qingxue’s eyes filled with melancholy.

Shaking his head, he started wondering to himself what Ning Qingxue did wrongly. Probably In her mind, she thought that what she did was right. Anyway, he already gave his room to Ning Qingxue, so Ye Mo had nowhere to go. Luckily, he had always been cultivating on the north side of the yard which was near the back. In this spot, there was an old tree, and every time Ye Mo cultivated under it, he felt more peaceful.

Ye Mo sat under the tree cultivating for an entire night. He felt his Chi getting stronger and couldn’t help but to smile faintly. All the annoyance from last night had dissipated and, from today onwards, he decided that it would be pretty good to cultivate here each night. It looked like people needed to be pushed to be motivated.

Before Ning Qingxue could even discuss when they would get married, Ye Mo went straight to school.

When Ye Mo had already run to the school, Ning Qingxue and Xu Wei finally got up. After they had greeted as they saw each other, both of them became a bit shy. For them, Ye Mo was sleeping with the other the night before. Perhaps it was more strange for Ning Qingxue as she knew that Ye Mo was impotent and wondered how he could sleep with someone, but obviously, she would be too embarrassed to ask such a question.

After studying for half the day in the library, Ye Mo went to the dorms and slept during the whole afternoon. At night, he was dragged by Shi Xiu to the restaurant for food. The main reason was that he still got a free coupon for the Ju Wei Restaurant at the school.

“Ye Mo, you were really cool yesterday. Did you know? After you had left, Yan Yan was so angry that her face was pale. If it wasn’t for Merciless Bing who helped her out, I think she would’ve tried to find a hole in the ground to crawl into. By the way, who was the woman that came for you yesterday? She was really pretty! Could she be a star? No, even a star isn’t as pretty as her...” Shi Xiu said with a face full of excitement. He would only make such an exaggerated expression with Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled as he patted Shi Xiu’s shoulders and said: “I’ve slept the whole afternoon, and I’m hungry already, let’s go eat.”

Shi Xiu suddenly sighed and said: “Ye Mo, to be honest, I’m concerned about you. Aren’t you worried yourself at all? We’re almost graduating, but you already had to retake the exams last semester. You probably can’t even get a graduation certificate much less a degree, and yet, you still sleep every day, sigh.”

Ye Mo said in disagreement: “Is there any use in worrying? If worrying were useful, I would worry every day. Put your mind at ease, I have my way. If you graduate and can’t find a job, you can come to me. I’ll be responsible for getting you a job and get you fed.”

“Pffft, nevermind! What I want is not just a job that will get me fed. My relative says that he can help me find a job at a government department. I bet you are jealous! Let’s go, I can already smell the aroma of Ju Wei Restaurant.” Shi Xiu quickly pulled Ye Mo into Ju Wei Restaurant.

Ju Wei Restaurant was the most famous restaurant in Ning Hai University. The dishes were excellent and had a particular taste. Although it wasn’t as good as West Lake Families, Ye Mo still liked their style.

Shi Xiu only had a 200 dollar coupon, but that was enough for the two of them. Although Ye Mo was close with Shi Xiu, they barely had the chance to eat together. Ye Mo asked for another two bottles of white wine, and the two kept eating until 7 to 8 pm.

Shi Xiu was a light weight, and the two bottles of wine were pretty much all consumed by Ye Mo. When Ye Mo took the tipsy Shi Xiu and left Ju Wei Restaurant, he actually saw Zheng Wenqiao who went to the toilet. Although it was just his back, how powerful were Ye Mo’s eyes? He knew it was him already.

He was attacked by this guy last time, and although he didn’t suffer any losses, he remained very unsatisfied inside. Now that he saw this man again, how could he let him go? He hurriedly dumped Shi Xiu on the dorm bed before immediately coming back outside Ju Wei Restaurant and waited. He estimated that this Zheng Wenqiao’s family had some power so when he would be teaching him a lesson, he had to cover his face.

If it were only according to Ye Mo’s will, he would have killed him straight away, but he also knew that if he murdered Zhen Wenqiao, he would most likely become the suspect number one. Therefore, it would be best to beat him until he can’t manage to live his own life.

Ye Mo didn’t wait very long before seeing Zhen Wenqiao leave Ju Wei Restaurant speaking on the phone.

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