Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Farewell, young lady

“I….” The uncle was speechless.

I shook my head as I sighed hopelessly, “Also, Uncle, I just told you to stand further away from me. You know, your smell is really….. Do you have a gun? If you have a gun, just shoot me from afar. Make it fast. Stop standing so close to me! Seriously, I’m begging you!”

“I don’t need you to teach me what to do!” The uncle took a dagger from a rack and placed it against my neck. “Say farewell to life! Just like that guy on the ground!”

I closed my eyes as I waited for my life to end. I wondered how the hot bodyguard and the mistress will react when they see that I have also turned into a ghost?

Since they couldn’t speak, I had never communicated with them before. But if I became a ghost, that would mean I will be able to communicate with them, right?

In the end, ghosts were the only things I thought about.

Oh yeah. My parents…

I haven’t thought about them for years. Their images in my mind were very blurry. Oddly enough, even though I was able to see ghosts, I had never seen my parents. They had probably reincarnated long ago. Sigh. Those whom I truly wanted to see were the ones I couldn’t see.

“Uncle, are you surprised by my reaction? Am I the first person you have encountered like this?” For some reason, I suddenly didn’t want to die yet. For now, I wanted to have a conversation with the killer.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, if most people encountered something like this, they would probably be crying or begging ‘Please don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!’. Would that be the normal reaction?”

“Yeah. You’re kind of abnormal.” The uncle agreed with my analysis.

“Uncle, it’s not that I’m abnormal. It’s just that compared to everyone else, I have very few attachments to anything in this world. I only have myself. Even if you killed me today, no one will notice my corpse. So, uncle, you’re super lucky. You will kill your only witness and no one will notice. No one will wonder where she had been all these days? Did something happen? There wouldn’t be a single person who would come and check up on her….So uncle, you have a lot of time to run. I have lived 25 years without anything. Today, my meaningless life will finally come to an end. Regardless of whether I am happy or not, I’m still all alone…”

When I got to this part, I truly felt very sour. I was about to die. Why was I being so emotional? This wasn’t my style..

“If you want someone to talk to, I can listen to you.” It was as if the uncle had turned into a different person. I felt like there was a ray of light emitting from behind him. If he was a believer of a religion, I would probably be impulsive and join him too.

After living for 25 years, someone finally cared to listen to me? Could this be the saying, “Guard the cloud long enough and the Sun will show”?

I thought about it again. This was a killer. Forget it…” No, it’s okay. I don’t want to waste your time. Just hurry and then escape!”

Then, I closed my eyes. This was the end. I gradually told myself to calm down as I silently waited for the dagger to pierce through my heart. Then, my soul will separate from my body.

“Farewell, young lady…”

This will probably be the last line I hear in this lifetime. Maybe that was why the uncle’s voice seemed extra gentle and no longer hoarse.


Wait. Another voice entered my ears. I didn’t wait to get stabbed as I curiously cracked my eyes opened.

Mother! The uncle on the ground got up!

“Y-y-you!” I stuttered as I hollered with my eyes wide open. “You came back to life?!”

He was probably a ghost…yes. That had to be it. A ghost….wait! There was no body on the ground. Then…

“Luckily you said it’s enough! Or else, I wouldn’t have known what to do. Did you gather enough source material?” The killer uncle turned to the uncle that had faked death.

“Collect enough material my ass! I have never seen someone so senseless and boring. She was about to die and only had garbage to say. She didn’t even show any signs of fear. What a waste of my time!”

The faked death uncle stated as he opened the window curtains. Sharp, bright sunlight instantly entered the room. The three of us had to close our eyes due to the drastic change.

“You punk! At least give me a warning first!” The killer uncle yelled.

My adaptability was better than the two of them. I could somewhat see as I looked at the uncle that had faked death.

Since he had been in the water for awhile, his hair and clothes were soaked. Water was continuously dripping from his hair. He was the tall lean type, but his mustache was obstructing his face. I couldn’t really see what he looked like. His dress shirt was unfastened though, so I unintentionally noticed his fair skin. He used his slender fingers to lightly block the sunlight. The sunlight brushed against him and spilled into the room. The water in the room was clear and clean. With slight ripples, the clear water reflected the reflection of the uncle who had faked death.

What the heck? This warm image did not fit the situation.

The killer uncle suddenly untied me as he kindly explained, “We scared you, didn’t we? We were doing a roleplay just now. I was the killer and he was the victim. You just happened to interrupt and became a witness. Haha!”


I was flabbergasted as he picked me up and carefully placed me on a bed. “Calm down first. We need to clean up the house. We’ll talk later.”

Honestly, I couldn’t hear anymore. I didn’t know anything, I didn’t understand anything. I robotically pulled a pillow as I curled against it and rested it between my chin.

This was a dream. This was just a crazy dream. Once I wake up, everything will be fine again. I kept repeating those words as I tried to comfort myself. I closed my eyes and didn’t even realized I fell asleep…

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