Survival Records of 3650 days in the Otherworld

Chapter 377 (END) - To the new world (4) *Final*

Chapter 377: To the new world (4) *Final*

Powerful lights flooded over them and eradicated them from sight.

“Whoa. Look at them go!”

Jinpok shook his head. They were no match at all. Joonbum thought of how terrifying it would have been if Menonis had become their enemy. To date, out of all they had encountered, there was nothing more powerful than Menonis.

“I have sent the last bit of information about these Gates to the Khalodian Empire. Menonis will now move into the Gate. Destination, Planet Turax. Be ready.”

The gate was now in front of them. And with the familiar sensation of passing through the gate, they arrived at the new world. Tall, towering buildings littered the entire area.

“Is that a city?”

“Whoa. Why are these buildings so tall?”

“They even have floating cities.”

There were also sculptures of giant insects built in all parts of the city.

“We couldn’t build something that tall even on Earth, could we?” Jinpok asked.

Ponus explained, “The analysis shows that these buildings are maintained through Magical Engineering. Hostiles incoming.”

Powerful mana cannons began firing at Menonis.

-Sensing Mana Cannons. Outer shield decreased by 7%. More Mana Cannons charging.

Menonis struck back. The city on the ground was devastated.

“Tracing humans.”

The screen then popped up with an analysis that shocked everyone.

-This is the number of humanoid species compared to reptilians species.

There were 10 times more humanoid beings than reptilian species. It seemed enslavement had worked out well for a small number of Vaselans to reign over them.

“Can we… help these people?”

“Positive. We can implement auto-learning devices to educate them.”

It was a pod-like machine that was meant to educate using virtual reality.

“Let’s start, then.”

“Beginning project, de-livestockification of humans. Commencing entrapment.”

Menonis began deploying small flying objects to find and capture humans below in the city. The humans resisted fiercely, as they were terrified, shaken by the loss of their Vaselan masters.

Jinpok mumbled, “Whoa. It even feels like we are bad guys.”

Joonbum laughed.

“Yeah, but it’s not like this is the first time.”

Joonbum commented. At the beginning of the Khalodian Empire, he used to be labeled as the bad guy.

‘I heard there are more of these Vaselans out there.”

There were hundreds of planets that the Vaselans had enslaved. This was only the beginning.

‘And here I thought it was finally over… it’s only just the beginning.’

Joonbum smiled. It was the beginning of the new survival in the otherworld.

-The End-

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