The CEO's loser wife: Rebirth of the villainous queen of alchemy

Chapter 193 Step outside and pick up a girl friend Part 3

Chapter 193 Step outside and pick up a girl friend Part 3

Mo Xuexue's body was unceremoniously tossed on the arena like a lifeless barbie doll.

The Mo family elder who was standing near the arena and overseeing the fight was the first one to respond.

The elder looked considerably old with his long grey hair falling on his shoulder. But the man emanated a strange strength.

He instantly leaped on the stage and quickly checked Mo Xuexue's vitals.

"She should be fine." Luther murmured, with a blank expression on his face.

The elder looked up and glanced at the monstrous young man with mixed emotions.

"My next opponent?" Without reading the atmosphere, the devilishly handsome man crossed his arms and asked in a matter of fact tone.

The elder's face darkened. The fellow standing in front of him not only dared to hit Xue'er but he also treated this entire thing as a joke. What a blatant disrespect!

He needed to teach him a proper lesson today. Youngsters these days don't understand the meaning the humility or discipline!

Hmph. A little power and it already goes straight to the head!!

He waved his hand signaling the trainees standing nearby to carry the young miss out.

"Hmmm... What is your name young man? It looks like you are very impatient to battle it out here and prove your worth."

The elder crossed his hands behind his back and walked towards Luther. A deep unfathomable aura was slowly seeping out of him.

"How about you fight me?" His eyebrows raised as if he was mocking the man in front of him.

The entire stadium was once again in chaos and uproar!! The elder is personally fighting?? This was totally unheard of!

"Even the eldest young master wouldn't probably do well against the elder. Who did this man offend, to make the easy-going elder respond this way??"

"Serves him right. How dare he treat out Miss Xuexue like this? If he knew that he was much stronger than her, then he should have just said so."

"He is definitely done for this time."

"The pretty boy is definitely a goner."

Luther however still had a blank look plastered on his face. Elder or not, it did not matter to him.

Even if they all come at him together, he was still okay with that. Compared to his wifey, these so-called experts were nothing but ants.

"Are you sure you want to fight me?" Luther checked again. The man in front of him looked pretty old and he didn't want to accidentally kill him.

The elder's lips twitched as he consolidated his position. There was no point in talking to this arrogant brat any longer.

He squatted slightly with his core centered and his arms in a defensive mist position, one above the other facing forward.

"Come at me." The elder silently muttered.

When else would they get such a heavenly chance??

Even Mo Xuexue who was knocked out earlier had regained her consciousness now.

Unlike others, her eyes that seemed to contain a fiery blaze within them were fixated on the stranger in the ring.

Even her eldest brother had never won so cleanly against her. How did this man throw her out so easily?

But unfortunately for him, this is as far as he goes... The elder was not an easy opponent.

Her eyes scanned the defined muscles on the man's exposed body that was glistening in the thin layer of sweat covering his skin.

A light tinge of red crept up her cheeks as she turned away in embarrassment.

"Damn it." Mo Xuexue cursed under her breath. Her self-disciple was totally on the frits today.

How could she so shamelessly admire this creep who wore pretentious jewelry all over his body like a woman??

He was even mesmerizingly beautiful than any woman ever could be. His eyes... his aura... everything was completely breathtaking ...

Damn it. Her mind was running wild again.

Mo Xuexue settled her thoughts and turned around to observe the fight.

But... all she saw was the elder lying unconscious on the arena just like how she had been a few seconds ago.

The fight was already over...

In that split second, she had turned away, the strange man had already tossed the elder the same way he had tossed her. As if both of them were some sort of random civilians without any knowledge of martial arts. What was going on??

Even though her entire body was still aching from the fight, she rushed towards the stage to retrieve the elder.

Was he okay? Mo Xuexue's heart raced fast as a crippling fear replaced her infatuated eyes.

At this exact moment, the strongest person in the entire stadium was this elder.

Her elder brother and other elders of the family were spread apart in different parts of the world doing different things.

And this man had tossed aside one of the family's main elders like dirt.

Right now, if this man wanted, he could demolish the entire stadium and leave without a single spec of dirt on his shirt.

The fact that she and the elder still continued to breathe was in itself a kindness.

What was such a monster doing out in the open? Why did he come at all to their family's fighting arena? Could he possibly belong to any of the nine gates of hell?

Several questions popped up in her mind.

She turned her head to look at the man's devilishly handsome face and stammered nervously. "What do you want senior?"

"Hrmmm... Nothing much. Tell your Mo family's Mo Ling to stay out of our business."

His magnetic eyes gazed straight into hers and she knew that the man was dead serious.

She was wrong. He didn't come here to prove his strength or rise to fame by demolishing their rankings.

He had come here merely to threaten and warn them.

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