The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Koi Fish Physique (1)

If one ignores his noble temperament and oppressive aura, Ye Peicheng’s impeccably attractive face can cause fangirls to scream.

While Qiao Moyu was feeling perplexed as to why a man like him wasn’t a male protagonist in this world, a commotion outside suddenly caught her attention.

Another van arrived in the area and parked nearby. The assistant came forward and opened the car door for a woman sitting in the backseat. Qiao Moyu spotted a pair of white hands reaching out, followed by a pair of pale white legs wearing nude high heels that stepped out of the van.

At this moment, she could see the newcomer’s appearance clearly. Although the young woman’s face had many similarities with Xing Yichen, she lacked her brother’s aloof and dignified aura. Despite this, she gave off an outgoing and lively glow that was pleasing to the eye; her tall and slender figure already had a unique ambience despite her youth.

The woman went straight ahead and warmly greeted the executive producer. Afterwards, she turned to Ye Peicheng and nodded to him with a smile. Finally, her gaze fell on Qiao Moyu.

The original host was hopelessly infatuated with Xing Yichen, so every time she saw his sister Xing Wanshuang, she would approach her without hesitation. But at this moment, Qiao Moyu simply stared back at her without any kind of reaction.

Xing Wanshuang sneered in her heart. She received the news just yesterday that Qiao Moyu went to her brother’s office and stripped down in front of him. ‘You think you can successfully climb my brother’s bed and fly on his branches?’ This despicable girl was just an adoptive daughter from the Qiao family. How can their Xing family possibly acknowledge her?!

Xing Wanshuang retracted her gaze and ignored Qiao Moyu. Since she had to act with Ye Peicheng this morning, she quickly headed for the dressing room.

There was only one scene to perform. Assistant Xiao Su knew that Xing Yushuang didn’t like having people next to her, so after she helped the actress get changed and finished applying makeup, she left straightaway and attended to Qiao Moyu.

Qiao Moyu played the drama’s female no.3 who was the male lead’s first love and childhood friend. Her father was the male lead’s master as well. When she was a child, she used to study martial arts alongside this boy. However, when she went in search of him during battle, she ended up dying in the war. Burdened with grief due to her death, the male lead later gathered an army and took over the throne.

For her role, Qiao Moyu will act out a scene in the past when the female no.3 used to practice martial arts in the countryside with the male lead, creating a simple and happy memory.

But for now, the crew gathered to do a photoshoot for their historical drama “Sheng Shi” since they needed to publish some photos in advance for their official website.

Although Qiao Moyu had very few scenes, her acting role was the male protagonist’s first love, so she still had the privilege of modeling for the photoshoot.

At this moment, Ye Peicheng had changed to black robes with a luxurious dragon pattern, giving him the imposing loftiness of a ruler that stood above the world.

Xing Wanshuang acted the role of a confidant who stood by the male lead’s side on his way to conquering the kingdom. She falls in love with the man at first sight. But because she knew that his heart longed for his childhood friend, she didn’t pursue him openly and instead, chose to support him silently.

However, after experiencing many trials together in battle, the pair gradually developed feelings for each other. This heroine can be regarded as a loyal companion who stood by the male lead’s side.

Xing Yushuang, who was dressed in red, displayed good swordsmanship. Both the director and the producer were satisfied with her performance.

After their part, several key actors came one by one and modeled for the photoshoot, until finally, only Qiao Moyu was left.

Before the official announcement for the acting roles was posted, the director had already chosen a suitable candidate for the Female no.3; however, the original candidate was pressured out of her role by Qiao Moyu, who abused the affluent Qiao family’s power. That was why the director was deeply displeased with her.

Right now, even though Qiao Moyu wore plain clothing, her beauty was still breathtaking. However the director deliberately embarrassed her with his words: “Moyu, your role is a daughter who was raised by a master, so your martial arts shouldn’t fall behind other women. I hope you can show us real moves for the photoshoot. What can you present to us?”

The director thought that this former spoiled princess would ask to pose with a sword, so he never expected her to answer him directly: “I do know a few moves. Would director Zhang like me to perform them so you can make comparisons and choose which poses you want?”

Feeling a bit surprised, director Zhang nodded: “Alright.”

Everyone’s eyes focused on her figure, including Xing Wanshuang. They were all waiting for her to make a fool of herself.

“Photographer, get ready,” the director ordered. “Moyu, you can begin your performance.”

Seeing the light focused on her, the quiet and plain girl suddenly performed a perfect split. She moved swiftly, without the gentleness of a woman, but rather, with the fortitude and decisiveness of someone who has practiced martial arts incessantly.

The director was even more astonished, but he remained unspeaking. His eyes signaled for Qiao Moyu to continue.

Standing beneath the limelight, the woman observed the distance around her and took two steps back. Then, under the curious and disdainful gazes of the crowd, she performed two consecutive spinning kicks in the air.

Director: “…”

Producer: “…”

Everyone stared in shock at the girl who stood confidently. The photographer blinked in stupor and double-checked the picture he had just taken.

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