The Enchanting Empress Dowager Is Really Poisonous

Chapter 10

Empress Dowager Ch 10

t.i.tle: 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆 ( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous)

Author: 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue)

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After that day, Leng Jiu never entered Lanze’s place again.

Without the sound of Lanze's Guqin, it's suddenly she felt really bored

because of sudden interest, she let people move Qin case, she wants to try it,

But in the end, she breaks a few strings, without talent is indeed so hard to play it!.

Leng Jiu lazily lying in Bai Hua Yuan Garden (Garden of thousand Flowers), sunbathing, stretch out a pair of hands,

Let the palace maid act like paint her with red pallet, Lu Chang (Eunuch Lu) see her bored simply talk to her about the harem thing,

Zhao Yan from time to time come back here to please Leng jiu, the reason is naturally that she already tasted the sweetness (from Leng Jiu advice).

Li Fei is pregnant, because of her weak body,all imperial doctor tell her that she can 'do it' for a while, Fear that the baby position still unstable,

And Long Yi is a Young man with a hot temper, and he is the king of a country. He can’t touch her, and naturally, there are other women.

Men like gentle and weak women, but all women around are gentle and weak,

He will certainly tired by the beautiful face, and then search some unique personalities,

A little hotter woman will turn his attention

And Zhao Yan is the prey that is specially prepared herself for Long Yi!

everyone said that in the past few days, Long Yi called Zhao Yan to sleep, and even two times directly come into her palace.

Zhao yan get favored, naturally get jealousy from the other concubines, she is the most hated among them,

Of course, the ‘gentle and weak’, Li Fei (Imperial concubine) is not happy,

Leng Jiu’s mood is fine, but, as she said she doesn't like to use by other and Doesn't like other speculation about her, she only hopes Li Fei a bit stronger.

Or else she’ll lose her mind before she (Leng Jiu) can do anything about her. That won't be Fun at all!.

Leng jiu has brought lunch to the Bai Hua Yuan Garden (Garden of thousand Flowers). but she not eat too much.

The Empress Dowager’s 12 dishes were reduced to five dishes, it's not for saving money,

just don't have an appet.i.te, and the food here is not what she likes!

“Chendi (Little Brother) respect to The Empress Dowager!”

At this time she just picked up the chopsticks and ready to eat, But after she heard an unpleasant noise,

She doesn't know whether she will eat it or not? Leng Jiu Turn her head and see The Bright smile of Long Yue Li

Her eyes were unclear and fell three inches below her abdomen. she smiled but not smile and asked: “Did Imperial Uncle have good days?”

Long Yue Li was swept away by her gaze, suddenly he felt pain in his heart, only G.o.d knew that ‘Drug’ was too fierce,

He was soaked in a cold water for a whole night, even if he was strong, actually he catches a cold.

This is also the reason why he hasn't hara.s.sed her in these few days;

Look at her gaze full of pride, Long Yue li’s heart was suffering from frustration, Does his charm Not Work? Or is she not a woman at all?

There thousand waves on Long Yu Li heart, but he does not show it on his face

He doesn’t wait Leng Jiu say no, He already walk and sit beside Leng Jiu

“Chendi hasn’t had lunch yet, Chendi hopes the Empress Dowager doesn’t mind eating lunch here”

Leng Jiu will not be fooled by him: ” What if Ai Jia said Mind it?

Leng Jiu tone is obviously not welcome, but someone’s face is really honest to a certain extent,

his skin is so thick, directly took Bowl in front of Leng Jiu, and then turned and scold the palace maid behind him: “Fast, give more Chopstick for Empress Dowager?”

Overwhelming dominating, Shameless, the person is like this, she really not aware it before that he worthy of his Pretty and Flirtatious face!

See Leng jiu has no objection, the maid quickly Prepare a pair of silver chopsticks and a bowl,Her face was blushing, but then she looks away from Long Yue Li, Retreats to the backside and stands down!

Look at the palace maid gaze fall on Long Yue Li, he knows that his charm still worked out.

But looks at Leng Jiu that is not moving, it seems that he has to work harder!

Cut a piece of fresh bamboo shoots, He doesn’t forget wink as ‘hospitality’. “These shoots are so Fresh, The Empress Dowager should taste it!"

“Ai Jia has my own hand! Imperial Uncle no need do it, and if the Imperial uncle's eyes are uncomfortable, Please go to the Imperial doctor for medical treatment as soon as possible. If it is late, it will not be good! "

heard Leng Jiu serious tone, Lu Chang behind her couldn't help but smile!

Long Yue li Face become stiff, this d.a.m.n woman, Is she made of Stone?

Long Yue Li lost his appet.i.te, But he doesn’t go up even if it uncomfortable, anyway He is so Hungry, better fill up his stomach first before argue again!

See he did not flirt again, Leng just lazy to look at him,

Long Yue Li is indeed the most handsome and flirtatious man she has ever seen. It is more than her lover in the past life.

But unfortunately, he is born in such dynasty, and their ident.i.ty has such awkwardness.

It is also destined that she has to build an ice wall directly between the two. Though she regards the man as nothing,

It can be said she is outstanding, she doesn’t only know what man think of the lower body, compared to all woman here, she is more rational!

After eating seven dishes, Leng Jiu put down the chopsticks and prepare to leave, but she heard Long Yue Li casually said :

“I just came over from the Royal Garden and saw my emperor’s nephew with a team of Guards in the direction of the Northbound Temple (Lanze Place). I don’t know what happen?”


Leng jiu Stop after a step, looked at Lu Chang, Lu Chang immediately answered:

“Back to the Empress Dowager! This morning, Rong Guiren suddenly Vomit, The maid immediately called the doctor, and the result is she is pregnant,

but the emperor never once favored this beauty,The child is clearly not the emperor, the emperor was furious,

Rong Guiren almost be beheaded on the spot,Finally, The emperor was listened to advised of Li Wei. The emperor was angry,

immediately command all people under Rong Guiren Palace will be Investigate Strickly* by Zongren official!" (TL: Torture were allowed)

So, Long Yi must look for adulterers, but isn’t North the direction of Lanze Place?

Although she did not believe that Lanze is the culprit, Long Yue Li talk to her in this way

He won’t necessarily talk about a person that she doesn’t care about, that is, the only possibility is it connected with Lanze?

Her eyelids were raise a bit, and smile: “since the occurrence of such things, Ai Jia going to see, do not know If Imperial uncle will be interested to go together or not?”

“The Empress Dowager invited Chendi, Chendi felt honored!"

The calm gesture when getting up is obvious that he will not be indifferent. He Just waits for her to say that! Leng Jiu chuckle, She really hates this Fox! (TL: I hope you do not hate me ^w^)

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