The Enchanting Empress Dowager Is Really Poisonous

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

The courtyard, which has always been deserted, is full of people at this moment, not only the most distinguished emperor, but also the much favored LiWei and HuiFei. The three layers of the Guards' Army are wrapped here, so big, but only for him alone, he really don’t know if he is honored or cursed!

Long Yi stood in the courtyard with a sullen look, and the two gorgeous imperial concubine stood both side. In front of him is a woman with a cloak, because she is afraid of her body shaking like a sieve, so poor!

Long Yi’s gaze, like a sword, falls on Lanze, who is on the ground, and asks the woman on the ground: “Is it this man?”

The woman shook her head and turned to look at Lanze. There was pain, fear and struggle. Lanze didn’t look up, but he could feel the woman’s gaze. Finally, the woman turned to LongYi and a head slammed to the ground: “Back… Back to emperor, it is him!”

Affirmed, Long Yi’s anger can no longer be suppressed, raising his hand and slamming: “Come on! Take him down!”

When the two guards went up, they had to start, but they heard a lazy voice with a smile: “Aijia is late for a while, is there any wonderful show?”

The people in the courtyard were shocked. How did Empress Dowager come? And no one saw the Lanze on the ground, and the slender fingers were clinging to the ground, seemingly suppressing!

Long Yi’s anger is full, and Leng Jiu has no good face when she arrives: “What does Empress Dowager do for this?”

“The emperor seems to have missed a person too!” Long Yue Li stepped with a lazy walk, standing side by side with LengJiu, a narrow fox eyes, like a smile across the yard: “This prince not returning to palace for a long time, but the rules of the palace have changed? One by one, Empress Dowager here but did not do any ceremony, and this filial piety has been put off on display?”

Hearing that Long Yi’s face was stiff, he didn't want give any salute to LengJiu, but others didn’t dare. The Guards lined up in a row: “pay respect to Empress Dowager niangniang!”

Zhao Yan took the lead in a standard court ceremony: “chenqie pay respect to Empress Dowager!”

LiWei pregnancy Two months, the stomach still flat, and had to bend slightly: “chenqie pay respect to Empress Dowager!”

LengJiu was not happy with these unnecessary formalities, so she didn’t care about it, but didn’t expect that the stupid fox with no formal shape picked this up, but it was also considered as her raised some power, and glanced at him from glancing from tip of the eye. Then, a light smile, the arm lifted, the foot of Empress Dowager’s shelf: “Mianli!”

"Thanks Empress Dowager!"

LengJiu took a leisurely step into it, elegant as if the crane was walking, walked to the Imperial throne and stopped, her eyes swept over the yard, and finally fell on the imperial concubine on the ground: “Emperor can tell aijia so many people involved in the end What is it?”

Long Yi was in a bad mood. When she came with Long Yue Li, his look was even colder: “This is awkward, no need for Empress Dowager to ask!”

Leng Jiu looked up at him and smiled. The natural imperial oppression was no worse than Long Yi: “Emperor seems to have forgotten, aijia is the master of this imperial harem, the seal power of the Sixth palace, still in the hands of aijia! Emperor is handle Country work, numerous country affair everyday, this imperial harem thing, don’t worry so much!”

"Empress Dowager!" Long Yi has a dull face and has shouted the word Empress Dowager with a hint of threat.

It is a pity that Leng Jiu is not threatened by him. Her eyes are swept over the eunuch Qu he is the chief eunuch: “How do you explain to Aijia?”

Eunuch Qu’s old face was shocked, forced smiled said: “Empress Dowager is a smashing old slave, but it is a dirty thing that doesn’t fit to see (revealed), so don’t smear the niangniang’s phoenix eyes!”

“If it is not aijia, must know?”

“This…” Eunuch Qu is embarra.s.sed to look at LongYi.

Long Yi knows that Leng Jiu will not stop, wave his hand and motion him to say that eunuch Qu will tell the story, and Len gJiu guesses that it is not far from the ten step, this Rong Guiren identifies Lanze as adulterer and the child is Lanze!

LengJiu smiled and looked at Rong Guiren, who was scared to the ground: “Lanze Prince is Rong Guiren’s lovers Ah. I don’t know if Rong Guiren can tell aijia, when are you acquaintance with each other? Is it Committed love? When is Committed love?”

Rong Guiren shook her body and said intermittently: “Back… Back to Empress Dowager, this maid…this maid and Lan…Lanze Prince acquaintance with each other before March… Lanze Prince presents an orchid in the royal garden… committed love! "

“Tsk Tsk! is clear and logically, it is adulterer adulteress!” Leng Jiu suddenly sighed, and Rong Guiren on the ground shook again, and Lanze’s fingers clenched again.

"Is Empress Dowager finished?" Long Yi's fist squeaked.

Leng Jiu turned her head: “You are an Emperor!” and then not waited for Long Yi to open his mouth and waved: “Come on! Lock this pair of adulterer and adulteress to aijia, wait for aijia to find out everything, then dispose of it!”

This time Eunuch Lu did not stop, immediately let a few eunuchs go up and put the two up, and intent to bring the two people!

"Empress Dowager!" Long Yi stepped forward and looked at Leng Jiu with a condescending look: "You don't need to step in!"

Leng Jiu stir up a bit intent aim the enemy red claw: “Aijia handles the imperial harem, and what about the emperor? And the emperor is so grand rushing to catch people I am afraid that the whole court will know that the emperor has used the green hat. Emperor and aijia are angry, it is better to manage these your concubine first? "

Long Yi also suddenly realized that he was rash, but he was not willing to let them go: “The evidence is conclusive, just chop them off. Why does Empress Dowager need to investigate again?”

“Only by this woman one side explanation, emperor concludes that Lanze Prince is guilty, Emperor does not you feel this unfair, and Lanze is Xue country Prince, can you just casually punish him? Emperor actually lose wise because of a woman, Don’t you care?”

Long Yi was stunned by Leng Jiu, but still dissatisfied: “How can you testify that she is telling lies?”

Leng Jiu has a look, wink with the color of ridicule: “I heard that Imperials Doctor can test the purity boy’s body, emperor may look for two old doctors to check, if Lanze Prince is the pure boy’s body, if pure this matter is frame, only gain criticize, if not, then emperor re-investigate thoroughly is still not too late Ah!”

"pff!" Long Yue Li, who has been watching the movie, couldn't help but smile: "Empress Dowager niangniang is really smart, so you can think of it!"

Leng Jiu gave him a cold eye, but Long Yue Li still smiling!

Long Yi obviously knows that it can be tested, and immediately waved: “inform the Imperials Doctor !”

Not long after the two Old Doctor came, indicating that Lanze has to send back inside the house immediately for examined the purity boy body, after a moment two Imperials Doctor out, at the same time: "Back to the emperor! confirm, there no doubt the boy body is pure!"

Leng Jiu sneered into a dark-eyed Long Yi ear, using only two people can hear the voice: “emperor may wish to go back and interrogate those gongren, with a little trick, maybe you can get some different answers! Aijia today does not deliberately show up under the face of the emperor, just want to let emperor know, big things like this, cannot let anger stunned the senses or will be used by someone interested, emperor wise can be gone!”

After deliberately rubbed Long Yi’s shoulder, meaningful eyes look at LiWei, without any word turned out of the yard, at the end she turns and see a boneless general lean on the wall, it’s Long Yue Li: “isn’t Imperial uncle want ro tell Aijia, what interesting story outside?"

Long Yue Li came over and looked at the crowd and smiled at her: “This prince thought that Empress Dowager had forgotten me!”

The two walked away and left a group of people with different faces! Until they were sure they couldn’t see it, Long Yue Li said: “Empress Dowager is really worthy of Empress Dowager. Solve two or three problems easily, but don’t know if this prince have the problem next time, can Empress Dowager save me?”

The rushing meaning makes Leng Jiu feel funny: “Bad person life for thousand years, rest a.s.sured, even if it is a difficult problem, you won’t die!”

What does she mean by saying that he is a bad person? Long Yue Li did not entangle this, suddenly mysteriously rushed over: “Empress Dowager! Actually, This prince is also have pure boy’s body, Empress Dowager do you interested to test it?”

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