The Enchanting Empress Dowager Is Really Poisonous

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 is killed by you personally

"Clang!" The sound of the cup slammed in the hall, Eunuch Lu looked at Empress Dowager, who was quietly drinking tea and blinked at the light blue figure standing outside the hall for a long time. Finally, he couldn't help but open his mouth and Ask: “Is Empress Dowager summon Lanze Prince? If you don’t call, this old slave will send him away, otherwise a man has been standing at the gate of Empress Dowager place, and the reputation of Empress Dowager will be not good!”

"Clang!" The lid stopped and slipped. After a while, Leng Jiu faintly said: "Inform him come in!"


eunuch Lu waved to the small eunuch to deliver the message, Leng Jiu’s hands kept moving, and made a small noise, but as if there was a feeling of piercing the soul, making people very depressed!

"Lanze pay respect to Empress Dowager!" Lanze looked up at the n.o.ble figure on the couch and finally lowered her head and bowed her hand!

There is no sound on the head, and Lanze dare not look up! And Leng Jiu waited until the tea in the cup was completely empty. After drinking two glup, the teacup was put down: “mianli!”

"Thanks Empress Dowager!"

Leng Jiu looked at Lanze faintly, indifferent and proud, without a familiar look: “What is Lanze Prince coming to?”

Lanze looked at her arrogant become alienate’s expression, and his heart was a bit complicated. At this moment, he no longer had agility and Familiar. She only look like a n.o.ble and glamorous, extraordinary person, that can't be touched and he didn’t expect.

The person who lay on the high wall and listened to him playing Guqin and regarded herself as a close friend was actually Empress Dowager niangniang.

Maybe he should have noticed that when she raised her hand in the room she raised with elegant demendeor. How could it be that an imperial maid had it, and mysterious prince's att.i.tude towards her was obviously treating her as an equivalent person.

He didn’t want to guess, and he refused to guess, but he learned her ident.i.ty in such awkward situation. The shock of that moment could never be described in words!

Once again, “Lanze came to thank Empress Dowager for his help!”

“Aijia not save you, aijia just want find out the truth of the matter!”

“But Empress Dowager saves Lanze from calamity. It’s a grace from Empress Dowager, Lanze will not deny it!”

LengJiu’s support her head, half true- half false’s counter-question: “You a low-ranking hostage prince, can you do anything for me? Maybe you can do something?”

Lanze’s body was shocked for a long time!

For a long time, Leng Jiu got up from the soft couch and walked seven steps. Standing in front of him, gorgeous clothes slid over his feet: “The purple orchid in the garden is blooming, Prince can be interested in enjoying it with aijia?”


Leng Jiu command the followers to retreat, the two people in move one after another towards Baihua garden, in the sea of flowers, Leng Jiu walked into a pavilion, pavilion surrounded by flowers and plants, a purple orchid flower at the moment, open It is splendid, although the empty s.p.a.ce is full of the most beautiful orchid, but the courtyard full with orchid fragrance is not bad, although it is dyed with some delicate air, (for her) is nothing compared to the simple and elegant Lanze with some remote incense!

Looking at Leng Jiu’s back to him, stir up those orchid flowers, and Lanze finally couldn’t help but ask the words: “Can there be an imperial maid called A Jiu in Empress Dowager niangniang palace?”

Leng Jiu red fingers look like aim some enemy and folded an orchid flower: “No, so what?"

Lanze heard that there was some inexplicable bitterness in his heart. If he had never met before, he would not have distracting thoughts. If there was no such today thing, he would never know her ident.i.ty. They would be on same like before. Never acquaintance with each other, if that’s how good it is, unfortunately, the world have his own way, he still knows it, and some thoughts once again, can no longer hold back, but in the end it has become a big thing!

" Empress Dowager please forgive! It's Lanze cross the line!"

Lanze bowed his head, but suddenly smell a scent of a fragrance, only to find an orchid flower in front of him, along with the light red fingers, is the bright face of Leng Jiu, and the clear but confusing eyelids. He is puzzled: “What is it Empress Dowager?”

Leng Jiu looked at the orchid flower in his hand: “In aijia’s opinion, you are an orchid flower, your breath is simple and elegant, it seems like empty valley remote blue sky, but unfortunately, you end up with the worldly gorgeous, and my favorite It's the simple and elegant that went out of the world but was turbid with red dust. However, although the orchid flower is beautiful, it is too fragile, so the second flower will never be my favorite!"

Lanze looked at her without hesitation, saying: “Empress Dowager knows that orchid flower also has the pain of orchid flower, and many things are not what they want!”

“Are you blaming fate? Or are you willing to be controlled for a lifetime? Then you are too disappointing!”

LengJiu put the orchid flower in his hand and turned away: “If you want to see A Jiu, you will become a person who can control your own destiny. Otherwise, A Jiu will die forever and be killed by you!”

Lanze took the orchid flower in her hand and looked at the hanfu that disappeared into the flowers. The heart was a faint tingling, silently clenched. It seemed to be making a tough decision. Finally he left in the other direction. When he left, he The back is quite straight!

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