The Enchanting Empress Dowager Is Really Poisonous

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 (UNEDITED)

After Lanze left, Leng Jiu was a little surprised by the sudden news. Xue country sent an urgent letter, Xue country Emperor collapse because of serious illness, even thousand medicine was not working, and inform Lanze immediately returned to the country to see for the last time,

The man died bigger than the day (very big mater) after all the other party was still an Emperor. LongYi had to sent Lanze back. Otherwise he won’t be able to say anything about filial piety. And so Lanze got LongYi permission to leave, and Leng Jiu only knew it in the next day!

However, she feels that this is an opportunity. Although this opportunity is devastating, it may not be returned, but this is the only Lanze that has returned to its own country.

Take the chance to take everything that belongs to him! She can see his forbearance and see his reluctance, so now she will let him fight again and again in his country. She is not happy, how can A person can’t even grasp her own destiny. She hopes he won't let her down!

“It seems that Empress Dowager really took him in the heart. It’s been a long time since I heard from him!” Long Yue Li means that if it is unknown, it will still ring in her ear,

Leng Jiu replied with a smile: “What is the heart? Just a rare one. The Guqin sound can be heard in the ear, but now it is gone, fell some lost, so it is counted?”

Long Yue Li didn’t miss her expression at all, but he didn’t see anything wrong, or there wasn’t any expression of a woman who left by her lovers. He didn’t know that she should be heartless, or concealed too well!

The eyes fell on the leaves behind her, and the eyes turned: “This prince can play a little musical instrument. Is it better to play a song for Empress Dowager it will solve the problem, right?”

When the words fell and waved, a leaf fell between his lips. He blow the leaves in the thin red lips, and then some sweet melody but unknown songs floated out, and the melodious movement did not lose the spirit.

Leng Jiu quietly watched him play, but her eyes a bit confusing. At that moment, she seemed to see an unusually serious and focused in his eyes, and some kind unstoppable jump raised in her heart, and then confused the mood!

Concealing the eyes, no longer have a confusing face, she only listening to the music he played, and finally slowly smiled: “Your highness blows so well, if it is heard by the woman outside, do not know how many Heart of the womans is going to be left!”

Long Yue Li put down the leaves in his hand and turned the leaves to red figure with a little force, floating in the wind: “This prince This song is only for Empress Dowager!”

Leng Jiu raised her eyes, slightly to the side, they sat very close, now he bent over, she could feel his breath in her nose, Leng Jiu lifted her wrist, her fingers taped his beautiful chin, she played it gently rubbing, eyes slightly narrowed, ten finger touched his lips, an ambiguous sight, their power come together.

Leng Jiu is sideways to his ear. There is only one piece of paper distant between the two, which can clearly feel the temperature of the other person’s skin. In the eyes of others, the two are like ear squeaking, but the two of them are very clear, what? nothing!

Leng Jiu’s lips came to his ear, a slight hook, but the voice was a little cold: “If you are facing the former Leng Jinghua, maybe you will be effective, but I am not, I have told you long ago. Don’t play with me, I don’t care if you are close to me, advise you to stop, or don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Long Yue Li hooked up the jade on her waist and played: "what if this prince is just for you?”

“Do you think I will believe it?” Leng Jiu pushed him away and immediately pulled back the jade on her waist. She was confident in her beauty, but she would not be blindly arrogant. What kind of man can’t provoke, she still Very clear!

"This prince is so untrustworthy?"

“What do you think?” Leng Jiu arrogantly glanced at him and got up and walked away!

Long Yue Li looked at her back, the fascination of thin lips, the rare cues in the eyes of the beautiful fox: “This prince seriously like a woman, but the result is so ruthlessly rejected, it is sad!”

Long Yue Li didn’t go out from the main hall, but Leng Jiu knew that he had already left. Leng Jiu expects him to know what kind of courtesy one day for a rude person who only come her garden as he like.

Unexpectedly Leng Jiu just returned to the palace hall. When she was thinking about finding something to pa.s.s the time, she heard imperial eunuch shout loudly, ” EMPEROR ARRIVE!”

Leng Jiu was too lazy to get up, still lazily leaning on the pillow, but sneer in her heart. When was this Weiyang Palace so popular?

“Pay respect to Emperor!”


Long Yi raised his hand to avoid the ceremony of everyone, and then waved all the people to leave. When the door was slowly closed, he moved toward the soft couch and stood in front of Leng Jiu in two steps. His eyes fell on her, and then It has become deep: “Empress Dowager seems to have a good relationship with mysterious prince?”

"How can you say that?"

“Mysterious prince frequently enters and leaves the palace these days, and has come to Weiyang Palace many times. Does Empress Dowager need to explain?” Long Yi looked at Leng Jiu with a sigh of relief and a repressed anger.

Leng Jiu laughed inside her heart, she really don’t know what he is angry about! “What does emperor think of aijia?”

Long Yi fist: “Empress Dowager! He is imperial uncle, a man, a foreign minister, should Empress Dowager pay attention to the royal face?”

Leng Jiu smiled and smiled very brightly: “Emperor thought that I had no place with him, and where did I lose the royal face?”

” If you do something bad, people will inevitably hear about it, have some Empress Dowager is self-respecting!”

Leng Jiu raised his eyebrows and flashed coldly: “So, in the aijia palace, emperor has also inserted a lot of people!”

Long Yi came across the eyes: “How I know it you no need to know, you only warn you once, Long Yue Li is not someone you can provoke!”

Leng Jiu got up and walked into LongYi in two steps. Raise her hand grab his collar and say the word in her mind near his neck. Breathing like orchids: “The emperor told me, what kind of man is aijia can provoke?”

Long Yi looked down at the close of the face, The strangeness that has been suppressed in the bottom of his heart suddenly rushed out, curious coincidence reached out and held Leng Jiu's hand.

However, before he can open his mouth Leng Jiu body retreated, and Leng Jiu had already stood three steps away, her expression was indifferent. There is just the charm of it!

“The emperor has to pay attention, aijia is Empress Dowager, don’t make things that damage the royal face!”

Her words are extremely ridiculous, Long Yi clenches his fists, his head fell like want to explode, andthere's unstoplable anger towar Leng Jiu. In the end, He only leave with very angry. He can’t guarantee that he will do anything if he stays there again!

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