The Enchanting Empress Dowager Is Really Poisonous

Chapter 4 Part2

Chapter 4 Part 2

t.i.tle : 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆 ( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous)

Author : 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue)

Translator : Cubbyfox

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Lu Chang (Eunuch Lu) has not had time to answer, Long Yi (Emperor) already come in, and as always, His eyes filled with hatred. Leng Jiu a bit surprised, But Think about it, it’s not surprising at all.

Leng Jiu not speak, Long Yi not speak to her. Just sit a side and Shouting: “Bring in!”

A sound of footsteps at the door, and then two armored guards bring in A maid in a green clothes.

Leng Jiu eyes stunned, although she still does not know what happened, but she know for sure this maid nothing to do with her!

Yet, the Maid looked at her with with afraid and panic expressions: “Empress Dowager! Save this slaves! This slaves don’t want to die!”

long Yi’s breath getting colder, Stare at Leng Jiu with hatred and Angrily: “What else do you have to say?"

Leng Jiu smiling, Look at the maid, seems to be not in a hurry: “The emperor seems to be asking for A Crime! But before giving the punishment, Emperor must tell Aijia, Is Emperor drunk?”

“Pa!” one palm of Long Yi shot on the table. There’s fire in his eyes ” you are knowing that Li Fei got pregnant, But sent a sachet with musk, If it is not Doctors caution. I am afraid that my child will be buried in your hands. This Maid already Confess. Do you still have words to say? "

Leng Jiu take a cup of flower tea, took a sip, and chuckled: “If I said no, the emperor will believes?”

“Do you think you will believe in you?”

“that mean is already finish, right?” Leng Jiu put down the cup, smiled and looked at the eyes of the maid with obvious guilty eyes. “Since the emperor thinks that Aijia did it, it is what Aijia did, and Aijia admit it!”

“Leng Jinghua! You are so poisonous!”

Leng Jiu was still calm, the smile on her face grew deeper, more captivating: “I am indeed dangerous, but if I want to kill someone, I never use such a dirty method!”

Suddenly, Leng Jiu head look at the other side, Her beautiful sleeves raised in the air very graceful and like a sharp bow she throw something, no one saw how she shot it, when the crowd reacted, the golden hairpin already entered between the Maid’s eyebrows, her steps were shaken and swung, the Maid’s eyes widened, but she already breathless!


“Leng Jingshua! Do you dare to kill someone in front of me?” Long Yi thought beforehand, his back felt cold (Gooseb.u.mps), he didn’t see how she shot it.

Leng jiu Clap clap her hand. The darts are her best, But Now she using others people body. She still unfamiliar with it: “Fraud to the emperor, isn’t she A criminal? Aijia only clean up her for the emperor, is there a problem? "

“You, you…” Long Yi, you didn’t say a word for a long time, and finally got angry and went away, but give ordered to the Weiyang Palace guards, and she is not allowed to go out, she is grounded!

Leng Jiu shook her head, he only has such ability!

The body was taken away by the guards, and Lu Chang (Eunuch Lu) returned to her side, but his hand could not help but tremble: “Empress Dowager…You Just….”

Leng Jiu saw his pale face, then looked across the line up of eunuchs and maids, everyone were frightened, they immediately knelt, Leng jiu grinned, cold tone: “I did not kill, did not mean that I could not kill, but its only because no one pa.s.sed my boundaries! You are people from my palace, I am not restricted your move, that does not mean that you can do anything, if there something like today happened in the future, I am afraid there will be nothing like today, an Easy death. Instead I’ll make your life is worse than death! If you want to try, just try it”.

“This slaves not dare!"

Leng Jiu regained her eyes and picked up the flower tea : “Lu Chang, In this Palace beside Li Fei, Who else Emperors Woman in here?”

Lu Chang back to reality. “Answering Empress Dowager. Shu Fei, Hui Fei, Two Concubines, and Three n.o.ble”

“So Little?”

“The emperor has been in the throne for less than three years. These are the candidates for the throne ceremony. Now three years almost coming, so It almost time to select the Empress, and the harem will increase at that time!”

“Oh that’s it! Tell me about Shu Fei and Hui Fei!”

“Shu Fei is the daughter of the imperial teacher, gentle and full of enthusiasm. But she was afraid of everything (Timid), already entered the palace for so long, but she only hide and, rarely came out!”

“Hui Fei was the daughter of Zhao’s military department, she not patient, and her character was too temperament, not knowing how many times she provoke the emperor. She has been sentenced to three months grounded, she still hasn’t come out! ”

Leng jiu’s eyes looked happy, as if she could have fun with Li Fei.

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I make some change with concubine t.i.tles.

Because it’s so long while i just typing in phone.

Wei = Concubine

Fei = Imperial Concubine

So Imperial concubine Li will become Li Fei,

And Two other Already using Fei in their last name. (^ω^)


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