The Enchanting Empress Dowager Is Really Poisonous

Chapter 8 Part1

Empress Dowager Ch 8 Part 1

t.i.tle : 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆 ( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous)

Author : 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue)

Translator : Cubbyfox

Editor : Etereal

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The brothel madam at the door saw that Long Yue had arrived. Her old face immediately smiled like a blooming flower. Her thick make up shook.

“w.a.n.g Ye! You are finally here. Our peony girl has missed you so much that she almost became lovesick!”

Long Yueli waved his wide sleeves. The old brothel madam immediately stood at her original position, and did not dare to go forward. Long Yueli said: “Tell her to come here!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! This old lady will go now!” The brothel madam nodded her head quickly like pounding garlic and quickly went to call the girl.

Long Yueli sent away the other young ladies that wanted to attract him, and brought the two people confidently to the private room that he often used.

Leng Jiu was not surprised at all that Long Yueli was so familiar with this place. Leng Jiu sized up the place as she walked. Truthfully, it can’t even be compared to modern nightclubs with a few stars.

However, it had a different charm. Pure, plain ancient architecture and beautifully carved buildings. In order to create ambience, they deliberately lit red or pink lanterns and there was also muslins dancing in the air.

Compared to the noisy and vulgar front, this place seemed a lot quieter. It is a brothel, but it seemed more like a place with a little appeal.

Pushing open a door, a 100m2 elegant room was inside. Table, chairs and tea sets were all there, and the decor was exquisite. It was indeed much better than the outside!

The three people walked in, and Long Yueli paid attention to Leng Jiu's facial expression. Leng Jiu sized up the surrounding. Finally, her gaze fell on the extremely prudish Lanze. She helplessly reached out and pulled him over. She found a seat and sat down.

“Just treat it as you are out for a drink. Why must you be so nervous?”

Lanze's hand was held by Leng Jiu, and he somewhat uncomfortably took back his hand: “I have never been to such a place before. I feel a bit awkward. I have become a laughingstock for you, Ah Jiu!"

When he said this, Leng Jiu really laughed. She turned her eyes and leaned over. She teased in a very soft voice, “Why don’t we find a girl for you to taste?"

The frail Lanze almost jumped because of that sentence. Although at the end, he managed to sit down properly, but his face to the tip of his ears was red.

He kept his mouth shut, and did not dare to answer. However, Leng Jiu gradually became lost in thought as she stared at him. His fair and white skin was like a flower petal. At this moment, because of embarra.s.sment, it was dyed a tempting pink colour.

l.u.s.t that she has never felt for a long time attacked her heart. She unexpectedly had an impulse to kiss him.

“Jiu er seem to like him very much. Perhaps, you fancy him?”

Long Yueli's voice with an unclear motive pulled Leng Jiu back to her senses. She turned around and looked at Long Yueli's eyes that held a deep meaning.

Lanze did not know the deep meaning of this conversation, but she knew it. Her ident.i.ty as the Empress dowager, was a sensitive ident.i.ty in the first place.

Based on common sense, she was not allowed to be entangled with man, as it will make the country lose its prestige. At this moment, although she and Lanze did not have such a relationship, but they obviously crossed the line. Long Yueli's words could be considered as a warning!

However, she is Leng Jiu. Why would she care about these things? Her eyes wandered showing her lazy and arbitrary nature: “If I can’t fancy him, it can't be that I can fancy w.a.n.g ye?”

Long Yueli blinked his foxy eyes and revealed his frivolous nature. His blushing red lips pouted and he pretended to be wronged: “This King's entire heart is full of Jiu er, but Jiu er treats it as nothing. You are so cruel!"

Leng Jiu's eyelids twitched, and ignored him! Lanze noticed their ambiguous actions and hidden exchanges, but he lowered his gaze and said nothing!

"Peony pays respect to w.a.n.g Ye!"

A reddish coloured, sweet and graceful figure walked in and kneeled to pay respects. Her appearance was pretty like a hibiscus in bloom. Her smile had the charm unique to a prost.i.tute.

The most dazzling part was not her appearance, but the two white melons on her chest that seemed ready to come out, making people marvel at them!

Lanze's emotions that finally calmed down became awkward again. His eyes wandered around, but he just did not dare to look at her!

“Come here!” Long Yueli pointed to the seat next to him.

The peony got up and walked over. When she saw Leng Jiu, she was a little surprised. However, it is only a moment. She continued to walk forward and sat next to Long Yueli. She clapped her hands and summon a servant to serve Long Yueli's favourite wine. She personally helped to fill his cup: “w.a.n.g Ye!”

Long Yueli swept his eyes across her chest and finally rested his gaze on Leng Jiu's body. He gaze slowly dropped from her face to her chest. On that day that she was bathing, he saw everything clearly. It did not necessarily lose to this peony. When he recall that wonderful and seductive body, he actually had a patched feeling in his mouth!

How could Leng Jiu not know of Long Yueli's gaze? When his gaze fell on her face, she endured it. However, when he stared at her chest, she finally flamed up.

She rudely glared back at him: “w.a.n.g Ye already has a beauty in your arms, so why stare at me?”

Long Yueli saw her anger, but he became more delighted. The corner of his lips hooked into a smile: “The peony is beautiful, but she can't measure up to thirty percent of Jiu er. I’ve seen Jiu er's beauty, so how could I still fancy others? "

Leng Jiu heard that and shivered. However, the Peony's gaze towards Leng Jiu changed significantly!

The Peony smiled and offered, “w.a.n.g Ye, how about Peony play the Guqin to liven up the mood?”

Long Yueli looked at Lanze: “Although the Peony's skill with the Guqin is not bad, but there is a master here. I don’t know if Prince Lang will be willing to play a song for us?”

Although it was a request, but it felt that he was looking down on Lanze. However, Lanze was already used to it, so he steeled himself and was to get up. However, he was suddenly pulled back to his position by someone.

He looked over in surprise, but he heard Leng Jiu's cold and strong tone: “He is a hostage prince, not a prost.i.tute! In addition, today he is here as my friend. He is not someone that w.a.n.g Ye can easily order around at will!” (TL: Zhi zi means hostage prince from another country)

Lanze heard it and his heart warmed. His heart that was not moved for a long time, actually had a slight fluttering because of her. Just because of she protected him once!

However, Long Yueli's mood was not that happy. He did not know why Leng Jiu looked at a hostage prince differently and even concealed her ident.i.ty.

Yet, when he saw that Leng Jiu protected him like this, his heart evoked unexplained anger. He was extremely unhappy; He still had a seductive smile as usual, but it had an additional trace of coldness: “You protect his face today, but can you still protect him forever?”

“What does it have to do with you?"

“Good! Very good!” At this, Long Yueli was really angered. It’s been a long time. It's really been a long time since he felt so angry!

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