The Great Ruler

Chapter 1 Northern Spiritual Academy


Chapter 1 – Northern Spiritual Academy

The scorching sun was like a flame. The burning sunlight poured down from the sky, causing the entire land to be in transpiration. The slightly drooped willows and the disappearing leaves made it seem like it was sickly in appearance.

Within the clearing where the sunlight projected through the branches and leaves, several hundred figures were quietly sitting cross-legged. It was a group of young men and women. At that time, all of them have a serious expression while they closed their eyes. They would let out their breaths periodically, showing a rhythmic beat. As they breathe in and out, subtle lights which are difficult to be seen with the naked eye would appear in their surroundings.

The gentle breeze blew quietly and caused their clothes to flutter. It was quite a spectacular sight.

In front of the hundreds of shadows, there is a stone platform. On top of the stone platform, there, too, was a figure quietly sitting cross-legged. His hands were attuned to each other; his fingers were overlapping as he closed his eyes. It was as if he had entered a certain state of cultivation.

The figure also had a youthful appearance. He had a soft and slightly disheveled black hair, yet his seemingly innocent face was a little thin. It gave off a very comfortable feeling when others looked at him.

At this moment, many lights that could be seen with the naked eye were surrounding the boy. And from those lights, a mysterious energy seemed to be rushing into his body.

Below the stone, many youths suddenly opened their eyes. They looked at the lights surrounding the boy on the stone platform and could not resist licking their lips. An envious expression appeared on their faces and whispers began to destroy the earlier silence.

“Brother Mu really is amazing. All of us are still sensing the Spiritual Aura within the world, but he has already successfully entered the Spiritual Movement Stage. As expected from the number one person in our East Branch Earth Class.”

“Heh, that’s of course. Don’t just mention the East Branch, I think that there aren’t many people of the same age who can compare with Brother Mu in the entire Northern Spiritual Academy.”

A boy in grey clothes that was close to the front seemed to be quite familiar with the boy on the stone platform. He could hear everybody’s whispers and could not help but smile. He lowered his voice and said “Brother Mu is a person who was selected and participated in the “Spiritual Road”. Within the entire Northern Spiritual Realm, only Brother Mu obtained the right to participate in it. You should know that the ones who participate in the “Spiritual Road” are all monsters, right? Back then, the entire Northern Spiritual Realm was bustling because of that matter. The people that came out from there will basically be accepted by the “Five Great Academies.”

“Five Great Academies?” Many youths heard the words which were extremely dazzling to them and could not help but swallow. A boiling desire filled their eyes. That place could be regarded as the ultimate dream for all the youths. Not only was the selection for the “Five Great Academies” harsh, the ones that could enter them were all geniuses. No matter who enters it, they would have a promising future.

“Brother Mu really is amazing…B…But Brother Mu only seemed to have participated in it for a year…I heard others say that Brother Mu is the first person to be kicked out of the “Spiritual Road” before the time was over…”

A boy hesitated and quietly said that. However, he soon added: “All of us know Brother Mu’s abilities, even those geniuses that came from all over the world and are inside the “Spiritual Road”, Brother Mu will not be inferior to them. He must have been kicked out because he received an unfair treatment!”

Many boys and girls looked at each other. This matter was not something secret within the Northern Spiritual Academy and even within the entire Northern Spiritual Realm. While they felt regret from it, they were also quite curious. They wanted to know the reason why the brilliant and slightly arrogant Brother Mu that they believed in would be kicked out of the “Spiritual Road”.

The boy in grey clothes pouted his lips and said in disapproval: “Hmph, it must be that the people in the “Spiritual Road” were jealous of Brother Mu and they used various means to force him out. But’s that’s fine, with Brother Mu’s abilities, he will be able to enter the “Five Great Academies” eventually. At that time, people will naturally understand.”

The youths all understood the message. Although they knew that the Brother Mu that they were talking about was extremely talented, but the Five Great Academies wasn’t that easy to enter. After all, he had only trained in the “Spiritual Road” for one year. It cannot be mentioned as a successful training. Compared to the geniuses that truly came out of the “Spiritual Road”, there should be quite a bit of a difference.


However, just when they were discussing about this, a piece of shattered wood suddenly flew down from the stone platform and hit the forehead of the boy in grey clothes. A scolding voice soon followed: “Su Ling, did you really just treat me as a decoration? You don’t think I will inform Teacher Mo and make all of you stay in the East Branch for Tutorial Training during the next vacation?”

Many boys and girls hurriedly looked up. They could see that the boy, who was training on top of the Stone Platform, had opened up his eyes. The pair of pitch-black eyes were like the night sky. The place where the Spiritual Aura was at the fullest was at the mouth. It was showing a slight smile. The smile was warm and bright and like a finishing touch, it made the boy’s face appear to be more handsome.

They must admit that the boy had quite the taste.

“Hehe, Brother Mu, don’t. We finally have a break, I still want to head back for some fun. If my father knew that I did something this disgraceful, he would definitely beat me to death.” The boy in grey clothes clutched his forehead and let out a smile.

The boys and girls in the surrounding all let out sounds of laughter, causing the atmosphere to become quite lively.

“You also know that your father is quite vicious. If you are not able to advance into the Spiritual Movement Stage in 3 months, you’re just waiting to be hit.” The boy called Mu Chen shook his head and said with a sigh.

“How is it that easy to advance into the Spiritual Movement Stage. I am not a monster like you, Brother Mu, who could casually participate in the “Spiritual Road”.” Su Ling pouted his mouth and immediately blocked his mouth. Although this matter was not a secret within the entire Northern Spiritual Realm and Mu Chen did not forbid it, the matter of being kicked out was not a glorious act.

The boy called Mu Chen let out a smile. His expression did not change much and he raised his head slightly. He stared at the branches that were mangled with light spots and his eyes clearly showed a complex and nostalgic appearance.

The Spiritual Road, huh…

I wonder how those people are doing, they should have finished their training already. If that’s the case, they will soon be able to enter the “Five Great Academies”.

She, too…

Mu Chen bit his lips. A girl in black dress with a cold and pretty face as well as a slim figure; who would carry a dark black long sword on her back at any time, flashed through his mind.

As the image of the beautiful girl moved, her bright silver hair that shone like the milky way danced along with the wind.

It was this mysterious and cold girl, who would make others feel like she was insane once she started training, who chased him for over half a year in the Spiritual Road in order to kill him. The reason behind it was that he saved her once. This was also the reason why Mu Chen bit his lips.

However, when he was finally forced to leave, she was the first one to wield her sword and block the person in front of him without any hesitation.

Thinking about the face, which never held a hint of expression and had the potential to cause a disaster, display a slight, cold killing intent, Mu Chen could not resist and fell into a trance.

How nostalgic.

“Ohhh, isn’t it little Brother Mu, who was the only one in the Northern Spiritual Realm to participate in the “Spiritual Road”? You were bringing others to train again? No wonder Teacher Mo would think highly of you.”

Just when Mu Chen was immersed in these complex feelings, a slightly stingy voice rang out. His calm face looked up and he could see a dozen figures walking over slowly. The leader was a boy with an arrogant face. At this moment, he was chewing on some grass and smiled as he looked at Mu Chen.

“Liu Che, what are the West Branch people planning to do over here at the East Branch? Are you looking for a beating?!” The boy, who Mu Chen referred to as Su Ling, stood up and sneered when he saw the group of people.

The hundreds of East Branch students in the open space also stood up. They showed an unwelcoming gaze towards the people that are approaching. With numbers, they had quite the momentum.

Within this Northern Spiritual Academy, it is divided into East Branch and West Branch. The two Branches would often have many competitions. But overall, the West Branch has always been stronger than the East Branch in the past. In front of the West Branch, many East Branch Students would avoid them. However, during this one year, the situation changed a lot. The reason behind this change was because of the presence of Mu Chen.

Three months ago, in a competition between the two Earth Class Students of the Two Branches, the number 3 of the West Branch, Xue Dong, had lost to Mu Chen. This allowed many East Branch students to finally vent out their feelings and also caused the West Branch to become less arrogant.

And now, the people from the West Branch actually ran over to provoke Mu Chen. Su Ling and the others could not endure this.

“Oh, so the East Branch is actually becoming more and more cocky. Did you think that with just Mu Chen, you can challenge the West Branch?”

Liu Chen saw the group of people from the East Branch, yet he did not show any fear. Instead, he lifted up the corner of his mouth and pointed at a high platform nearby and said as he grinned: “Do you dare to test it out with a fight?”

Su Ling and the others looked over. They could see many figures standing at the high platform. These figures were all looking over towards this side and after seeing the familiar faces, the expression of Su Ling and the others changed.

“It’s the West Branch’s Heaven Class seniors…”

Within the Northern Spiritual Academy, it is not only split into East and West Branch. It is also divided into Earth and Heaven Class and Mu Chen and them were only in the Earth Class. The people standing on the high platform were all seniors of the West Branch Heaven Class. Their strength is naturally much more powerful than them.

The moment the expression of Su Ling and the others changed, the Heaven Class seniors all laughed at them from above and began to talk with each other.

“So that is the East Branch’s Mu Chen? He is currently someone famous within the Northern Spiritual Academy and even within the Northern Spiritual Realm. I can’t believe he advanced to the Spiritual Movement Stage at such an age. Although it is only the Initial Phase of the Spiritual Movement Stage, but he has the qualifications to ascend to Heaven Class. That’s quite amazing.”

“That’s pretty good. So a talent finally appears out of the East Branch. When he ascends to the Heaven Class, there will probably be a bit of pressure for us, West Branch Heaven Class.”

“It was said that this boy was selected to participate in the “Spiritual Road”. However, he was kicked out for an unknown reason. It’s quite funny, it’s the first time I’ve heard of such a thing.”

“Could it be that it selected the wrong person, so it threw him out?”


Among the group, there was a girl in red clothes. She had a slender figure and skin that was just like snow. Her beautiful oval shape face was somewhat charming. She leaned against the railing and looked at the open space with her beautiful eyes. Then, her gaze stopped at the boy called Mu Chen as if she had great interest in him.

“Ah, Hong Ling, you seem to know Mu Chen right?” A senior from the Heaven Class smiled as he asked. From everyone’s position, it is evident that she was the central figure of this small group.

“Yes, his father is one of the Territory Lords within the Northern Spiritual Realm. It can be considered that we have some relationship with each other. We played together when we were young.” The girl called Hong Ling said casually.

“It was said that he seemed to like you at first?”

Hong Ling blinked. She looked at the boy that was sitting straight-legged nearby. At this moment, a beam of sunlight pierced through the branches and leaves and landed directly on the boy’s face. It formed a faint light arc and it was extremely pleasing to the eyes. This caused the girl to stare blankly for a bit. She seemed to vaguely recall the boy that chased after her butt when she was little. Only back then, he did not have any compelling features. She, too, did not pay much attention to him. However, who would have imagined that this boy, who had grown apart from her, would actually become the only one to receive the qualifications to participate in the “Spiritual Road” in the Northern Spiritual Realm. Back then, Mu Chen was quite the celebrity, but that too, began to fade when he was suddenly kicked out of the “Spiritual Road”.

“That was when we were young, how could that be considered as liking me?” Hong Ling let out a smile as if she did not care, but her eyes stared at Mu Chen once more. Right now, the latter had followed her and entered the Northern Spiritual Academy. He then began to reveal his outstanding talents. Although he has not become the number one in the Northern Spiritual Academy, the fact that this excellent person liked her gave her some face. Even if she knew that deep inside, this matter was more like a rumor, but a girl would still feel some pride in it at this age.

“Haha, Hong Ling’s taste isn’t that normal. Although this Mu Chen is quite good, but he still hasn’t made Hong Ling fall for him. Could it be that you didn’t see that even Lin Xiu failed? That is a superb individual who is ranked seventh in the Northern Spiritual Academy. He has already advanced to the Spiritual Movement Middle Phase. There is quite a gap between him and Mu Chen.”

“It seems that the only one within the Northern Spiritual Academy, who could make Hong Ling take a second look, is Big Brother Liu Mubai.”

The moment the name Liu Mubai was mentioned, even the expressions of the Heaven Class seniors paused for a bit as if they felt a little pressure.

Ranked first in the Northern Spiritual Academy, Liu Mubai, his father is also the largest Territory Lord in the Northern Spiritual Realm and he was famed for his great strength.

Whether it was appearance or strength or even his background, it is a name that would easily attract a number of infatuated girls within the Northern Spiritual Academy.

In the eyes of the West Branch students, everybody knew that Liu Mubai and Hong Ling were quite close. Although he has not yet plucked the prideful flower of the West Branch, but it should just be a matter of time before that happens.

If Mu Chen were to successfully pass through the trial of the “Spiritual Road” and obtain the qualifications to enter the “Five Great Academies”, that fame would naturally surpass Liu Mubai. Unfortunately, he was somehow kicked out of there.

As a result, no matter who, when they compared the two of them, they would only laugh at Mu Chen.


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