The Great Ruler

Chapter 1113 - Golden Jiao-Dragon Disciple

Chapter 1113 - Golden Jiao-Dragon Disciple

The ancient stone gate that had existed here since ancient times quietly stood with the elites from various parts of the Greatlaw Continent looking at it with blazing eyes, filled with excitement.

This gate before them was the threshold of the Ancient Haven Palace and they would be qualified to enter the Ancient haven Palace if they passed through it successfully.

Under all the gazes, time gradually passed and quickly, someone broke the silence by standing up first.

“Haha, since everyone is so cautious, then let my Mountshift Sect take the first lead!” A burst of laughter resounded and several streaks of light soared into the sky then stopped before the Dragon Ascension Gate, becoming the focus of everyone’s attention.

Mu Chen had also look in that direction and saw several grey-robed silhouettes with a person standing before them. He had a robust build with grey runes on his body, which gave him an air of density, as if he wasn’t a person but a mountain.

When Mu Chen saw that person, a piece of information flashed in his mind. “Lin Jie of the Mountshift Sect, a Ninth Grade Sovereign ranked 28th.”

Lin Jie was evidently not someone without fame. His ranking alone was sufficient to prove his fame in the Greatlaw Continent.

In usual times, Lin Jie would definitely be the focal point if he appeared, but there were too many elites gathered here, with even Su Qingyin present. Thus, Lin Jie appeared dull but his strength was unquestionable.

When Lin Jie appeared, he looked at the ancient stone gate with a blazing gaze. Then he took a deep breath and made his move without any hesitation, turning into a streak of light and shot towards the stone gate.

Everyone had their eyes fixed on him.


A few breaths later, Lin Jie’s silhouette had appeared before the Dragon Ascension Gate and a light swept out from the top of the gate, taking Lin Jie and he disappeared into the gate.

Everyone looked at his disappearance with impatience. The entire region was in silent with everyone’s attention directed at the Dragon Ascension Gate. After Lin Jie was sucked in, the gate had become quiet…

Fortunately, the silence did not last for long. A buzzing noise started to sound out.

The gate finely trembled and a light circulated on the gate with mysterious runes rolling about.


The tightly shut gate slightly opened up and a lustre poured out, revealing a silhouette that looked to be in a pathetic state. It was naturally Lin Jie, who had previously stood forth.

When Lin Jie appeared, a lustre started to condense before him and formed into an ancient plaque.


Countless gazes were directed towards the plaque.

Mu Chen had also focused his attention over and saw a soaring azure eagle on the plaque.

“The Azure Eagle Plaque!” Everyone also had sharp eyes and an uproar broke out with many people startled. They weren’t shocked by Lin Jie’s result, they were shocked that Lin Jie could only be considered an Azure Eagle Plaque Disciple despite his strength.

According to this ranking, the Azure Eagle Plaque can only be considered mid-tier.

Lin Jie was an expert ranked in the Top 30 and could be considered a core figure, no matter which force he went to in the Greatlaw Continent and be greatly nurtured.

“The requirements of this Ancient Haven Palace is too harsh.” Someone said with a pale expression. Their strength was inferior to Lin Jie’s and if they stood forth, wouldn’t they be Wolf Plaque Disciples, which was at the bottom of the food chain in the Ancient Haven Palace?

“Looks like a Dragon Plaque Disciple is not easy.” Mu Chen’s face turned grave as he exchanged a gaze with Nine Nether.

“Not to mention a Dragon Plaque Disciple, even a Jiao-Dragon Plaque is not easy. After all, this Ancient Haven Palace was once the ruler of the Greatlaw Continent…” Nine Nether helplessly smiled.

Mu Chen nodded his head but he did not feel that it was too hard to believe. With the foundation of the Ancient Haven Palace, ordinary elites could only be considered common. Only those truly top-tiered characters could stand out.

Facing all the regretful gazes, Lin Jie looked at the Azure Eagle Plaque and bitterly smiled. He naturally felt somewhat unsatisfied with this result, but he could only sigh at the difficulty of the Dragon Ascension Gate.

Lin Jie stretched his hand out and grabbed onto the plaque and an azure lustre blossomed from the plaque, enveloping him and turned him into an azure streak of light.

When the spiritual lines in the Spiritual Array touched the azure lustre, the array opened up a way and Lin Jie disappeared into the Spiritual Array.

“He entered?” Everyone widened their eyes at this scene with joy on their faces. It looked like they had guessed correctly. They could only enter the Spiritual Array upon obtaining the identity plaques.

Judging from Lin Jie’s disappearance, what they saw before them might be an illusion and only by passing through the Spiritual Array could they see the genuine Ancient Haven Palace.

In an instant, the atmosphere boiled and everyone felt heavily relieved.


The experts of the Mountshift Sect also charged into the Dragon Ascension Gate without any hesitation, but in just ten-odd breaths, they flew out in a pathetic manner.

All of them had obtained the Azure Wolf Plaque, which was clearly inferior to Lin Jie.

When the experts of the Mountshift Sect saw this, they bitterly smiled before grabbing onto the Azure Wolf Plaques and turned into streaks of light, then passed through the Spiritual Array.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

After the Mountshift Sect’s group, everyone felt thoroughly relieved and the whizzing sounds of wind incessantly resounded with countless streaks of light charging towards the Dragon Ascension Gate.

Buzz! Buzz!

A lustre constantly swept out from the Dragon Ascension Gate and sucked in anyone that approached.

Over the next period of time, the Dragon Ascension Gate became lively and there were people constantly being sucked in before sweeping back out with white, azure and even golden lustres constantly gushing out.

Mu Chen watched all this and saw that the highest was only a Golden Eagle Plaque. The owner of that plaque was ranked 21st, just slightly lower to Mu Chen.

“If one goes according to this ranking, then at best, I’m just a Golden Eagle Disciple.” Mu Chen scratched his head as he self-ridiculed.

“Stop faking…” Nine Nether rolled her eyes at his self-ridicule, since she knew better than anyone the amount of trump cards Mu Chen had. Not to mention a Ninth Grade Sovereign, Mu Chen would even be confident to confront a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

“Someone powerful is making a move.” Lin Jing, who was watching all, this suddenly spoke out.

When Mu Chen and Nine Nether heard her words, their expressions changed and they saw the 17th rank Liu Gui, 16th rank Wang Tongxian and 5th rank Qin Jingzhe charge towards the Dragon Ascension Gate.

Evidently, they had grown impatient.

As top-tiered elites, their actions had naturally caused everyone to focus their attention towards them.


The three silhouettes disappeared at the same time before the gate.

Along with three’s disappearances, the Dragon Ascension Gate became silent and many experts had stopped moving, since they all wished to see the gradings of those three elites.

Time swiftly passed. The time the three of them entered the Dragon Ascension Gate was clearly longer than anyone else before them, causing many people’s eyelids to twitch. Judging from this scene, it looked like the highest record of Golden Eagle Plaque was going to be broken.

Buzz! Buzz!

As everyone guessed in their hearts, the Dragon Ascension Gate, which had gone silent for a long time, finally reacted and a robust lustre gushed out and formed into three silhouettes.

When the three of them appeared, a lustre gathered before them and formed into three plaques.

Everyone had directed their gazes over and saw a white Jiao-Dragon coiling on the plaque before Liu Gui with a powerful fluctuation being emitted.

“White Jiao-Dragon Plaque! Liu Gui actually obtained the grading of a White Jiao-Dragon Plaque Disciple by the Dragon Ascension Gate?

“Wang Tongxian is also a White Jiao-Dragon Plaque Disciple!” Someone saw the token before Wang Tongxian, which was also a coiling white jiao-dragon.

“What about Qin Jingzhe?” Countless gazes were focused before Qin Jingzhe before they saw a golden light forming into a ferocious Golden Jiao-Dragon before him.

“That is…” Mu Chen looked at the golden plaque and couldn’t help narrowing his eyes.

“The Golden Jiao-Dragon Plaque!” Even someone as powerful as Qin Jingzhe could only obtain a Golden Jiao-Dragon Plaque, not even a White Dragon Plaque.

The difficulty of this Dragon Ascension Gate turned out to be so difficult?!

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