The Great Thief

Chapter 1952 - Female Noble Water Fairy

Chapter 1952: Female Noble Water Fairy

A flying mount and a Legendary dagger – this was already some extremely valuable loot.

However, when Water Fairy also looted a cloak, Lu Li suspected that Remnant Dream’s spirit had been passing through her. After all, these things that were dropping were just too amazing. Anymore, and it would impact the fairness of the game.

The game developers probably didn’t think that there really would be someone who would kill the Princess of the Black Dragonflight, Onyxia.

According to the normal game storyline, Onyxia would be beheaded by Varian, simply to emphasize his mighty power.

Varian didn’t disappoint the game designers; he really did behead Onyxia in one go. However, when the blade of his sword cut off Onyxia’s head, she had in fact already died.

She was brutally killed by those two little Thieves.

Who would have thought this would happen? The two of them did the lowest damage out of everyone on the field, but when the others went to protect Prince Anduin, they finished off the dying Onyxia.

No matter what the game developers were thinking, from a design point of view, every Boss had a drop table.

If a level 1 Sockpuppet killed Medivh, something would be dropped, regardless of whether it was reasonable or not. This table had to be in place, and it couldn’t be taken lightly either.

This was what equipment was dropped if a level 70 player killed Onyxia, even if they didn’t think there was anyone at level 70 that could kill Onyxia.

Black Dragonflight Cloak (Legendary): Armor +440, Constitution +600, Magic Resistance +20%, Slots 3. Special Effect 1: Fleshmelt. After use, 50% of the damage incurred in the next 3 seconds becomes the wearer’s own HP, cooldown time 3 minutes. Special Effect 2: When the target’s HP is less than 20%, there is a set chance of being able to activate a definite kill with one attack. Special Effect 3, Black Dragonflight Resurrection. After dying, gain a chance of respawning. After respawning, HP recovers to 20%, cooldown time 6 hours. Level Requirement: 70, Durability: 720/720.

Another cloak had dropped; this was the second Legendary cloak today. Could it be that Legendary cloaks were particularly common?

Lilian’s Embrace (Legendary): Armor +350, Constitution +200, Movement Speed +30%, Slots 3. Special Effect 1: Shadow Bayonet, instant cast. Deals 1200 Shadow damage to all enemies within 8 yards, cooldown time 30 seconds. Special Effect 2: Death Grip, 2 second cast time. Absorbs Shadow power and pulls targets within 30 yards to where the user is, cooldown time 3 minutes. Special Effect 3: Lilian’s Embrace. Immediately appear behind the target and perform a Throatkill that deals 100% Critical Hit damage, cooldown time 2 hours. Level Requirement: 70, Durability: 640/640.

As a comparison, the third Special Effect of Lilian’s Embrace made it an equipment purely for Thieves. If other roles used it, they would limit their strength.

However, this wasn’t the case for the Black Dragonflight Cloak – it was suitable for all professions.

This was a so-called piece of all-purpose equipment.

Lu Li took this cloak, while Water Fairy was covering herself with Lilian’s Embrace. The two cloaks were of extremely exquisite quality, and there was no set way of dividing them. When it was time for Drizzle Court to compete, there was a real chance that both cloaks would be given to them. Ruling Sword had a similar logic too.

Everything looked like it had been perfectly resolved. Lu Li had made arrangements for Jaina, Lilian’s Embrace had naturally become the reward for the quest, and then there was also King Varian’s reward.

Varian sat on the throne in Stormwind City, beginning to thank the people who had made exceptional contributions in all these events.

“You have a military rank in Stormwind City, so I’ll move up your rank to Major.”

After he had thanked the others, he came to these two players. Lu Li received a promotion in his military rank; this was better than nothing at all.

They had just gotten two pieces of Legendary equipment from Onyxia, so they weren’t desperate for more. Including Lilian’s Embrace which Jaina gave, they already had three Legendaries.

If they were rewarded another couple, the game company would definitely become angry.

The game system institute a certain degree of self-correction, so Lu Li guessed that the equipment that might have been rewarded would fall through.

“As a girl, you should have a safe, stable home to return to. Water Fairy, how about a noble title in Stormwind City? A baronage will become the start to your prosperous life. You have a stronghold in the Western Wilderness, so, the whole Western Wilderness will be your territory.”

Lu Li was flabbergasted.

He was promoted to a major, and he thought this was pretty good.

He never would have thought that that Water Fairy would not only become an aristocrat, but even one with actual authority.

To Stormwind City, perhaps the Western Wilderness wasn’t that important. It was a place where bandits ran amok. The farming industry that used to be there was now practically non-existent, and there was a whole group of refugees that needed aid too.

It was perfectly reasonable to dump this whole package onto the new baron.

However, to Water Fairy, this reward was extraordinary. According to the officially provided info, as soon as a player received a noble title, unless the capital city repealed it, they would have jurisdiction over all the Strongholds in the area.

Water Fairy could directly shut off the ability of other clubs to attack the Strongholds in the Western Wilderness.

In other words, there was no way Drizzle Court’s two Strongholds in the Western Wilderness could be attacked from now on.

Lu Li was happy for his own partner, but no matter what, he still kept feeling inferior to his girl. His partner was a noble now, while he was just a little nominal officer that didn’t even have any forces.

Why, oh why was the difference between the rewards so big?

Could it be that he didn’t protect Gorosh the whole time?

Very soon, Lu Li and Water Fairy were invited out of the place. There were counts and barons all over the place in Stormwind City, so one batted an eyelid. All the so-called friendship that they had built up on the road of battle had already been mostly offset with these rewards.

“Wait a second!”

Just when they were holding hands and walking away, Lu Li and Water Fairy heard someone that seemed to be calling them.

When they looked back, they realized it was Valeera Sanguinar. They didn’t know how long she had been following them. Along with the end of the storyline, this Blood Elf female Thief received an earth-shattering increase to her power.

Before, the two of them could perhaps still join hands and fight against her.

Now, Valeera Sanguinar could probably kill them off with a single slash.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done. I think you might have use for these two books,” Valeera Sanguinar said as she placed them into Water Fairy’s hands.

Lu Li peered over and saw that it was actually two copies of ‘Enhanced Cheap Shot’.

There was no doubt that Cheap Shot was the most important skill for Thieves, no matter which path you took. It could even be said that regardless of whether you were a PvP or PvE player, Cheap Shot was still one of the best starting skills.

They had made fruitless searches everywhere for it and never thought they would find it here.

This Blood Elf girl Valeera Sanguinar probably didn’t know how to read.

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