The Ice Lord Prime Minister's Black-Bellied Wife

Chapter 42

Feng Ming, dude, you need to say more than 5 characters at a time. God.

Chapter 42 - She Was Sold?!

On the way, Bai Xi and Feng Ming didn't converse. Actually, Bai Xi wanted to talk, but she didn't open her mouth as someone was taciturn and didn't want to talk to her. The two were walking only three steps apart, but they drew a lot of attention.

His Excellency, The Ice Lord was at the Bai mansion with the second young miss. Of course they were wide-eyed. How could they not be shocked?

"Oi, this is the way to Mo Xuan Yuan. Aren't we leaving the mansion?" Bai Xi asked as she followed him. What was this man thinking? He went to her room so early in the morning and confidently walked around. Now the whole mansion knew of his existence. Now he is going to Mo Xuan Yuan. Didn't he know that this was that damn old man's courtyard?

Feng Ming lowered his gaze to glance at her while walking forward quickly. After a while, he said, "Old Man Bai wants to know that Little White Face is not by your side at this time."

Bai Xi was stunned. What did that sentence mean?> Were he and that damn old man acquainted? Did that damn old man know about her male persona? No, that wasn't possible. If that damn old man knew, then Feng Ming would also know, and Feng Ming would not be telling her of Little White Face.

Bai Xi didn't inquire further and just followed him. This Feng Ming knew a lot, and she wanted to know the things relating to her. No, the original host was killed. She wanted to know the mystery surrounding this body and this body's life experiences.

A short while later, they had arrived at Mo Xuan Yuan. Bai Chong Yuan seemed to know they were coming. He was taking care of the bonsai in the courtyard while waiting for them.

"No wonder the flowers are particularly fragrant this morning. It is because the Feng family's young master is here," Bai Chong Yuan said with a smile, his eyes shining.

Bai Xi rolled her eyes. What a faker.

"The item," Feng Ming said indifferently.

"Don't worry. Allow this old man to talk to her." Bai Chong Yuan ignored Feng Ming, his expression staying the same. "Damn girl, this old man only has good intentions in letting you go to the palace. You actually ran away! You don't know what's good for you!"

After Bai Chong Yuan spoke, he stood up and threw chestnuts at her1. However, she avoided them. "I really doubt that I am your beloved granddaughter. You are so anxious to send me away, grandfather."

"Fine, this question is good. This old man also doubts that you are a descendant of the Bai family. Not only do you not know how to respect your elders and often anger me half to death, you also don't come with breakfast. Sooner or later, this old man will die from anger," Bai Chong Yuan said, enraged. He did not look the least bit like a serious elder, instead he glared like a child at Bai Xi.

"It can't be helped. Who let me be born into this meritorious family?" At the word 'meritorious, Bai Xi's spoke louder.

Sure enough, at those words, the originally angry person started beaming with joy. "Not bad, not bad. You really inherited my merits."

Bai Xi remained silent and merely observed. When she looked at the old urchin again, she said, "In a moment, I will let Little Qiu Qiu bring over the puppet for you."

"Puppet? Hm, I'll regard this as a little bit of kindness from you. Remember to give this old man the present when you return." The smile on Bai Chong Yuan's face widened. She at least knew to give him gifts as she spent years doting on this girl. Her intentions were more valuable than any gift. "I will immediately send someone to Xi Yuan to get the gift."

Bai Xi didn't say anything in response, but she looked over as if to say 'follow me'.

"The item," Feng Ming said indifferently next to her.

"I'll give it to you." Bai Chong Yuan took out a letter from his pocket and threw it at Feng Ming. "Argh, this old man finally knows why Little Lan Lan2 always loves to complain and sigh."

The minute he'd finished speaking, Feng Ming gracefully turned around and left, not bothering to look at either of them. However, his cold voice called out, "Bai Xi, follow."

"Girl, go quickly." Bai Chong Yuan smiled slightly as he gestured for Bai Xi to follow.

"Old man, what did you give Feng Ming? You better not have sold me." She remembered what the damn old man said before. Did this old man want to matchmake her and Feng Ming?

"This old man thinks so. It's a pity others don't want this."

"You're really a damn old man!" After Bai Xi said these words, she followed after Feng Ming. Even if he wanted her, she didn't want him!

Bai Chong Yuan smiled at stroked his goatee. He suddenly remembered something and said, in a clear voice, "Girl, you should grasp this opportunity."

Bai Xi stumbled and almost bumped into Feng Ming, who was ahead of her. She inwardly cursed her damn grandfather.

"Feng Ming, what did that damn old man give you?" What was written on that letter? What was it that actually got this man to personally go to Mo Xuan Yuan to retrieve it from that damn old man?

Unfortunately, Bai Xi waited for a long time and that man did not answer her. It was only when they walked out of the main entrance to the Bai mansion that he said coolly, "You should keep Little White Face away from your things."

"Eh? What?" Bai Xi was astounded. She didn't think this man would actually answer her an hour later. She didn't know what to think after hearing his response.

"Starting from today, you will follow me. That Little White Face will naturally abandon you." He lowered his head to meet her gaze.

"Speak clearly." Follow him? What was that supposed to mean?

At this time, Qing Wu had already arrived at the entrance to the Bai mansion in a carriage. As soon as the carriage stopped, Feng Ming hopped on. Bai Xi quickly followed. She wanted to ask what the meaning of that sentence was, so she didn't notice the two people standing nearby. One of them was the man who wanted to buy the puppet from her for ten thousand liang.

The other was Bai Yu Jie. There was a slight change in his expression as he watched the carriage leave.

"Yu Jie, it seems that not all the rumours are true and that there are quite a few happy events at the Bai mansion."

"Go. Grandfather is probably waiting for you." Bai Yu Jie looked away from the carriage, his expression returning to its usual warm and gentle smile.

The man smiled slightly and walked into the mansion, his eyes flashing. Even the head of the Feng family was drawn in by the Bai family. It seems that the bai family is really prepared.

1.(白崇遠起身上前給白汐一個爆栗) - this is the sentence and I have no idea what 'giving Bai Xi exploding chestnuts' means.

2.(瀾) - Lan, means waves/billows.

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