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Chapter 982: Special Medicinal Pills

Chapter 982: Special Medicinal Pills

“Bloodletting can only remove the toxins from the patient’s blood for a while, but not the root cause. Once the patient is exposed to the sun, something in his body will convert into toxin again; the disease will only be more serious than the previous one.”

In fact, patients with porphyria, which was vampire disease, did not just have problem in their blood. It was even more because an element called porphyrin in their body would be converted into a toxin called “botulinum toxin” when exposed to ultraviolet light.

“So!” Hexi smiled and looked at Lu Zhixi with scorching eyes, “Fairy Zhixi, you have diagnosed the wrong direction from the beginning. You know that the problem comes from blood, but have you ever wondered what its source is? The most important treatment for vampire disease is not to exchange blood, but to eradicate the source of the young city lord’s disease that will turn into toxins when exposed to sunlight!”

Lu Zhixi originally wanted to laugh.

How can there be such a disease in the world? Whenever it is exposed to the sun, it will be converted into toxins in the blood.

Not to mention her, even her father Lu Xuyang had never heard of it.

She opened her mouth slightly, but the words were stuck in her throat.

Because she met Xi Yue’s, calm, wise, and arrogant, eyes! Those eyes were supported by an incomparable strong self-confidence.

Lu Zhixi had only seen this look from her father. Even she was often not confident in her medical skills most of the time.

Suddenly a strong anxiety and panic rose in her heart. Could it be… that what she said is true?

However, before Lu Zhixi could speak, Ren Xueling had already yelled, “Nonsense! Why have I never heard of this kind of illness in the world? Then you tell us how can you treat it? Hmph, who doesn’t know how to talk big!?”

Dr. Chen, who cared most about how to treat this disease, was more anxious than anyone else. He couldn’t help but stepped forward and said, “Mr. Xi, you said that you want to eradicate the source of the disease in the young city lord. May I ask what kind of disease it is? How to eradicate it?”

Hexi certainly knew that the source of Zhuge Xiaotian’s body was the porphyrin that would be affected by ultraviolet radiation, but she couldn’t explain clearly to these ancient people.

In addition to the blood exchange, the only step she did more than Lu Zhixi was to expose the patient to sunlight when the medicinal pills were taking effect. It was to let the porphyrin in the patient’s body combine with the iron element, so that it could be synthesized into hemoglobin normally.

This seemingly simple step was actually the most important step.

Hexi smiled slightly, and she suddenly raised her voice, “The way to completely cure this vampire disease is actually very simple. Just let the young city lord take a special kind of medicinal pill before exposing him to the sun. But… “

She paused, turned her wrist, and then saw a gray pill refining cauldron appear on the city wall.

Hexi looked straight at Master Yuehua and said loudly, “However, I only have the material and pill formula for the medicinal pill, but I don’t have the finished product. One of the ingredient of this kind of medicinal pill is the cloud marrow ganoderma which is very precious. I only have 1 portion of it. If the pill refining fails, I can’t heal the young city lord’s disease for a short time. So, I need someone to refine this pill for me. Master Yuehua, are you… willing to do it?”

As soon as Hexi said this, hundreds of people below fell into a strange silence.

TL: Will Master Yuehua accept it and betray Hexi?

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