The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Volume 55 Chapter 1 part1

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It was night by the time Lee Hyun got out of the capsule.

"Underground tunnel…"

Logically, going into Kaybern's lair and stealing the Brazier of Sacrifice was almost impossible.

Furthermore, robbing a dragon was just plain suicide.

"But the thing is… Kaybern crawls out of his lair to destroy a city every week. In other words, it's actually robbing an empty house."

Stealing from an unoccupied lair!

The world was a place where people steal from right under your nose, so how could it be any different for stealing from a lair without the dragon?

Under normal circumstances, there would have been much effort and secrecy in preparing for an infiltration mission.

However, if the dragon was to empty its seat, the quest atmosphere would change completely.

"Normally, this would have been a quest of atrocious difficulty. But, the Brazier of Sacrifice is no longer an issue, now that it turned out like this. We might be able to rob the entire lair and its treasures."

Lee Hyun stuck the large map of Thor region on the wall.

He marked the location and direction of the dwarven village, the mines and Kaybern's lair.

In the past, he carried out quests for offerings to Kaybern.

A dazzling Kaybern sculpture made of the crystal of Agathe.

He referred to his experience when he got inside the lair to offer the crystal sculpture.

"The monsters were mostly guarding the outside. If the underground tunnel is constructed well, we can get in without getting discovered."

Kaybern's lair was filled with an enormous amount of treasures and jewelry, so means of transportation was also needed.

"This should not be approached with the mindset that we are stealing something. It has to be a complete wipe-out with a moving company… Yeah. That kind of an approach."

Lee Hyun had worked part-time in a moving company, even though it was only for a few days.

The company wrapped all necessities quickly and loaded onto the truck. The tasks were well-divided and more rapid than anything.

Clearing an apartment unit 100 wide, was finished before lunch.

"For Kaybern's lair, there is no need to separate and pack things individually. The focus should be on speed and quantity while taking everything."

A robbery, a wipe-out!


Weed whispered to Mapan right after logging into Royal Road.

"There is a big job to be done."

– Mapan: What kind of job? It must be serious coming from you, Weed-nim.

Even back in the war in the Garnav plains, he did not use such an expression. However, robbing Kaybern's lair was of utmost importance.

"I need skilled workers. They have to be outstanding wagon drivers."

– Mapan: I don't know just how skilled you want them to be.

"They have to be able to drive fast on steep mountain tracks on a fully-loaded large wagon. They have to dodge obstacles as well. It will be great if they are confident in diverting monsters from chasing in order to escape."

– Mapan: That kind of task will require at least Intermediate level wagon driving. They're expensive workers.

"The wage doesn't matter. I need those who I can rely on."

– Mapan: How many do you need?

"At least 500."

– Mapan: Excuse me?

"The more, the merrier. I have lots of treasures to be transported."

– Mapan: Just what exactly are you going to do with that many people?

The footage of Debrado village had yet to be broadcasted.

The stream posed the danger of exposing the quest in progress, and no one knew what Weed was going to do next.


– Mapan: What?

"I'm going to rob Kaybern's lair."


Soonjo Park was on the bus to Korea University when his phone rang.

– Ku-wa-wa-wal Kuwala. Orc. Orc. Sh-sh-shk!

"What is that sound?"

"Someone must be calling."

Royal Road's orc song played as the ringtone, grabbing the attention of other passengers.

Soonjo Park hurriedly picked up the call once he saw the caller ID "Arpen Empire Emperor Big Bro".

"Hey, Hyung. It's been a while."

– Yeah. How have you been?

"I'm doing well. When are you returning to school?"

Lee Hyun was a legend to the students who majored in virtual reality!

His school life was nostalgic and becoming the emperor of Arpen Empire spread his name among the community of Korea University.

Even professors from different majors were desperate for a chance to meet Lee Hyun.

– Whenever. I have a favor to ask you.

"No worries. Tell me, Hyung."

Soonjo Park with his friendly personality, was happy to do any kind of favor.

– The call has to be short. Anyways, let's do a job together.

"What kind of a job?"

– Your class is thief.


The Thief Nide.

It was a character that Soonjo Park trained well since the release of Royal Road, and he had learned a variety of skills.

Most job classes were combat-oriented, which set the thieves aside just a little bit, but he did not slack with training class-exclusive skills.

– I saw you last time, and you did really well.

"Haha. Are you thinking of all the times we've stolen together?"

The bus passengers stared at Soonjo Park again with his innocent remark.

– Yeah. You up for it?

"Stealing is my profession."

– How many times have you been caught?

"I've never been caught. Though I have backed out when I felt like I was going to be caught half-way. I steal with speed and certainty."

The passengers responded with a bit of suspicion, but Sangjoon Choi and Sora Min were sitting across from him.

"We are talking about the Royal Road. Don't get the wrong idea, folks."

"My buddy's job class is a thief."

The passengers, mostly being Korea University students laughed and turned heads.

– Brace yourself for a surprise. It's okay to be blown away. This time, it's going to be Kaybern's lair.

"Robbing Kaybern's lair!?"

Soonjo Park raised his voice without himself realizing it. He brought together the attention of the other passengers once again, but he couldn't care less about it.

If this came from someone else, he would have laughed it off or say it was crazy, but this was from the emperor of the Arpen Empire and a hero of Versailles Continent!

Not just Kaybern's lair, but anywhere in the world he were to mark for robbery, he knew it would be true.

– That's right. The lair is going to be penniless.

"Kyah. That's going to be extreme."

– It's dangerous, but can you join?

"Of course. Lee Hyun-hyung. Please let me in."

Of all things that Soonjo Park said, mentioning Kaybern's lair was big, but saying Lee Hyun's name hit it home.

The character name Weed was known by just about everyone in Korea University.

Let alone the bus passengers, even Sangjoon Choi and Sora Min were staring with round eyes.


Mibullo was deemed the best architect of Versailles Continent, but Pavo's influence was unmatched. He was a famous architect who got well-known early in Morata and raised the great landmarks in the North!

Pavo was involved in the recovery project of Free City Somren.

"Please move the material over there safely. Also, it will be best if we recover the industrial areas first. It will push us back from building homes for the users, but utilities for better accessibility should be our priority."

Pavo was appointed as the leading architect!

He was proceeding with clearing debris in the city and construction tasks simultaneously.

"It's good that the users stayed behind… Even if the city was a complete ruin, it won't take long to rebuild."

The production facilities in Somren were still standing which was a huge asset.

– Weed: Old man Pavo. Are you busy?

"No. Weed. What's up?"

Pavo just spoke like usual.




Instead, the users nearby got excited.

– Weed: There is an important job that'll need your assistance.


Weed personally got in contact with the people he needed.

At first, he planned to prepare the means of transportation from Mapan's council and carry out with a few trustworthy comrades, but he changed his mind.

"The mine is pretty deep. There are lots of treasures in the lair too…"

The treasures would be stacked like mountains.

Sneaking them out through the mine would require significant time.

It was a dwarven mine with narrow passages and the fact that the large transport wagons won't fit through inside was another issue to overcome!

"Finishing the job before Kaybern returns will need more manpower."

Weed decided to increase the number of people to take part in the robbery.

"I cannot leave any treasure behind. Yeah, no way."

This quest began with the Brazier of Sacrifice, but Weed could smell out the money to be made!

"I need the Black Lion Guild to mobilize 30 dwarves. The most skilled ones."

– May I ask what you need them for?

"It is related to Kaybern. It may be dangerous, but please account for that."

– I will find worthy users.

The factions agreed to join before knowing what they were getting into.

After Weed won the war in Garnav plains, his fame and influence were unconditional.

Furthermore, the Kaybern hunt was crucial for the city lords as well.

The development of the Britten Alliance was so high, and their own establishments were conversely on the decline. In the end though, Tullen or Idern would soon become targets as well.

If the Black Dragon appears and destroys their cities, they would suffer greatly, and in that case, they were willing to send workers.


In just one day!

Weed's call gathered over 800 dwarven users in Debrado village.

"A village so deeply hidden."

"It's a small and secluded village. It's not visible at all from afar due to the trees. Though I'm kind of shivering knowing that it's close to Kaybern's lair."

"Are they preparing for war? I haven't sparred much recently because I was busy making swords."

The best dwarves with proven skills in Versailles Continent stood by the entrance.

There were associates from guilds like the Black Lion and Roam Guild and other regular users, all with excellent skills

(To be continued…)

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