The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 30

Ji Mingxiu looked for a moment, took off his neckband, and returned it to Qiao Yuxi.

Qiao Yuxi raised his eyes and looked at him: “Master …”

“I’m not cold.” Ji Mingxiu said lightly and turned over.

Qiao Yuxi was rejected, a little embarrassing, but if you think about it, it seems that you are not doing right, and you should not give a personal thing to a man, even if the other person is his fiance.

She Xiujiong touched the hot face and whispered:. “Brook child childhood growing up in the mountains, do not understand the rules of the secular, if ill place, but also hope adults will forgive me,”

Ji Ming Xiu faint nod : “Anyway, Miss Qiao, please get in the car.”

“Okay.” Qiao Yuxi nodded nicely and stepped on the wooden bench.

Although the grown-up is not particularly enthusiastic about her, she will come to Japan and treat them as a pro and become the most honourable person in the world. The grown-up will definitely find her good.


Winter days are short and nights long. When Qiao Wei went to the old Xiucai to pick up the children, it was already a bit dark, and the class had already ended. Several older children who needed to help the family returned home one after another. He is still with his younger brother, and teases Xiaobai with Jingyun Wangshu.

Seeing Qiao Wei, Jingyun and Wangshu hurried over.

The second dog called “Qiao Qiao” affectionately. He felt that the title was not right. Jing Yunniang looked younger than his sister. But if he doesn’t yell, he will be the next generation to Jingyun.

Qiao Wei greeted Ergou with a smile, and distributed the sweets from the town to the five little ones, and everyone ate happily.

Qiao Wangshu didn’t eat. She was holding a cantaloupe, her eyes were red, and she asked Qiao Wei to hold it.

I haven’t seen my mother for a day, and she’s so sad.

When Qiao Wei sent her children to school, she never thought that they would be sad. She was an orphan in her previous life and went to a welfare kindergarten. There was a group of children like her. Everyone was very excited to go to school the day before. No one was sad.

In addition, when she sent Jing Yun and Wang Shu to the old show, the two children looked very happy, and she didn’t even think about it.

Qiao Wangshu was really happy at the beginning. There were a lot of friends, but after playing for a while, she missed her mother, but the husband said she couldn’t go home, she was sad.

Yes, Qiao Wangshu spent his first day at school in a cry.

Everyone was in the front row, and she was crying in the corner of the back row.

The old showman used all the martial arts in the eighteenth, and he couldn’t cope with it, crying so sad.

It was Jing Yun who was with her in the corner, and she barely took the day down. At noon was a meal from Mrs. Luo and was fed by Jing Yun. In order to take care of his sister, Jing Yun failed to attend the class.

Qiao Wei learned from the Ergouzi’s mouth that the incident had passed, and was distressed: “It’s not good to be a mother. Mother shouldn’t go that long. Mother will come to pick you up tomorrow, huh?”

Qiao Wangshu hugged her mother. Tears were drawn from her neck, and she nodded after listening to her mother’s words.

However, it was probably injured during the day, and Qiao Wangshu refused to come down from his mother’s arms. He had to hold him everywhere, and Qiao Wei felt softened.

Qiao Wei brought a bit of white paper to the old show, not that kind of high-quality rice paper, or ordinary rough paper, and the writing would be a bit hairy, but for a poor showman in a village, it is already a rare treasure.

Lao Xiu was very grateful, and vowed to be more loyal to Miss!

The heavy snow fell down one after another. Qiao Wei quickly took the children back to the mountain and lit a copper stove in the house. It was burned dry wood. The smoke was a little smokey. The three were smoked with tears. Fortunately, It finally ignited.

Qiao Wei took the cotton cloth and wiped the snow on the head and body of the children.

Qiao Wangshu glanced at the new sister-in-law on his mother’s head, and said with bright eyes, “Wow, it’s so beautiful!” It

was exaggerated, and Qiao Wei was so beautiful that she shaved her daughter’s little nose: “Mother also gave Wang Shu and his brother bought beautiful things. “


Wangshu clapped his hands excitedly:” What is it? ” Qiao Jingyun dripped his eyes and looked at the basket and bag on the table.

Qiao Wei took out the contents of the basket one by one, mutton, bacon, pork belly, salted eggs and some fresh vegetables and New Year’s snacks.

The eyes of the two children were straight, they were so big, they had never seen so many delicious foods, fried fruits, fried peanuts, melon seeds, snow jujube, crisp candy … Oh my god, and persimmon!

Qiao Wei looked at the children’s stunned look, and Meng’s heart was about to disappear: “My mother does not have much money now, I can only buy these for you. When my mother makes a lot of money in the future, I will take you to Beijing to buy more More delicious food! “The

two children nodded excitedly!

Qiao Wei wiped the hands of the children: “what you want to eat, take it yourself.”

Qiao Wangshu took a persimmon, biting it bit by bit, for fear that he would finish the meal.

Qiao Jingyun grabbed a handful of fried fruit.

Qiao Wei took out new clothes from her bag again. In the past, children could not wear a new one all year round, but this time they each had four sets, which couldn’t be more happy.

“Well, ma’am, what is this?” Qiao Wangshu took out a delicate mahogany box from the bag.

“Let me see.” Qiao Wei took a look in her hand. This is Dafangzhai’s box. She remembers the rose emblem on it, but she hasn’t bought anything other than the bitch on her head.

Qiao Wei opened a look, and found that the topless plum blossoms with a value of two hundred was lying inside.

Wasn’t this bitch bought by that boy? How could it be in her bag?

“Mother, it’s more beautiful than the bitch on your head.” Qiao Wangshuo.

Qiao Wei sighed: “Of course, there are only 50 copper plates on the mother’s head. It requires a hundred or two silver.”

Qiao Wangshu has no concept of money, but only thinks it looks good: “Mother, you wear it “

Qiao Wei wants to wear it too, but … it’s not her own.

Qiao Wei put away the sister-in-law. For such an expensive thing, the son must have accidentally fallen into her bag. Anyway, it was her own life-saving benefactor, she did not dare to swallow his stuff. I’ll meet him someday and give it back, I don’t know if there will be another day.

In the evening, Qiao Wei simmered a pot of lamb fan soup, fried a plate of carrot braised meat, a bowl of Chinese cabbage, steamed a few ravioli, and the three of them were full of beasts.

After washing, Qiao Wei and the children were lying on the bed, Qiao Wei was sleeping outside, her daughter and son were sleeping, Jing Yun slept honestly, covered a quilt alone, what it was like when he was asleep, what kind of thing he woke up, No, this girl’s sleeping appearance can be described as terrible.

“Do you know you are not allowed to kick the quilt tonight?” Qiao Wei covered her daughter with a quilt.

“I know.” Qiao Wangshu said obediently.

Qiao Wangshu smiled softly: “Did you understand the homework taught today?”

“Understand.” Qiao Wangshu said sweetly.

Qiao Wei was happy: “Don’t you keep crying? You actually understand it? So what do you say, sir?”

“Sir … sir … sir …” Qiao Wangshu looked Aggressive, what did sir say? !!

Qiao Jingyun sighed helplessly: “At the beginning of human beings, nature is good, sex is similar, and habits are far from each other. Gong does not teach, sex is transferred, the way of teaching, expensive and specialized. Xi Meng mother, choose a neighbor, the child does not learn, breaks down. Dou Yanshan has a righteousness, teaches five sons, and is well-known. “

So much!

Qiao Jingyun continued: “The sky and the earth are yellow, the universe is flooded. The sun and the moon are overwhelming, and the Chens are listed. The winter is coming, the winter is harvesting, and the autumn harvest is hiding in winter. Yu Yu is old, and Lu Lu is adjusting the sun. It 's just for the time being.” For the time being … So much?

Doesn’t the son think that the old show taught too little?

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