The Story of a Stroppy Princess

Chapter 44

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: The Back Thrust

Translator: Beibei Ren

Mo Wushuang came alongside with a cup in his hand, whose starry eyes were shining brightly and reflecting a glimmer of smile . He said in whisper, "Ling'er, are you going to steal the hearts of all men here . "

"Ha-ha, really? Were you attracted by me?" Hua Yueling indeed had a light heart . Looking out of the wooden window engraved ornamentally, she found it was dark outside and thought to herself that those who should come had already arrived here .

"Childe Mo, I am afraid that Ling'er drank too much and don't take it seriously . " An idea suddenly stuck Nangong Yixuan that he was unwilling to let those men see Hua Yueling's flirtatious expression and he intended to treasure her up . There were so many shining points on her, and he hoped to explore only by himself .

Mo Wushuang felt a little shocked to see that declaration through Nangong Yixuan's slanted eyes, so he couldn't help laughing . It seemed that there had already been some rivals in love before he was going to take actions .

Mo Wushuang was casting his disappointing glance at the elegant Hua Yueling when Hua Yujin ran into the lobby hastily . He went up to Hua Yueling and whispered to her . In the meanwhile, the songs and dances began once more, and the hall became lively again…

"What!" Hua Yueling got irritated and turned her sharp eyes to Hua Yujin who sank his head almost to his chest . She blamed coldly, "Don't you forget your promise!"

"Sister!" Hua Yujin was scared to kneel down and soon apologized in panic, "I indeed asked the healer to stand on guard, but he just died mysteriously . "

Nangong Yixuan felt shocked and whispered to Hua Yueling, "Did the spy die?"

Hua Yueling nodded with a ghastly pale complexion and roared to Hua Yujin, "I'll get at you later . If you make any more mistakes tonight, you will be expelled from the Ministry of Penalty!"

Hua Yujin went out while nodding his head, like a complete drowned rat .

"How could that be?" Nangong Yixuan felt quite puzzled . He knew that Hua Yujin was a prudent guy, so such things shouldn't have happened .

"Very simple . There must be any other spies in the Ministry of Penalty!" Hua Yueling became languid again and glanced at those childes who were enjoying themselves . The flirting eyes just now were immediately narrowed and she began to ponder over the whole weird thing .

Out of curiosity, Mo Wushuang leaned up and asked, "Ling'er, what's up? Did your brother get into trouble?" There was only one expression appeared on Mo Wushuang's face ---- the benign smile .

"Wushuang, can you help me?" Hua Yueling suddenly smiled at him .

"Of course! We were friends . " Mo Wushuang was stunned with a smile to see her changeable face . Just tonight's observation of her facial expression sufficed him to know how capricious women were .

"I'm relieved to hear that . " Ling'er smiled and leaned her head to his ear . Her voice was so low that even Nangong Yixuan who sat beside her could not hear a single word . Their intimacy stunned Nangong Lieye who misunderstood it as her initiative kiss to Mo Wushuang . This shameless woman, who just said that she was the princess to be of the Fourth Prince . But now she's just seducing Mo Wusuang .

Mo Wusuang was a little surprised after hearing this, but he had no doubt and nodded seriously . Then Hua Yueling also turned to Nangong Yixuan and whispered something in his ears, then she raised to her feet and went out with Ye You followed .

There was hustle and bustle in the courtyard of Yueman Tower and most childes took every possible opportunity to flirt with girls, embracing them and then directly seeking for fun in their private room . The Yueman Tower was full of music and laughter .

Hua Yueling was standing in the courtyard . Many men peeped at her face in the moonlight and dared not to tease her . Hua Yueling said a few words to Ye You . She went to the gate, got into the sedan and left . She didn't tell anyone that she was going to leave, which surprised many people . But Hua Yueling didn't have to explain it to them because that was the way she was .

The sedan soon left Yueman Tower and went to the other side of the street . But soon, with a gesture of Ye You, the sedan quickly changed its course and turned to a dark alley . Hua Yueling rushed out of the sedan, and went back to Yueman Tower with Ye You in a rush . They didn't get in through the gate but directly flew to the second floor of Yueman Tower .

It was exactly within Hua Yueling's predication . As soon as she left, the lights in the Yueman Tower went off . In the darkness and screams, dozens of masked men in black broke into it with their hidden weapon . They targeted at Nangong Yixuan-- the Fourth Prince .

The darkness hall was full of screams with tables and chairs falling down to the ground . The men who were still in high spirits just now were scared to run away .

"Ah!" Ouyang Ruyan's scream was particularly harsh . Nangong Lieye had already flown up and yelled at those people in black, "Who are you? How dare you to make trouble in my place?"

Those men in black kept silent, but acted in groups . They attacked the Fourth Prince fiercely, while Mo Wushuang was performing his promise with Hua Yueling to protect Nangong Yixuan . She had promised to give him a fancy treat as long as Nangong Yixuan was on no harm . For this, he was responsible for the Fourth Prince .

"Hua Yujin! Surround the Yueman Tower!" Hua Yueling's voice was particularly loud in the rush of fleeing people . Standing in the attic on the second floor, she looked like a fairy in the moonlight with her white cloth fluttering .

It turned out that Hua Yueling had already fingered out the mysterious death of that spy . Their very act was a clear demonstration that by Hua Yujin's report, they wanted to distract her so that she would leave earlier . Thus, she played them at their own game . This was called back thrust .

Thirty raid men and five members of the elite team had joined the battle . The Third Prince also saw through the assassins' conspiracy and he decisively left Ouyang Ruyan and joined Mo Wushuang to protect the Fourth Prince, Nangong Yixuan .

All the assassins here had excellent martial arts, and were vigorous and capable . The hidden weapons that they had used even forced the three masters to step back . There were many shadows, and the scene was chaotic .

"Ah!" With a scream, Ouyang Ruyan fell to the ground after being hit by a hidden weapon on her shoulder .

"Ruyan!" Nangong Lieye had to leap over and held up the injured Ouyang Ruyan .

Hua Yueling broke through the window as fast as she could, and took out the Sword of Beauty . She shouted, "I'm here to see who you are!" She said with the silver light shining from her sword, and she rushed up directly regardless of her own safety . Ye You followed her closely, waving to resist the hidden weapons for her .

"Withdraw!" In the dark, a deep male voice shouted .

"Withdraw? No way!" Hua Yueling shouted like a hungry tiger attacking a wolf . Her whole body pounced on the place where the sound was made .

"Hua Yueling! You are going too far!" The strange male voice sounded coldly, "It's more lovely for you to be a nymphomaniac!" As he spoke, a small black ball with a burning fire line drew a perfect arc and was thrown to Nangong Lieye, who was there holding Ouyang Ruyan up .

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