The Vicious Princess Overturns the World

Chapter 14: Good at Choosing His Time

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But before Madam Zhao has time to say she could manage everything by herself alone, her eyes meet another stare from the old madam, which frightens her so much that she has to swallow the words on the tip of her tongue.

The faces of both Madam Zhao and her daughter Li Shifu become gloomy, but they dare not protest, which makes Li Wanrou feel more than happier. She has come to this back garden countless times, but this time she finds the garden so charming and attractive. However, seeing that Madam Qing's face is still as plain as water, Li Wanrou thinks for a while.

In her previous life, she was inexperienced and had no contact with Madam Qing, who left little impression on her. Now, it seems that Madam Qing is not ordinary. She maybe…

Li Wanrou is thinking in her heart with no changes on her face.

"Well, anyway, it is in our Mansion that Qianshan is missing. We have to give an answer to that. Starting tomorrow, send more servants to search for him in the brothels and the taverns secretly, because young people would like to go to these romantic places to have fun when they leave home. And, tell the servants as well as the maid-servants in the Mansion to be cautious in what they say and what they do. Don't spread rumors to annoy me."

The old madam does not dwell much on this matter.

Looking at the young ladies of the Mansion, the old madam is so happy that her smile makes the wrinkles on her face disappear. She caresses Li Wanrou's forehead with her dry, bark-like hand, saying, "The only one that makes me feel at ease these days is my granddaughter Wanrou. I hear that you and the crown prince are on good terms with. Come on, tell me about it. Grandma is old. And now, what worries me most is whether you girls have happy marriages or not, and live happily for the rest of your lives or not."

However, Nangong Chengde's face suddenly comes into Li Wanrou's mind, which makes her blush. She says softly, "Grandma is really joking about Wanrou. Although the crown prince has a good impression of me, how can I marry up with a man of a high position? There are many beauties in the world. I dare not have such unrealistic dream."

"Ha ha, my granddaughter Wanrou is the first beauty in the world. Whose daughter from other noble and distinguished families in the capital can compare with you?"

Seeing the old madam and Li Wanrou talking and laughing happily, Li Shifu is furious, clenching her fists tightly, even her beautiful nails are about to penetrate her flesh.

Bitch! Li Wanrou has bewitched the crown prince, and now she comes and bewitches the grandmother!

Grandma always loves me the most. What makes you think that you can get grandma's love? I'm the First Miss in the Mansion!

You wait and see! In a few days, I will get your reputation ruined! You will be driven out of the Mansion by Grandma and despised by people all over the world!

Grandmother keeps everyone for lunch with her before they go back to their houses.

On their way back, Madam Zhao and Li Shifu do not utter a single word, whose faces are overcast with gloomy sadness. Madam Qing looks very calm, and Nuanyu, who walks beside her, is very happy.

Of course, Li Wanrou is the happiest.

She brings herself up the rear, walking while thinking.

The goal of these days' efforts has been achieved. If you want to stay firmly in the Mansion, you must first shake the power of Madam Zhao. In the Mansion,in addition to Prime Minister Li, the only person who has such an ability is the old madam.

Today Li Wanrou has got what she wanted: Madam Zhao's partial power is shifted to the second madam, but that's not enough!

In order to overthrow Madam Zhao completely, Li Wanrou needs another ally. Thinking of this, Li Wanrou carefully fixes her eyes on the second madam, Madam Qing, in front of her.

"Furong, get the water ready. I will take a bath."

Li Wanrou is very joyful, because Madam Zhao and her daughter Li Shifu are upset today. The more painful and more uncomfortable they are, the more comfortable and happier she is!

"Li Shifu... Madam Zhao, I've come to collect the debts of the previous life and revenge... " Li Wanrou's delicate face seems to be a bit frosted.

Suddenly, a dark figure appears behind the curtain in her room. Li Wanrou does not panic.

Is this guy really the crown prince?

He is good at choosing his time, that is, going out on a dark and windy night, and coming to her when she is having a bath. Isn't it that he is to take advantage of her deliberately?

Thinking of this, Li Wanrou looks down at herself.

"Ido have something worthy..."

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