The Villain's Face Slapping Counterattack

Chapter 68 part2

Face-Slapping the reborn CEO (3.2)

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What really happened after Zhou Xueli brought the teacher there was that he really slipped after entering the room and after, there wasn't any after.

Zhou Xueli anxiously looked at the second floor, but there was nothing there. There was no flour bag, no wood log. There was oil on the floor, but it was actually really little oil.

But why was that? Could it be that Zhou Xu knew that he would bring the teacher here?

But hadn't he gone to the school infirmary because he was hurt?

"Zhou Xueli, what did you want me to see? You putting on a play?" The teacher followed Zhou Xueli, but he only saw Zhou Xueli slip because of his own carelessness. There was no schoolmate bullying him at all. Even more, there was no life threatening prank.

"I apologize Teacher, it is possible I saw wrong." Zhou Xueli could only apologize. Because he always looked cowardly, the teacher didn't say anything in the end and considered that it was because he was too cowardly that was why he feared being bullied.

And now Zhou Xu was ignoring him at home. He felt even more resentful.

Zhou Xueli slowly ran to his own room and started his computer, he needed to be comforted. His comfort was Wen Chan.

When both of them finished school, they also went on a short date. Thinking about that, Zhou Xueli's heart also felt better. After rebirth, at least he could be with Wen Chan.

"Xiao Chan, have you arrived home?"

"I have."

Zhou Xueli took out all his complaints online and Wen Chan always answered him very gently. However, what Zhou Xueli didn't know was that although on the surface Wen Chan appeared gentle, in reality, because of repressing her emotion, she was more impatient than anyone.

Wen Chan's father was also the previous school president, Wen Zhuyao. The requirement he had towards Wen Chan was really high. From a young age, Wen Chan had to practice two hours of piano, two hours of dancing, and one hour of calligraphy, every day.

If Wen Chan dared to slack off, what greeted her was Wen Zhuyao's hand.

Furthermore, when Wen Chan started to learn all this, she was only three. She didn't know how many times her father hit her before having these kinds of results.

Currently, her piano skill was top ranked, her dancing skills already had her chosen for a ballet company. Her calligraphy had seized the championship in a competition.

It was this kind of suppressing oneself environment since childhood that Wen Chan had developed this kind of character. On the surface, she was weak and gentle, while on the back she was impetuous without distinction.

In this kind of strict environment, Wen Chan had not developed any worldview. She didn’t care too much about right and wrong, because for so many years she was also always protected by Wen Zhuyao.

She did not know what darkness was. Even if someone did an obscure thing, she wouldn't know that it was wrong.

Just like in this discussion between her and Zhou Xueli. When she heard Zhou Xueli said that he was very aggrieved and unwilling, she replied without thinking at all, “Xueli, why don't we secretly set a crime for him, such as a rape charge. Everyone seems to hate this kind of person. What do you think?”

Zhou Xueli looked at his computer, he did not understand what Wen Chan suggested for a while. But he really liked that she was so lenient and amiable, so he answered, "Thank you, Xiao Chan, but this kind of charge is difficult to set. Let's forget it."

"I can help you."

At the moment Zhou Xueli answered, his family aunty called him down to eat dinner, so he rapidly answered before directly going down, "I'll go eat. Thank you, Xiao Chan".

What Zhou Xueli didn't think of was that Wen Chan unexpectedly started to prepare. Furthermore, what she prepared was for the prettiest girl in the university to be the victim because Wen Chan hated her.

The father of the school flower was a big shot from the financial world. She was pretty, no matter in which aspect, she was perfect. Most of the men loved her while she was despised by most women.

As Wen Chan heard the other girls gossip, she felt that she really hated this school flower. While in reality, she had never even exchanged a word with the school flower.

When Zhou Xueli went down, Zhou Qiang, Zhou Xu and Ke Tur were already in their seats. Zhou Xueli sat down in the seat beside Zhou Xu.

The whole family didn't utter a word, this was their normal state. However, as they ate, Zhou Xu suddenly said, "Father, our school has a competition, it's a small video competition. I want to participate, can I? "

Zhou Qiang blanked, normally Zhou Xu would not ask him. From today onwards, it seemed that Zhou Xu really changed.

"A video competition? What's that?"

"In reality, it's not much, it's just that the school wants to train our organization skill, letting us assume the role of a director and film a small story. The story must be finished in about 15 to 30 minutes. However during this process, how to organize the actors, how to contact the filming site and everything else needs to be accomplished by ourselves. I find it very challenging, so I want to try."

Zhou Xueli listened for half a day, but didn't catch up. Why had he never heard of this competition?

"How did I not know?"

Zhou Xu turned his head and smiled gently, "Di di, in the future, you should also pay attention to the school billboard. There are a lot of meaningful activities on it."

Zhou Xueli's face reddened in an instant because of embarrassment. After Zhou Qiang heard what Zhou Xu said, he felt very gratified. He nodded his head and said, "You can, do you need my help? Do you need me to give you funds?"

Zhou Xu answered with a smile, "Father, thanks. Actually there is no need for funds, but I want you to lend me a person."

"Oh? Who?"

"It's her, your wife."

Ke Tur was drinking the soup absently, suddenly she blanked. After connecting it to what Zhou Xu asked her that afternoon in the garden, her heart warmed. Ke Tur felt that continuing to live was not so bad.

Yes, in the previous two worlds, Ke Tur always ended up taking her own life and her depression started around this time.

This was only the initial stage. She only had suicidal thoughts occasionally on the initial stage . Arriving at the later stage, she would need a lot of willpower to tell herself not to die every day, but in the end, she still killed herself.

Zhou Xu did not care if she lived or died in this life, but Zhou Xu hoped to use Ke Tur to strike down Zhou Qiang. Anyway, he didn't have any hatred with Ke Tur while he had a great hatred towards this kind of not caring about his son's life or death father.

Zhou Qiang didn't understand what Zhou Xu meant, so he asked, "Xiao Xu, what do you mean?"

Zhou Xu replied with a smile, "Father, did you forget, Aunt Ke was an actor before. I want her to help me contact some small newcomers who don't want money or need a small amount of money, and then guide me a little."

"I see, hahaha, of course you can. However, you should not ask me this question, you should directly ask her."

After Zhou Xu heard the reply, he turned his head towards Ke Tur, "Aunt Ke, can you help me?"

Smilingly unhurriedly, Ke Tur said, "Of course, I can."

Zhou Qiang looked at Zhou Xu, then looked at Zhou Xueli. Comparing the two, the superior one was evident., He sighed and said, "Xueli, you also have to make some progress in the future. Compared to your big brother, you really have no use at all."

The dinner became quiet once again. At this moment, Zhou Xu would not act as a good brother, he didn't have time to watch the play. Unfortunately, he still hadn't watched enough before the doorbell rang.

Zhou Qiang hinted to the auntie to look who it was, he also muttered to himself, "Who would come at this time, I didn't invite anyone."

At the same time, the auntie came back and told Zhou Qiang, "Mr. Zhou, they said they are the eldest young master's schoolmates. They're coming to check the condition of his injury."

"Injury?" Zhou Qiang looked at Zhou Xu suspiciously.

Zhou Xueli's heartbeat increased in an instant.

Zhou Xu smiled faintly and answered, "En, I accidentally hurt my foot today."

Hearing Zhou Xu's answer, Zhou Xueli's heartbeat became even faster.

"It's like this, then tell them to come in."

"Yes, Mr. Zhou."

Five of Zhou Xu's schoolmates came in after the door was opened. The whole family stood up. The five students were also very respectful when coming in, they first greeted Zhou Qiang, greeted Ke Tur, then gave the gifts before sitting down.

After everyone sat down, Zhou Qiang asked, "I don't think you have eaten yet. Auntie, prepare a meal for them."


After the Auntie left, a few people apologized for inconveniencing them. One of them said, "Uncle Zhou, sorry for inconveniencing you."

"No problem, no problem. You are concerned about Zhou Xu, it is me that should thank you for taking care of Zhou Xu at school."

"Uncle Zhou, where is it us taking care of Zhou Xu, it's always him taking care of us. Right, Zhou Xu, are you all right? We went to the infirmary, but the principal said that in the end you went to the hospital. How is it so severe, I thought it was only smashed a little." The schoolmate said while taking a glance at Zhou Xueli. Zhou Xueli was inwardly frightened, he knew that he couldn't hide this time.

After listening, Zhou Qiang also asked, "You even went to the hospital? What actually happened?"

"Oh, it's nothing, it was only an accident…"

"What accident, it was obviously Zhou Xueli intentionally smashing you, we all saw it."

"Xueli, what is all this about? You better be honest!" Zhou Qiang's tone suddenly became stern.

In the end, Zhou Xueli still couldn't escape. He stood up and with a small voice answered, "Father, I was wrong."

Zhou Qiang looked at the sensible Zhou Xu, then looked at this young son of his. He became even more angry, "Go to your room."

Zhou Xueli left gloomily and the dining room once again returned to its happy appearance. After Zhou Xueli left, the little bros winked at Zhou Xu and made some grimaces. Their way of looking for praises was not amusing at all. However, Zhou Xu found that he didn’t seem to hate these people. At least, they really wanted to find a way to take revenge for him.

"Father, don't be angry. Xueli wasn't doing it on purpose. Don't listen to them talking nonsense." Zhou Xu continued to act as an obedient son. At the same time, Zhou Qiang's phone rang.

Zhou Qiang saw that the caller was Wen Zhongyao, the only person Zhou Qiang respected and feared the most in his life.

When he answered the call, Zhou Qiang's expression became respectful, "Hello, Teacher Wen?"

"Zhou Qiang, your family's son is really capable. He wants to take away my only daughter?"

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