This Way of Transmigration Is Definitely Wrong!

Chapter 192

Chapter 192 - Continuation 17 : Always With You (END)

When they returned to the sleeping chamber, Shui Ruoshan shrugged off Yin Suye's arms and sat down on a chair. Before he could start preaching about Yin Suye's behaviour, Yan Ruya's voice immediately rang out from outside the door.

"Your Majesty, many people have sent you congratulatory gifts for getting a life partner."

After the human Supreme King left the city square with their demon Supreme King, Yan Ruya immediately follows suit. After all, the rest of the ceremony has already been arranged, and she does not need to personally supervise on the spot. Instead, she is more worried about their Supreme King being taken away. Hence, after some considerations, she still decided to rush over.

"Come in." Shui Ruoshan wants to see what kind of thing that other people gave him, so he didn't wait for Yin Suye to object and permitted Yan Ruya to come in.

"Yes." Yan Ruya pushed the door into the room with a tray in her hands.

At a glance, Shui Ruoshan saw a storage bag on the tray, but his eyes were utterly affixed to the golden and silver rings beside the bag instead.

"Isn’t this Sunlight and Moonlight?" Shui Ruoshan stepped forward to pick up the rings and gently played with it in his hand.

Although Shui Ruoshan was asking the question, his tone was affirmative.


Yin Suye picked up Sunlight, and in an instant Sunlight changed from its ring form to a sword. Yin Suye's eyes flashed when he looked at the Sunlight in his hand, then he waved his hand, the sword transformed back to its ring form.

"Who sent it?" Shui Ruoshan immediately turned his head and asked Yan Ruya, who brought the rings in.

"This subordinate doesn’t remember seeing these rings in the list of gifts, and I had put all the gifts in the storage bag before I came."

Yan Ruya was stunned by what happened, but immediately she said what she knew.

"Is this from Huan Tian?" Shui Ruoshan turned around and asked Yin Suye.

He remembered that both Sunlight and Moonlight were in Huan Tian’s hands previously, and Yan Ruya was very sure that she didn’t see it before. That is to say, Sunlight and Moonlight probably suddenly appeared out of thin air on the tray after Yan Ruya pushed the door into the room. And the only person who can make things appear in front of him and Yin Suye without them knowing is obviously Huan Tian, who has surpassed the strength of a Supreme King. With Huan Tian’s power, it would be too easy to prevent people from discovering him!

"Does this mean that Huan Tian is still alive?"

Shui Ruoshan has never been able to determine whether Huan Tian is still alive, but at this moment, he has an inexplicable intuition. That is, Huan Tian is still alive, together with the 1st gen Supreme King Ye Wuhua. Because if Ye Wuhua didn’t survive, it would be impossible for Huan Tian to be so nice to give them gifts as his blessing to their ‘marriage’. Heck, they would be grateful if the maniac Huan Tian didn’t come to bother them.

"Should be." Yin Suye nodded and had to admit that there is a proverb in the little guy's hometown (Earth) that is quite right, ‘good people don’t live long, bad ones live forever’.

"So, the matter is this straightforward or there are still many things that are unclear behind?"

Shui Ruoshan was full of doubts again. If Huan Tian and the 1st gen human Supreme King are still alive, then how can the next Supreme King Yin Suye ascend to the position? Apart from that, how Huan Tian and Ye Wuhua manage to survive safely without changing history?

"Why do you care about Huan Tian so much?" Yin Suye was dissatisfied that the little guy keeps thinking of other people, especially when that person is the culprit who caused him to separate from the little guy. Naturally, this made his mood to become worse.

"Indeed." Shui Ruoshan considered it and decided that he doesn’t need to struggle with the questions.

Although he can be regarded as the creator of this world, it does not mean that he must know everything about this world! Moreover, Huan Tian is a huge mystery to him. Huan Tian has too many secrets that he cannot even begin to find out. If he wants to explore Huan Tian’s every secret, he will be exhausted to death by it so he shouldn’t bother!

Anyway, it seems that Huan Tian is not going to appear in front of them, and he and Yin Suye obviously didn’t intend to find Huan Tian either. After all, their relationship is not too friendly, so he doesn’t even have to think about it.

"Then, it’s time for you to accompany me now?" Yin Suye waved his hand and forced Yan Ruya out of the room.

After kicking unnecessary people out, Yin Suye locked the door and added a barrier around the room in order to prevent any possible disturbance later. One cannot be too careful with preventive measures!

"Aren't I always here with you?"

Shui Ruoshan is very clear about Yin Suye's pettiness, so he didn’t argue with his action in driving people out of the room. One needs to know, except the time he was forced to transmigrate back to Earth, he has been staying beside Yin Suye all the time. Other than Siamese twins, probably there won’t be any other people stickier than the two of them? So Shui Ruoshan immediately became cautious when Yin Suye starts to become sticky.

"What are you trying to do now?"

"Didn’t we already went through the ceremony before? Naturally, it’s time for the wedding night!" Yin Suye said with a serious face.

Those who don't know him might think that he is talking about a very solemn topic!

"Wedding night your sister ah!" Shui Ruoshan felt that he could not place much hope on Yin Suye.

Since when your words become so ‘yellow’ (dirty)?

Does Yin Suye know what a pedophile is?

"Purely chatting under the quilt?" Shui Ruoshan also knows that he can never reason with Yin Suye, so he wisely took a roundabout tactic.

But Yin Suye's stance is obviously stronger than Shui Ruoshan.

Yin Suye : "Actually, it's alright even if we don't go all the way."

Yin Suye was quite stifled by the fact that he can only ‘see’ but not ‘eat’. However, his lover’s current body is too young, he can’t go all the way even if he wanted to! But that doesn’t mean that he has no ways to seek benefits for himself.

Shui Ruoshan : "I still have some work to deal with!"

Sensing Yin Suye's desire to eat him from his gaze, Shui Ruoshan weakly threw out an excuse that doesn’t sound like an excuse at all. Then, Shui Ruoshan got up, trying to go out to show that he has something to do and no one should stop him!

"I have something to do too!"

Unfortunately, Yin Suye didn't give Shui Ruoshan the opportunity. He pulled Shui Ruoshan back, and he(SRS) fell on the bed.


Shui Ruoshan looked at that ‘someone’ who pressed him on the bed, half compromised and closed his eyes.

Something to do your sister!

Who works on the bed?



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