Transmigration with QQ Farm

ch 479 - A Startling Change; Everybody Has Their Own Plans 10

ch 479 - A Startling Change; Everybody Has Their Own Plans 10

TWQQF ch 479 - A Startling Change; Everybody Has Their Own Plans (10) [BONUS PART]

“Elder Ying, we have all seen the new recruits that came from the County and there is one question on all of our minds. We are hoping that Elder Ying can clue us in if that is alright?”

“Oh? What question is that? Do ask.” Said Elder Ying as he looked up nonchalantly at him.

“Elder Ying, we could all tell that all the new recruits seem truly loyal to the Cheng’s. We are very curious how was that accomplished?”

As soon as Clan Master Qin finished asking the question, everybody immediately focused their attention at Old Man Ying. Yes, they all wanted to know the answer to that.

Meeting their looks, corners of Old Man Ying’s mouth curved upward. With a grin, he said, “So you want to know what that is. Of course I know the answer but I can’t and won’t tell you why that is!”

“Why not?” Valley Master Ji was slightly displeased, “Do you not trust us, Elder Ying?”

“Exactly, I don’t trust some people!”

Old Man Ying was still grinning and did not get upset at the question, “Truth be told, you don’t need to ask me this right now. You will know the answer to that soon enough. After all, it will be a decision for you all to make and it will all depend what you want to do. He he he.

Whatever did he mean by that?!

Those that were there didn’t know if that should be upset. There was certain a message in his words. Grandmaster Wudao and Nun Saochen exchanged a look. They had an idea about it, but they weren’t going to share at this point. It was to important to reveal right now.

They didn’t even tell that to their forefathers. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to share it, but they worried that nobody would believe them and accused them of making it up. So they had resorted to having them come in person and finding it out themselves.

They had an idea what kind of troubles it would cause if they share that too prematurely. o it was best for them to pretend that they had no idea. It’d be better if the announcement come directly from Cheng Xiao Xiao.

“Hi, everybody. What are you talking about?” Came a tender voice, and in walked Mo Yuze husband and wife with a gentle smile on both of their faces.

“Temple Master Mo, we are just randomly chitchatting!” Clan Master Qin did not continue the subject earlier. He looked at Rong Jinshi and asked, “So when is Mrs. Mo planning on breaking through?”

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