Transmigration with QQ Farm

Chapter 196

Upon hearingthat, Cheng Xiao Xiao was enraged. She pointed at this man, who was so prettyhe’d bring about the jealousy of both men and gods, and shouted angrily, “Yougot the short end of the stick? I got the short end of the stick. Youjerk! You want me to smash you like a fly?”

“Idefinitely got the short end of the stick, okay? You are irrational. How couldyou do that? I was being so nice to you. Can’t you at least talk in a softervoice?”

Geniusmathematician felt that he was short changed even more. He walked toward herangrily.


Cheng XiaoXiao was about to lose her mind she was so angry. How did she run into someonelike that? Where the heck did he come from?

“Miss, youcan’t treat me like that, okay? I have done some calculations, our futures areentwined in a hazy way. I have not yet figured out what our relationship isgoing to be like. Just let me do some more calculations, okay?”

“Damn you!”

Cheng XiaoXiao was so angry her teeth hurt, her heart ache, her entire body hurt. Withouthesitation, she drew all the qi in her body and body slammed him as hardas she could manage.


She felt asthough she had ran into a steel wall and her bones were about to fracture intopieces.

“This man iseven scarier!”

“Jerk! Iwill make you pay some day!”

Upon sayingthat, she leverage the bounce back and jumped outward before running away asfast as she could!

Afterdashing into the plum forest and under it’s concealment, she flashed into thedimension.

As soon asshe entered the dimension, she collapsed onto the ground!



Those whohad been waiting for her inside the dimension let out cries of surprise. Lu Zhuhelped her up immediately.

On theoutside, genius mathematician was still in shock. He could still feel the softbody upon his. Before he could get any ideas, she was gone in a flash. So fastthat he couldn’t have stopped her even if he had wanted to.

He was dazedfor half a day before he recovered. Looking at the direction where shedisappeared into, he started talking to himself again, “What just happened? Ireally got the short end of the stick. Not only have I spent a pricelessrevival pill on her, I even kissed and woke her up. How come she wasn’t thankfulto me at all?”

Growing up inthe Temple of Divine Plans, all he ever did was read day in and day out. Afterhe had graduated, all he has ever done was looking into other’s future. Runninginto something so bizarre on his first trip out, he couldn’t figure out whatwas going on

He stoodthere like an idiot for half a day until the mystical crane returned. Itnoticed that he was there alone and couldn’t help but looked left and right,but it didn’t see the injured woman.

“You can stop looking now. Xiaohe, she was gone. She was mean too!Didn’t even thank me!” Genius mathematician was still feeling disgruntled.

The mystical crane had no idea what had taken place. It gave itsmaster an inquisitive look. Was this guy who looked abandoned and defeated reallythat same arrogant master?

It’s inquisitive look jabbed at genius mathematician even more. Hecontinued to complain, “Xiaohe, I have done some calculations. No matter how Itry, I wasn’t able to catch a glimpse at who she is. In addition, it seems herand I have some entangled future together. I think I know why, Xiaohe, was itbecause I haven’t perfected my calculation skills yet? Is that why I couldn’tfigure out our relationship in the future…”

Upon saying that, suddenly the genius mathematician’s clear, bright,and somewhat childish eyes beamed with joy. Happily, he shouted, “I know! Iknow! I couldn’t see her future because we will be related! If she is thecloset person to me, I won’t be able to see her future! That’s excellent! Hahaha!”


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