Transmigration with QQ Farm

Chapter 199

After shehad returned home, Cheng Xiao Xiao did not tell all the truth to her familywhen they asked about her trip. With the exception of how she had recruited thenine fellows, she did not mention about anything else.

Naturallynobody really asked about what she didn’t share. To Mrs. Cheng, who had beenworried since the day Cheng Xiao Xiao had left, the most important thing wasthat her daughter was back.

Of course,she personally told the cooks in the kitchen to her daughter some ginseng soup,she need some nutrients after her trip.

The one howhad been waiting at Mount Wanan this entire time had also got the news thatCheng Xiao Xiao was back. He finally returned from the mountains.

Within twohours of returning home, Cheng Xiao Xiao finally met the person who had beenwaiting at her house for the last two weeks.

Cheng XiaoXiao learned about Zhu Xiangyu from her father.

A handsomeand chivalry young man. Other than his top notch look, he also has an aura ofelegance. Not to mention that he was a martial king at his young age, certainlyhis talent was impressive.

“Miss Cheng,I am so happy to see you. I have been waiting for you, it has been a longwait….”

Zhu Xiangyu waswarm toward her from the very beginning, as though they have been best offriends for years. There were no distance or awkwardness of someone one hasjust met.

Cheng XiaoXiao couldn’t help but raised her brows. She looked at him with surprise andsaid, “Mr. Zhu must be having fun as a guest at our house. Otherwise, youwouldn’t have stayed for so long, right?”

“AHAHAHAHA….”Laughed Mr. Zhu heartily; making him seem very easy-going and very bohemian.“Miss Cheng certainly knows me very well…”

“You areteasing me, Mr. Zhu,” said Cheng Xiao Xiao, unaffected. “I heard that Mr. Zhuwas here to make a delivery. I am curious how much of our ask to Mr. Zhu wereyou about to fulfill?”

“Ho ho ho.Miss Cheng is so impatient!”

Zhu Xiangyucontinued to tease, “I know this is the first time we’ve met, but seeing thatwe will continue to have a business relationship, I think we should lose theformality. What say I refer to you as Xiao Xiao?”

“Oh, whocares about formality. That’s of no importance. Since Mr. Zhu was here to makea delivery, can you give them to me? I apologize, these items are quiteimportant to me!”

“Oh, that’sno problem at all. After all, delivering these items to Xiao Xiao was theoriginal purpose of my visit!” Mr. Zhu noticed that she didn’t disagree and wassecretly happy inside. He immediately changed the way he referred to her.

Cheng Biyuansitting nearby frowned slightly. But seeing Zhu Xiangyu’s enthusiasm, andlooking at his own daughter, he had a seemingly thoughtful look on him.

Cheng XiaoXiao did not pay attention to these minor details, she asked directly, “Pleaseshow me, Mr. Zhu. I’d like to know how much of what I needed do you have.”

“Not aproblem at all!”

Zhu Xiangyuhanded over to her a ring that he had and said, “Just use your mind’s eyes andyou will be able to see, Xiao Xiao.”

“Thanks!”Even though she didn’t have a dimension ring, but she had heard of tools likethis. She took the ring from Zhu Xiangyu and immediately used her mind’s eyesand took a look. She saw that the ring has about 10 cubic meters space and itwas chalked full of stuff, some more rare than others.

Upon seeing that, her eyes immediately beamed with enthusiasm. Heremotional display was quite reasonable; this was the happiest event since shehad arrived home.

“Xiao Xiao, I have more over here….” Seeing her beaming withhappiness, which made her face looked prettier and more tender, Zhu Xiangyu’seyes twinkled.


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