Undefeated God of War

Chapter 943 – The Finale

Chapter 943 – The Finale

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Right from the start, Tang Tian was completely fixated on the Great Clan Elder, in his eyes, the Great Clan Elder was the most important enemy. He did not intend to decrease the distance between them, for he knew it would raise the Great Clan Elder’s caution.

He looked extremely calm, and even when Ah Xin was talking to the Spirit Generals, he placed more than half of his attention on the Great Clan Elder. The intensity of the battle was unprecedented, and Tang Tian’s focus had reached a new peak. His abundance of experience nagged at him that the situation of the battle could instantly change at any moment, and an opportunity would arise any moment, usually it was just a fleeting chance, and if he was not focused, he would never be able to catch the opportunities.

When he noticed that the Great Clan Elder’s focus was on Ah Xin, he immediately realized that it was an extremely good opportunity.

He secretly looked at Ji Ze and Fu Zheng Zhi, and the God Armor Army quietly moved.

Tang Tian had gained tremendous improvements from the Sword Tempest Cyclone, especially his understanding of laws, in which was an intrinsic upgrade. Tang Tian realized this the moment he connected to the God Armor Army.

In the past, the tactics that he had prepared for the God Armor Army was relatively inflexible and stiff, which was by using various methods to assemble the laws together.

But in the current Tang Tian’s eyes, all of the tactics had become extremely crude.

The brand new Awakened God Armor control was tremendously much stronger than the past, which also allowed Tang Tian’s control over the Awakened God Armor to become stronger.

He had prepared Tactic No.9 for the Great Clan Elder, which was the strongest tactic that the God Armor Army had.

The army moved, and Ji Ze’s eyes instantly flashed with surprise.

Tactic No.9 was the tactic that they had trained in the most in ordinary times, and he was naturally extremely familiar with it. But this time, the sensation was completely different. Usually, he had to focus extremely hard, on the combination with his comrades. The superpositioning of the different energies was the most difficult part of Tactic No.9. If there was even a discrepancy of a millisecond in any of the procedure, it could greatly diminish the might of the technique. For the sake of being extremely accurate, all of them had suffered greatly, to become extremely familair with the tactic. But even so, they had to be extremely focused when using the Tactic, and any slip up could lead to a failure.

But this time, Ji Ze felt as though there was an invisible hand quietly pushing the process, and making it feel extremely natural in executing the Tactic. What surprised him even more was that the power of his Laws were continuously flowing without the need for him to control. If not for his unconditional trust in Tang Tian, he would had become fearful of it.

~How much stronger has Master’s control improved?~

He felt that it was inconceivable.

But, the energy that he was imbuing in was far more than what the ordinary Tactic No.9 needed. ~So much energy, what is Master going to use it for? Not all tactics could become better with more energy, not only would it become worse, but it might lead to other complications.

The excess energy capacity could lead to the destruction of the tactic.

But, he was dumbstruck. He watched as the different energy attributes superimpose together endlessly. The entire process flowed like a stream of water without any hint of slowing down. If not for Ji Ze being extremely familiar with all the energy, he would have definitely thought that the different energy all came from the same source, and were extremely matching. But in the usual training, he knew that all the different energy attributes were extremely violent. If they allowed them to superimpose randomly, they would explode.

All of a sudden, the regular method that they had trained in the Tactic was undermined, Ji Ze was completely dumbstruck by Tang Tian’s inconceivable control over the tactic. It was not only Ji Ze, the entire God Armor Army was shocked by Tang Tian’s sudden take in the tactic.

Ji Ze suddenly frowned, he felt that he had overlooked on something.

~Hold up!~

Ji Ze’s eyes lit up, he knew what he had overlooked, the energy undulation! He actually did not sense any energy undulation! He almost screamed out in shock, ~Impossible! There are so many different energies superimposing on each other, how can there be no energy undulation?~

But, he was unable to sense the energy undulation!

Every single member felt their power of the laws being pulled out, and all of it converged onto Tang Tian’s fingertip, forming a black little arrow. This arrow was completely different from the arrow formed from the usual Tactic No.9, the usual Tactic No.9’s arrow formed would be sparkling and translucent, with dark red blood veins and ice lines, and light granules would be visible inside the dark red blood veins. The completely black arrow on his finger made everyone extremely curious.

They had never seen the new Tactic No.9 before, and had never seen such an arrow.

Tang Tian did not unleash the attack immediately, and waited patiently for an opportunity.

The Great Clan Elder’s focus was completely absorbed by the battle between the two large scale armies, there were too many soldiers, both armies were extreme elites, which was something rarely seen.

Both parties had extremely outstanding military generals, They were all able to use unique methods to directly give commands to their subordinates, and the armies were as nimble as their limbs. Various eye dazzling tactics were being coordinated, with the opposing side using their own tactics to counter, and the tempo of the battlefield was extremely high.

Sophie started to fall at the disadvantage, which was not a surprise to the Great Clan Elder, but the disadvantage had occurred so early that it made him dissatisfied, he felt that Sophie was obviously not enough to support his own military general system.

There was no doubt for Sophie’s talent, and her capabilities itself were outstanding, but she had a few weaknesses. For example, her ability to lead was strong, but she had a pitiful experience in command. One, her experience in real battle was too little, second, her experience in commanding a large army was too few. From the start, Sophie always only held the position as the Commander of the Banner of Knights. The Banner of Knights were a small group of few hundred men, and Sophie never interacted with a large army of a few million men.

As for her opponent Ah Xin, regardless of experience in real battles or commanding a large army for battles, he had plenty of experience, and was extremely crafty. Ah Xin was able to capture every flaw in the moves that Sophie made, and slowly but surely, the gap between the two widened.

In addition, the quality of the soldiers also had a huge difference.

In terms of strength or experience, the Holy Flames Spirit General Army’s soldiers were unable to compare with the Spirit Generals of the Southern Cross Army. Even though they had the support of the Holy Flames, they were being suppressed to the point that they could not raise their heads.

~Seems like I have to use that move.~

The Great Clan Elder shook his head inwardly, ~after spending so much effort, the situation is still being overwhelmed by the enemy, seems like I need to find more capable Military Generals. Sophie is still too immature, and cannot hold such a huge responsibility.~

~Luckily, I still have some moves to deploy~, the Great Clan Elder smiled, and the radiant mark on his forehead suddenly glowed bright.


In the midst of the battle, one of soldier of the Holy Flame Army suddenly exploded, and transformed into gold Holy Flames that had a smear of dark red color, making it extremely bewitching. One of the Southern Cross Army Spirit General who was close to him was infected by the dark red color.

This soldier instantly froze as the red Holy Flames permeated into his body.

A faint radiant mark suddenly flickered on the soldier’s forehead, and his face revealed a look of struggle. The fiery screen of Holy Flames in the sky shot a regiment of Holy Flames down, which coiled around the soldier, instantly dying blood red. The Holy Flame started to grow, and a cocoon started to form around the soldier.

Bang bang bang, one after another, many Holy FLame Spirit Generals exploded, and transformed into dark red holy flames.

In the blink of the eye, the battlefield was died with a bewitching dark red.

The Holy Flames in the sky started to turn vigorous, and Holy Flames started to surge from all directions.

Ah Xin’s eyes turned bloodshot, he never expected for the Great Clan Elder to actually use his own soldiers as weapons. Since the day he joined the army, everyone treated him with care and concern, and after he became a Military General, he passed down this love to his subordinates. He had never thought that there would actually be a man so vicious to use his own subordinates as weapons to attack his enemies.

In the Great Clan Elder’s eyes, all of them were not soldiers, in his heart, anyone could be sacrificed.

“Use the Ocean of Peace!”

Tang Tian’s reminder sounded in his ears, causing Ah Xin to instantly become alert, struggling free from the rage, he felt ashamed, for he had allowed the anger to take over him, which should had never happened.

Ah Xin immediately realized the benefits of Tang Tian’s advise, and roared: “Undying Sword!”

Hummmmmm, a sword hum sounded out. The Undying Sword flew into Ah Xin’s hand, and the pitch black Ocean of Peace started to surge out from beneath Ah Xin’s feet. The black seawater contained a familiar aura, which immediately caused the soldiers who were infected by the dark red Holy Flames to calm down, and the radiant marks on their foreheads gradually dimmed down.

Du Ke suddenly appeared behind the Great Clan Elder like a ghost, but the Great Clan Elder had already sensed him, and with a palm and a weird angle, he smashed behind him.

Du Ke who had just appeared met with the palm, his face changed as he activated his Law Domain with full force.


The immense explosion caused everyone on the battlefield to be shocked.

The terrifying and matchless power caused Du Ke’s body to tremble, his eyes rolled back, and before he could even react, boom, he was smashed straight down to the ground, which formed a large pit.

Everyone was frightened by the Great Clan Elder’s palm, and all of them stopped momentarily.

The faces of Ji Ze and the rest turned white, ~That’s Du Ke, Sin Domain’s strongest martial artist, he was actually smashed into the ground with one palm, that…~

The Great Clan Elder looked at Tang Tian once, his face cynical, he ignored Tang Tian once again and raised his right arm. A pillar of Holy Flames descended down from the sky, and enveloped his hand, connecting him and the fiery screen of Holy Flames.

The radiant mark on the Great Clan Elder’s forehead became brighter, and the power emitting from his body exploded.

The dark red Holy Flames that was initially being devoured by the Ocean of Peace exploded with light aura, and once again held the upper hand, and the blood red cocoons started to form once again.

Du Ke struggled and climbed out of the pit, then wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. It was the first time he was placed in such a terrible situation, he was struck heavily, and his Law Domain actually cracked under that one violent attack. The Great Clan Elder was truly powerful, as though his body contained a violent ocean. It was Du Ke’s first time experiencing such a powerful attack.

~But if you think that you can defeat me that easily, you’re wrong.~

Qian Hui glanced at Tang Tian. She understood him too well. ~For him to not take action for such a long time, It isn’t his style, it means Big Brother Tian is waiting for an opportunity.~

~Although no one knows what killing technique Big Brother Tian has prepared for Great Clan Elder, I know that he is waiting for an opportunity.~

Qian Hui’s gaze turned back to the battlefield, her mind was always at a calm, even with the Great Clan Elder’s vicious methods, she did not become agitated at all. The entire battlefield was extremely clear in her eyes, and where the most explosions occurred was where the most intense regions were.

For the sake of infecting more soldiers, the Great Clan Elder had intentionally stretched the perimeter. Being so, their formation was flattened.

“Xiao Ran, you will cut in from there, and then launch an attack from the left side, as long as you can break an opening, hand it over to Ah Xin, he will make good use of it. The enemy’s formation will tilt to Ah Xin’s favor, you can try to make a roundabout and cut in from Sophie’s back.”

She ordered Xiao Ran softly, her tone was calm and sure, which assured Xiao Ran. She had no way of participating in the battle, if she were to lead a force herself, everyone had to divert attention to take care of her.

“Behind Sophie?” Xiao Ran did not understand, ~Isn’t the defence there extremely strong?~

“Yes!” Qian Hui replied: “I noticed Sophie’s habit, she likes to protect the flanks, it is a very orthodox response. So she will definitely use everything to fight against Ah Xin, she wants to bear the Great Clan Elder’s pressure. So this is your chance, you will cut in from behind Sophie, and then attack the Great Clan Elder. Remember, one move, you only have one move. Do not go close, do not hold back, once you finish this one attack, you have to retreat immediately, without hesitation. Do you remember all of that?”

“Yes!” Xiao Ran nodded her head, other people might hesitate towards her order, but Xiao Ran would never do it.

~Young Miss is the Goddess of War that had defeated Ah Xin!~

Xiao Ran was eager: “I’m off then, Young Miss!”

She was already impatient, the frontlines were already at its climax, but she had not participated in the battle, which was a torture for her.

“Pay attention to safety.” Qian Hui added.

Tang Tian’s expression remained the same, he had seen the Great Clan elder’s cynical look. However, the game between the two had just begun, it was as though the Great Clan Elder knew that Tang Tian was waiting for the opportunity to give a fatal blow, and the Great Clan Elder had already noticed Tang Tian’s Killing Technique.

But, The Great Clan Elder still thought that he was in control of the entire situation, as long as he paid attention to Tang Tian’s sneak attack. The only person capable of posing a threat was him.

And Tang Tian also recognized his own advantage, because he had his companions that he believed in.

Xiao Ran’s assault did not attract the Great Clan Elder’s eyes, he was more focused on the capture of the enemy’s spirit generals and defending against Tang Tian. He was long drooling for the Spirit Generals, and did not hesitate to sacrifice his own Spirit Generals in an attempt to seize control over the enemy’s Spirit Generals. What surprised him was that the power of the Ocean of Peace was stronger than he had imagined, and he had to put even more effort in suppressing the Ocean of Peace.

Xiao Ran’s assault was extremely smooth, her assaulting ability was far stronger than Ah Xin, furthermore, the Spirit Generals by her side were far stronger than any of the Spirit Generals of the Southern Cross Army.

As expected, everything went according to what Qian Hui said.

Seeing that Sophie’s formation was being tilted by Ah Xin, Xiao Ran brought her few Spirit Generals and quietly took a roundabout quietly.

Across the entire battlefield, Xiao Ran was like a thief, where no one noticed her. Sophie’s opponent was Ah Xin, The Great Clan Elder was cautious against Tang Tian, and he believed that aside from Tang Tian, only Du Ke posed a slight threat, as for Xiao Ran, the Great Clan Elder viewed her as the perfect spoils of war.

Only when Xiao Ran and her Spirit Generals suddenly cut behind Sophie and got close to the Great Clan Elder did he take notice of her.

Before any of them could react, Xiao Ran took a deep breath and bellowed: “KILL!”

She raised the Zanbato in her hand, and with all of her strength, she slashed downwards!

Behind her, the 120 Spirit Generals slashed down as well.

The 120 blade auras entered Xiao Ran’s blade aura, and like a crescent moon, it shot at the Great Clan Elder.

If Tang Yi was around, he would definitely have recognized the technique. It was his most proficient Heavy Lance Charge. But in Xiao Ran’s hand, this Heavy Lance Charge did not contain any fireworks.

After releasing the blade aura, Xiao Ran remembered the Young Miss’ reminder, and without even looking, she turned tail and sprinted away.

The Great Clan Elder’s expression became gloomy, he naturally did not place such an attack in his eyes. To him, Xiao Ran and them were like ants. But who would had known that the ants would actually take the initiative to attack him, and even got so close to him. It was also coincidentally at the crucial time where he wanted to take full control over the battlefield, ~Damn it!~

~Sophie, you trash!~

The Great Clan Elder suppressed the rage in his heart, he saw the cold crescent blade aura, and his pupils instantly layered with a thin ice.

He raised his right hand, and was prepared to make a move, when the scene before him dazzled.

It was Du Ke who had climbed out of the pit, and he, who looked as though he was dying, actually made his move.

The Great Clan Elder felt as though he was being isolated into a grotesque and variegated world, the world before him dazzled with neon rainbow colors, and his ears buzzed as all sorts of strange sounds entered his ears.

The Great Clan Elder’s face changed, ~An illusory world!~

How could Du Ke, a man who had gained enlightenment on Law Domains, be a fool? After sustaining the injury, he immediately understood that he had made a mistake in his plan, the Great Clan Elder had immense strength in his body, and if they were to go head to head, he would definitely lose out.

~If that’s the case, why don’t I strike at his weak point?~

The Great Clan Elder might possess terrifying strength, but his attainments on Laws were not high.

Furthermore, Du Ke knew that he need not use any wounding attacks, he only needed to cause the Great Clan Elder to be distracted.

Du Ke immediately thought of illusions, which was one of the most used methods for beginners. Du Ke’s standard was at the top, the illusions he knew was not limited to light and vision, but sound laws and spatial laws.

The Great Clan Elder was immediately struck by the technique.

There was no defense at all. The Great Clan Elders was surprised and subconsciously went to block Xiao Ran‘s swift attack, and used the golden Holy Flames to engulfing the illusory world.

At this time, Tang Tian finally started working. His actions were quick and no one could see it clearly.

The Great Clan Elder stopped abruptly. There was a bright mark on his forehead and he had a shockingly large hole in his hand.

The Great Clan Elder couldn’t move as the Holy Flames around his right arm shattered.

Bang bang bang!

The cocoons coiling around the soldiers started to explode.

Sophie was frozen, the radiant mark on her forehead suddenly dazzled with light aura, while the radiant mark on the other soldiers of the Holy Flames Spirit General Army started to increase in intensity, as though they were all in a trance, they remained unmoved.

Tang Tian’s face suddenly changed: “Run away!”

Ah Xin, Du Ke and the rest on the battlefield immediately reacted as they turned and ran.

The Great Clan Elder never expected himself to fall for an illusion, ~But you guys can never win……~

Sensing that the Holy Flames inside his body were losing control, he wanted to laugh fanatically, but no sound came out.


Dazzling light auras blossomed from everyone, Sophie and the other soldiers were unable to run from the dazzling light aura that devoured them.

Tang Tian’s face changed, without hesitation, he opened up his arms, countless of Law Threads intercrossed in the air and grew like vines, transforming into a wall of Laws. His Awakened God Armor was utilized to its maximum, the transparent light auras from the laws lit up, and the wall of light blocked their backs.

Qian Hui who was sprinting away frantically suddenly sensed something in her heart, and turned back. When she saw the arms that were spread opened inside the wall of light, Tang Tian who resembled the moth inside amber, her mind froze, and all the blood in her face receded instantly.


A heart wrenching scream sounded out, and the endless light aura engulfed everything.


Five years later.

Star Wind City had already become the hub connecting Heaven’s Road and the Sacred Saint Galaxy, and the area of the city was expanded by many times. But the true glory of Star Wind City stemmed from the fact that the favouritism from the Queen. Ever since the Queen had unified the Sacred Saint Galaxy and Heaven’s Road as one, she had moved to reside in Star Wind City.

It was said that when she was young, the Queen had stayed in Star Wind City, and had developed deep feelings for the land.

The Queen’s side palace was located on the mountain peak outside the old Star Wind City, where the scenery was plain, and no one knew why the Queen adored the place.

Qian Hui sat on a rock with her hands supporting her chin as she looked into the distance. Every night in the past, he would train his fundamental martial techniques here. Before she left Star Wind City, she would be seated like that, watching him train.

She sat there quietly, and realized that night had covered the sky, and stood up to return to her side palace.

After finishing her dinner, as usual, she arrived at the Ice room.

Inside the ice room laid an ice coffin, where a young man laid quietly.

Qian Hui quietly looked at the familiar face. Du Ke said that within his body remained a trace of life, and she had always been waiting for him.

As usual, she gently spoke: “Big Brother Tian, when will you wake up? It’s your birthday tomorrow, all of them will be coming over. You haven’t seen them for so many years, I think everyone has become very strong, so you better quickly wake up. If not, Little Xu Xu will definitely say that he can beat you into a pulp tomorrow…”

A faint voice that contained anger sounded out from within the ice coffin.

“Beat me into a pulp? I haven’t beat him up for the past few days, and he dares to be so rampant? No, that can’t do it, I cannot tolerate his arrogance…”

Qian Hui became affixed, as though she was in a body binding spell.

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