Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2559 - Do You Feel That This Ye Lacks Money Very Much?

Chapter 2559: Do You Feel That This Ye Lacks Money Very Much?

“Oh? Haven’t opened the furnace yet and the nation teacher already wants my life?” Ye Yuan said leisurely while revolving his cultivation method to recover his strength.

Lin Lan snickered and said, “With how you refined it, is there still a need to open the furnace? It’s definitely a useless pill inside the medicine cauldron!”

Refining heavenly pills had extremely high requirements for the material of the medicine cauldron.

Hence, before opening the furnace, one did not know the quality of the heavenly pill inside the medicine cauldron.

Judging from Ye Yuan’s performance, this furnace was undoubtedly an invalid pill.

Actually, it was not just Lin Lan who thought so. Everyone present thought so too.

Ye Yuan’s refinement was already too unsightly towards the later stages.

The air of a master when he just started was completely gone!

Using swaying in the midst of a raging storm could not be more apt.

He was completely hanging in there with one breath!

How could such a refinement possibly refine a complete product heavenly pill?

Let alone that it was even the extremely high difficulty Jasper Regeneration Pill.

“Hahaha … just your flustered confusion, is there still a need to open the furnace? Not blowing the furnace up is already considered pretty good!” Xie Hua said jeeringly.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Better open it up. Otherwise, I won’t give up either. This origin divinity contract can’t be completed too, isn’t that so?”

Lin Lan nodded slightly and said, “Fine, I’ll let you give up on this!”

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “I don’t have much strength anymore. So I’ll have to trouble Lord Nation Teacher to open the furnace personally then.”

Lin Lan had a look of disdain on his face and arrived before the medicine cauldron.

At this time, the emperor on the second floor slowly stood up and said coolly, “Alright, the outcome is a foregone conclusion. We are leaving!”

This one sentence, the outcome is a foregone conclusion, carried a double meaning.

On one hand, it was referring to Nation Teacher and Ye Yuan’s battle. The outcome was a foregone conclusion.

On the other hand, it was referring to Eldest Prince and Second Prince’s battle. It was similarly a foregone conclusion.

Therefore, he had no interest in staying any longer.

The remaining things would naturally be handled by Nation Teacher.

“Sending Royal Father off respectfully!” Eldest Prince was wildly elated in his heart and bowed to send Qiao Kaiyuan off.

Second Prince did not turn his head back. His gaze was glued to downstairs.

Suddenly, his entire body trembled, his eyes giving off a dazzling light!

“Hahahaha …” Second Prince let out a burst of wild laughter. The emotions suppressed in his heart erupted completely at this moment.

Eldest Prince currently had his back toward downstairs and did not know what happened.

Hearing Second Prince laugh madly without ceasing, he even thought that he could not bear the blow and went completely mad.

“Old Second, it’s just a temporary loss. Why do you have to care so much? We’ll always be brothers!” Eldest Prince urged with a hypocritical expression.

Right at this time, a series of exclamations came from below, instantly suppressing his voice.

“Refined! Really refined!”

“Too fake! When he was refining the pill, he already looked like that. It can actually form a pill too?”

“A miracle! Really a miracle! Within five years, he actually really refined the Jasper Regeneration Pill!”

… …

Eldest Prince’s expression changed wildly, and he turned to look downstairs, and his entire body turned stiff there.

And Qiao Kaiyuan also stopped halfway!

Downstairs, Lin Lan was transfixed, while Xie Hua had a blank face.

By the side, a medicinal pill was placed in the dish quietly.

There was an uproar in front of Sky Gathering Establishment.

“This … This … What on earth is going on?” The wild ecstasy just now had long already evaporated into thin air.

Eldest Prince’s heart had a layer of thick dark clouds covered along with the appearance of that heavenly pill.

Second Prince laughed loudly and said, “Royal Brother, it is just a temporary loss. You don’t need to care! Don’t need to care! Hahaha …”

Suddenly, his expression changed. The emperor actually arrived by his side at no idea when.

However, his gaze was looking below.

At this time, a look of surprise finally showed on the emperor’s face.

Clearly, he was unable to believe everything before his eyes too.

The Jasper Regeneration Pill had formed!

Nation Teacher lost!

Lost completely and utterly!

“Royal Father, this time, it can prove my eyesight, right? Ye Yuan really created a miracle again!” Second Prince said with confidence.

At this very moment, he was unbelievably grateful to Lu Yun.

If not for Master Yun, it would have been impossible for him to turn the tables in a desperate situation!

It was not that his eyesight was good, but that Master Yun’s eyesight was good!

Master Yun had said long ago, Ye Yuan was a dragon among men, a distinguished talent among ascenders!

Now, the massive dragon had already taken off!

“Lord Nation Teacher, I remember that you said before, if I can refine the Jasper Regeneration Pill, you’ll swallow the medicine cauldron whole? Now, are you swallowing or not?”

“Also, this Brother Xue, you appeared very pleased with yourself just now. You don’t need to buy the Jasper Regeneration Pill from me? I beg you, please don’t come to me to buy one! It’s not for sale!”

Ye Yuan’s two sentences stung Lin Lan and Xie Hua until they almost went crazy.

Lin Lan’s old face almost wanted to tunnel into the ground.

The moment the furnace opened, he was completely dumbfounded.

The Jasper Regeneration Pill really formed!

But how was this possible?

“This is impossible! You were clearly giving out already previously. Your refining technique already became deformed. So how can it possibly form a pill?!” Lin Lan bellowed.

He thought that it was impossible for the one point Ye Yuan to refine a heavenly pill. In the end, Ye Yuan refined the Foundation Establishment Heavenly Pill.

He thought that it was impossible for Ye Yuan to refine the Jasper Regeneration Pill. But in the end, Ye Yuan really refined the Jasper Regeneration Pill!

This sort of thing was simply too demoralizing!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Competing in alchemy, you’re still far behind! If I tell you that everything later was all refined by relying on instinct, do you believe it?”

Before waiting for Lin Lan to speak, Ye Yuan continued, “Of course you won’t believe it! Just like if I tell you that I really only studied 20 over kinds of basic heavenly pills in these five years, you definitely won’t believe it too. If I tell you, these heavenly medicines, it’s all my first time refining, you still won’t believe it! However, these are all facts! The things that you look down on might not be useless. The people that you look down on might not be inferior to you too! Pill refining, you’re just a frog at the bottom of a well!”

Lin Lan’s entire body trembled, feeling that his alchemy beliefs had completely collapsed.

Everything that Ye Yuan said was what he could not imagine!

However, Ye Yuan really did it!

He refined the Jasper Regeneration Pill!

Lin Lan had a face like he was battered out of his senses and no longer had the air of a nation teacher.


Suddenly, Xie Hua directly knelt down in front of Ye Yuan and wept bitterly as he said, “Master Ye, I … I was wrong! I beg you, sell the heavenly pill to me! I’m willing to pay ten times, no, a hundred times the price!”

Xie Hua wanted to become a heavenly alchemist, it was also precisely so, that he hated Ye Yuan even more.

Originally, he did not believe that Ye Yuan could refine the Jasper Regeneration Pill at all. Especially learning from Xiao Qi there about Ye Yuan’s situation in these recent years.

But now, Ye Yuan actually really refined it!

Ye Yuan just smiled and said, “This Ye will not take back my words once I’ve said it! Not selling to you means not selling to you! Forget that you offered 100 times; even if it’s a thousand times, ten thousand times the price, this Ye won’t sell it to you too! Moreover, do you feel that this Ye lacks money very much?”

As he said, he raised the Jasper Regeneration Pill in his hand and said smilingly, “Who wants the Jasper Regeneration Pill?”

“I want it!”

Someone with a severed arm reacted the fastest and jumped out immediately.

This person was precisely one of the guards who beat the Tang Family’s father and son back then!

Ye Yuan smiled slightly and said, “Consider yourself lucky. This heavenly pill, I’m giving it to you!”

As he said those words, Ye Yuan actually directly threw the Jasper Regeneration Pill to him!

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