Upgrade Specialist in Another World

USAW Prologue

Prologue: The Most Tragic Transmigrator in History

《The Happiest Transmigrator in History》 was the hottest virtual reality game in 2XXX CE. It was a cheesy name, but the moment this game appeared it immediately dominated the entire market. With its top-notch technology, the game was able to earn the spotlight of being the “Second Life” for everyone.

In the game, there was one player that was currently holding a book with a howling burst of laughter from within a dark cave.

“Fuck yeah! The “Equipment Upgrade Technique!” Wahahahaha! I’m...I’m rich!”

For five to six minutes, the player laughed and laughed until he felt a pang in his chest. But even after he stopped, he could feel his body quivered from head to to toe nonstop. Staring greedily at the cover, the player prepared to use the skill so that he’d be able to increase in strength exponentially.

“Eh? What’s going on?” Just at that moment, the entire area around him began to flicker and distort as if he was receiving extremely unstable TV signals. “A power outage? Nah, even if that happened, there’s a backup power generator. Did something happen to the game servers?”

Just as the person was considering if he should quit from the game for the time being, the area around him finally snapped under the load and shattered! Yes, it was as if a mirror had shattered into thousands of pieces. But when the area around him shattered, they shattered into dots of light before disappearing from sight!!

The player had been scared speechless. For a while, he was stunned and didn’t move from his spot at all. But after a moment, he realized that his body was suddenly falling straight down!

The entire area around him was in chaos by now, and plenty of multi-colored light began to fill the place. But the distinct sensation of falling was warning him that he was only just falling faster and faster.

This brought him to a state of unprecedented fear. Yelling nonstop at the game controller on his left hand, he cried, “Quit! Quit the game! For fucks sakes! Why can’t I quit the game?!”

In the end, he gave up on trying to quit by shouting. Whipping his head around in terror, the player could only see the stream of color, but nothing else that was distinguishable to him.

“Where am I gonna fall down to? I’m just playing a VR game, if I keep on falling down, where the hell am I going to go?”

But then a thought struck him, causing his entire body to tremble.

“Am I….am I transmigrating?! My body was in the gamepod, but my soul is transmigrating?!”

As if responding to his conjectures, the colorful space beneath him slowly started to drain away of its color to form a murky gray. Just slightly, the hazy sight of scenery could be seen beneath the gray fog. From the looks of things, it looked like a street with people walking on it.

“I’ve arrived! Have I really transmigrated?” Momentarily stunned by the revelation, the player finally began to howl in laughter, “Wahahaha! Yer daddy has finally transmigrated! All those history books, those experiments, those studies on transmigration (novels of every kind regarding transmigration), they weren’t in vain!

The astronomy of the skies, the geography of the earth, origami, smelting, architecture, anything and everything, I know them all! Wakakaka, the world, the women! Here. I. Come!”

“Hm? What’s going on? Hey hey...are you shitting me?!”

The previously ecstatic howls of laughter soon came to a stop, only to be replaced with a shriek of terror when he realized that the closer and closer he got to the gray mist below, the more sick he felt. It was a ‘choking’ sensation, and even more fissures began to appear in the area around him before spreading throughout the area.

But when one of these cracks touched upon his shoulder, the part that was touched immediately went missing!

It was as if the part of his shoulder had been erased by an eraser. The afflicted part was gone, and it felt as if the removed part had been detached from his body and turned into black mist.

But what made him despair even more was that the cracks continued to growlike a group of piranhas in an eating frenzyand devoured at his flesh…

Or maybe it was better to say it was devouring his soul!

The joy that came from “transmigration” was quickly being replaced by the fear of death.

“Don’t joke around with me, okay? Hey now…”

A single crack cut across his right leg, detaching it from the rest of his body and turning it into black mist.

“What’s going on! The books never said that this would happen when transmigrating….”

And then his right arm was gone. The “Equipment Upgrade Technique” that had been held tightly in his right hand was thus then sent flying into the air.

The “world” down below was getting closer and closer to him, but the cracks forming around him were growing more and more as well. In addition, several bubbles of transparent air began to appear. Whenever the soul fragments formed by the parts that were cut off from the cracks were touched by these air bubbles, they slowly began to disappear from sight.

“The fuck’s going on?! I’m a transmigrator! I’m the damn main cha—”

But even before he could finish the script, the rest of his body was scattered into the chaos, leaving behind several different sized soul fragments. One by one, these soul fragments began to disappear as well due to the bubbles of air...

By now, the soul fragments were already passing through the clouds. The skill book and the soul fragments that were stuck with it was quickly plummeting through the gray clouds to reach the world below!

And the air bubbles quickly gave chase to it...

How could transmigration ever be that easy! Every plane of existence had their own laws. Anything or anyone that was not deemed to be a part of this plane of existence would be seen as a virus and be eliminated by these very laws!

This two-bit player was merely a side character; and not a main character. There was no need to know of his name, and the tragic side character had thus inevitably lost his life after transmigrating. His soul was shattered into pieces, and by now, he couldn’t even die anymore even if he wanted to! Would he perhaps be the most tragic transmigrator in history?

The soul fragments and skill book that managed to escape the planar laws were by no means a part of this world, and neither did they follow its laws. Now that they’ve escaped into this world, what kind of storms would it bring with it?

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