Valhalla Saga

Chapter 261 (END)

Final Episode

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The beautiful golden apple replaced the World Tree. It supported the world that was collapsing and put off the fire that was spreading in the worlds with the power of life.

The humans of Midgard that were trembling in fear felt the warmth of the power of life. They saw the golden apple tree and thought of the graceful smile of Idun.

The dead beings of Niflheim shed tears. It was because the light of the tree made them remember the earth in the ground.

The dwarves raised their hammers and cheered. The fairies and dark fairies made tributes towards the golden apple tree healing the forests. They called out the name of Idun.

The Gods of Vanaheim smiled.

The birds that were at the highest branch felt joy.

Mimir, that was swept in flames and waiting for death, looked at a high place. He opened his mouth to try to say a number but he stopped that.

Talking about probabilities was a meaningless thing. A miracle had already occurred and it was still continuing now.

“The one starting a new beginning.”

The head of Mimir said. The three sisters looked at the golden apple tree and smiled.

Surtr breathed roughly. Bewilderment got transmitted to the Kingdom of Fire just like how despair of the Gods got transmitted to the warriors.

That’s impossible. That can’t be true.

Surtr said in a low voice. He looked at the golden apple tree that had replaced the World Tree.

It wasn’t only the power of Tae Ho.

The golden apple tree had the power of the World Dragon, the ancient God Audhumla.

They couldn’t see the four pillars stuck nearby anymore and the body of the World Dragon had also disappeared.

Hraesvelgr, that was looking at the tree, turned his gaze. Nidhogg was smiling brightly while being covered in blood in Adenmaha’s embrace.

The World Dragon had become the core of the golden apple tree. Tae Ho’s saga, the power of Terra and the power of the World God Asgard got added and created a new World Tree.


Nidhogg said. She buried her face in Adenmaha’s chest and then raised her head and said.

“Help Tae Ho master.”

Because i’m fine. I will just watch from here.

Adenmaha blinked and then looked at the place Tae Ho was at.

Nidhogg hugged Adenmaha tightly but then let her go. She laughed and glanced.

“I will go then.”

“I will be waiting for you.”

Adenmaha said and Nidhogg smiled once again. Adenmaha hugged Nidhogg back tightly and then stood up.


Adenmaha ran. She transformed into a white dragon and crossed the sky.


Ingrid blew the horn trumpet will all her strength and awoke the silent battlefield. It awakened the sound of all the horn trumpets being heard from far away.

Reginleif raised her flag. Rasgrid roared and Gandur yelled.

“For Asgard and the nine realms.”

“For Asgard and the nine realms!”

The Valkyries yelled. The horn trumpets rang everywhere and the warriors of Valhalla let out a battle cry and charged.

The heroes of Olympus stood up again and the martial artists of the Temple raised their swords.

Azidajaka got flustered at the sudden change in the situation. And Sigurd, that was pushing Azidajaka back, said. Echidna barked at it.

“You shouldn’t be looking away?!”

Sigurd swung Gram widely. Echidna moved exquisitely as if she had become one with Sigurd and the red sword aura passed the neck of Azidajaka, cut down the head of Typhon and black blood spouted out.

Apollo made the sun arise once again. The Goddess of Sun of Asgard, Sol, helped him. Athena, that had become the Goddess of Sun of Erin, roared and released her divine power.

The three-legged crow perched and flew up. It gathered the four suns into one once again and threw it down into the battlefield. That attacked the Gods of night Surtr had gathered and attacked their divinity itself.

“Go! Warriors of Valhalla!”

Ragnar yelled. He gave strength to everyone in the battle as the king of Vikings. He pulled out his Viking Sword and advanced forward. Merlin stood next to him and activated magic of Erin. Hela marched with Galeon along the army of the dead.

Odin laughed. He got impressed. He looked at the golden apple tree and hit his chest twice. They hadn’t won completely but he could only mention someone.



Freya panted and raised her body. She couldn’t stand up and was on the ground but she didn’t pass out. She leaned her body on a staff and looked at the direction the tree was at.

“That girl, she has a good warrior.”

She said that to Heda and Idun. Freya laughed and took in the light of light that didn’t only lit up the surroundings but all of Asgard.

Surtr looked at Tae Ho.

And Tae Ho looked at him back.

Surtr clenched his Sword of Flames. It was impossible to burn down the World Tree again and that was because the Last path of flames he used to burn down the World Tree was the last of his strength.

He had spent too much strength. He needed time to arise the Last path of flames.

But Tae Ho was in the same situation as him.

He had awakened as an existence that transcended a World God but he had spent most of that strength in creating a new World Tree.

I will destroy you and bring an end to Asgard this time.

Surtr said and then raised his Sword of Flames. Tae Ho raised his Sword of Creation.

And at that moment Cuchulainn said.

‘Hey, are you really going to do that?’

[He should. That’s why he gathered it until now.]

Surtr gathered power in his sword when Astelone snickered and spoke. He swung it and then Tae Ho swung his Sword of Creation to face against Surtr’s wave.

The wave of destruction clashed with the light of creation. Surt’s power was slightly superior this time too.

But Tae Ho didn’t lose his leisure. He heard Cuchulainn laughing and thought of another story.

Not Kalsted’s story but his own story. The countless relationships he piled up while traveling several worlds.

Myth ranked saga.

The warrior that had a Goddess meet him.

[My warrior Tae Ho.]

“I am number one.”

Idun and Heda spoke at the same time. She appeared next to Tae Ho and released her divine power.

It wasn’t only her. More than a hundred Goddesses and Valkyries showed up at his side.

“So this day ended up coming!”

Gandur giggled and said. Ingrid put a satisfied smile extended her hand forward. Rasgrid and Reginleif did the same and Scathach lead the bewildered Goddesses with her mystical message.

“You are too much.” Freya, that was being held by Valkyrie Hildegarde, pouted and extended her hand. The Goddess of Olympus and Asgard and the maidens of the Temple assisted the light of creation that was blocking the wave of destruction with their strength.

The light of creation stopped the wave of destruction but at that moment Surtr opened his mouth widely. The World God of Avesta- Anjra Mainiuu released his power. A huge lump of magic power that looked like a sun got fired towards Tae Ho.

He had aimed that attack with a time difference but Tae Ho didn’t get afraid. The same went for the Goddesses that had interacted with him.

Because there were beings blocking the black sun of Anjra Mainiuu. There were beings that had risen up again and come running!

“Go! Ru Yi Bang!”

The leader of the 12 protectors of the Temple, Son Wukong, swung his Ru Yi Bang staff and struck the black sun. His strength wasn’t enough but he wasn’t enough.

“Cry! Mjolnir!”

Thor came riding the lightning and fired Mjolnir. The huge lightning that was like a white sword hit the black sun.

Heracles didn’t stay still either. The strongest hero of Olympus assisted with his last strength. He slammed the black sun with his club and dispersed it.

The black sun exploded. It was only for a moment but it covered the sight of everyone. And at that moment Tae Ho looked at Heda. Heda and Idun blessed him and then sent Tae Ho.


Tae Ho rode on top of her. A white dragon flew to a high place in the sky. Nidhogg yelled.

“Tae Ho master~! Adenmaha!”

[Saga: The charge of the warrior is like a storm]

[Saga: The one that controls lightning and gale]

[Saga: The one that conquers dragons]

[Saga: The warrior that rode on a Goddess]

Several sagas got applied in an instant. The speed of Adenmaha surging up to the sky became even faster.

Tae Ho pulled out Gae Bolg with his left hand. He combined it with the Sword of Creation he was holding in his right hand and gave birth to a new shiny spear of light.


Adenmaha said and Tae Ho stroke her scales. They interacted with the ‘one that conquers dragons’ and shared everything to become one.

Adenmaha reached the highest place. Surtr raised his head and looked at the sky.

[My warrior Tae Ho.]

Idun’s voice was heard. Tae Ho laughed and whispered in a low voice.

“Idun, Heda, Adenmaha.”

For the peace in the residence.

[Won’t Nidhogg swell her cheeks if she hears that?]

Tae Ho heard Astelone’s voice and ordered. Adenmaha started to charge towards the ground.

Son Wukong, Heracles and Thor attacked Surtr. Surtr pushed them back with a wave of destruction and looked at Tae Ho. He sent some fireballs that he made in a hurry towards the sky.

Tae Ho didn’t dodge that and wasn’t even planning to pass through them. He rode on the wind and yelled.

“Rolo! Dracon Ismenios!”

[Saga: Master of flames]

[Saga: King of violence]

Rolo and Dracon Ismenios appeared in front of Tae Ho. The two dragons that transformed into a golden dragon and fire dragon fired dragon breaths and destroyed the fireballs advancing towards Tae Ho.

There were still a few more fireballs but it wasn’t a problem now.

Siri transformed into a golden wolf and rode on the wind. Bracky rode on top of her and fired lightning to scatter the fireballs.

The two of them yelled towards Tae Ho and roared together.

Tae Ho raised his spear of light. He charged and activated a saga.

[Saga: Draconic cannon]

Draconic Ballista!

Lightning struck. Dozens of streaks of lightning that fell from the sky opened up a path. And Adenmaha, that was passing through that transformed into a white light.

Surtr released the last of his power and Tae Ho released his power to charge at him.

Everyone saw that.

And everyone witnessed it.

The light tearing apart the darkness, the power of beginning destroying the power of destruction.

The story of the hero that would be remembered forever!


A loud explosion was heard and lightning struck once again. The white light trespassed Surtr and then flew to the sky once again.

The light covering Adenmaha disappeared. Tae Ho turned to look at the ground while listening to Idun’s and Heda’s voice.

Surtr was collapsing. The fire giant, the agent of destruction was facing its end before the new beginning.

Surtr didn’t scream or curse out. He just smiled bitterly. He followed the specific principles he told Tae Ho. He accepted the beginning that had come as the proxy of destruction.

The flames of Surtr disappeared.

The warriors of Valhalla roared. The Kingdom of Fire started to crumble at a fast rate.


Adenmaha cried and said. It was thanks to her nervousness having been eased suddenly. Tae Ho smiled and touched her scales. Astelone smiled silently and Cuchulainn spoke Tae Ho.

‘You should make the ending like you do.’

He wasn’t talking about fighting. Tae Ho understood his words and ended up laughing unconsciously.

“Let’s go Adenmaha.”

Adenmaha made a turn in the sky. She passed the heads of the Goddesses and headed to the entrance of the connecting path. The ones that saw the illusion of light that spread behind Tae Ho laughed. They yelled first and the others also followed them.

“Idun’s warrior!”

“Goddess of youth!”

What spread behind Tae Ho’s back was an illusion of Idun. Heda opened her eyes roundly and Idun glanced at him but then smiled brightly.

The association of the four worlds started to push back the Kingdom of Fire. Son Wukon, Thor and Heracles participated in the battle once again. Siri and Bracky didn’t get late for it either.

Tae Ho saw them and raised his hand before participating in the battle again. He showed a small smile and hit his chest.

“For Asgard and the nine realms.”

“For Asgard and the nine realms!”

Adenmaha followed him and Idun and Heda also yelled. Cuchulainn smiled and accompanied them.


The story of the hero that would be remembered forever.

Tae Ho smiled and headed to the ground with everyone.

He continued with the new story.

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