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zChapter 372 - The Love of Ouyang Ziqian and Dou Ya

Chapter 372 The Love of Ouyang Ziqian and Dou Ya

Ouyang Ziqian picked Dou Ya up, who was off duty early. Dou Ya was very excited. She had already been very happy to obtain the heart of her dream lover. She was more excited, even going crazy to be taken to see her dream lover’s family members now.

Dou Ya sat next to Ouyang Ziqian with the gifts in her hands, she wanted to send the gifts to Ouyang Feng. The things in the past flashed in her mind one by one.

Dou Ya actually had fallen in love with Ouyang Ziqian secretly for many years, but she made no progress. Even she could meet Ouyang Ziqian, it was because of Xia Xiaoluo. And because of that, when Ouyang Ziqian met her, he would take care of her.

But until last Christmas Eve, Dou Ya was sent to the city for a business where Ouyang Ziqian was there. She happened to meet Ouyang Ziqian, who was in hospital due to gastrorrhagia. She took the initiative to take care of him, who was sick at that time.

It was said that people were the most vulnerable when they were ill, especially in the foreign countries where there were no relatives around, he would be sad all the time.

Dou Ya accompanied Ouyang Ziqian every day and arranged for his three meals, which were suitable for the eastern people. She also told him jokes, made him laugh, and played tricks. Anyway, she only wanted Ouyang Ziqian to be happy, not always being sad, so that he could recover soon.

Ouyang Ziqian only felt he was really grateful for Dou Ya’s help at the beginning. But two days after he has discharged from the hospital, Dou Ya needed to go back to A City due to work. Ouyang Ziqian just felt empty in his heart. He hadn’t had that feeling before. He felt that the whole himself was about to suffocate.

Ouyang Ziqian rushed out of the room hurriedly. He realized that he was reluctant to let her leave. He didn’t expect that Dou Ya could come back, but at least before Dou Ya went on board, he could talk to her.

Ouyang Ziqian was not lucky enough. He met a big traffic jam, which was difficult to meet in recent years. Ouyang Ziqian could not calm down anymore. Seeing that time went by every minute and second, regardless of being discharged from the hospital not long ago, Ouyang Ziqian jumped out of the car. He hurriedly ran all the way to the airport.

Dou Ya has already checked-in baggage. When she went through the security check, she heard the most breathtaking voice.

“Dou Ya, Dou Ya…”

It was Ouyang Ziqian’s voice. Dou Ya turned around hurriedly.

Ouyang Ziqian gasped for breath. He held his own stomach with one hand and waved the other hand to Dou Ya.

“Ouyang…” Dou Ya wanted to go back, but the security inspector stopped her. She couldn’t go back anymore.

Ouyang Ziqian saw this situation as well. He didn’t want to see Dou Ya leave. He would feel regretful at that time. In the past, he didn’t take the initiative to go after Xia Xiaoluo, letting Ling Tianyi occupy the first opportunity. He was doomed not to marry Xia Xiaoluo, so he didn’t want to lose another nice girl due to his flinching.

“Dou Ya, be my girlfriend, OK?” Ouyang Ziqian put his hands around his mouth to form a small loudspeaker. And then he shouted at Dou Ya.

Dou Ya dared not to believe her ears. The man she had secretly fallen in love for so many years unexpectedly expressed his love to her. Her head was empty, and then she became stunned, just standing there in a daze.

Ouyang Ziqian saw that Dou Ya did not speak; he thought that she didn’t hear it clearly. So he shouted again, “Be my girlfriend! OK?”

Dou Ya bit the back of her hand and murmured with tears, “I’m not dreaming. It’s not a dream. He expressed his love to me. It’s real.”

Ouyang Ziqian couldn’t hear Dou Ya’s words. So he shouted again, “Dou Ya, I love you. Be my girlfriend. Promise me! OK?”

“OK!” Dou Ya finally regained her consciousness. She cried due to excitement and shouted at Ouyang Ziqian.

At this moment, Dou Ya didn’t want to get on the plane. She had secretly fallen in love and been intertwined with him for so many years. Today her dream finally came true, but she was about to separate from the man she loved most.

“As you get off the plane, turn your mobile phone on,” Ouyang Ziqian shouted.

Dou Ya nodded, she couldn’t stop her tears from falling down. “We will meet each other quickly.” She would strive for every opportunity to come here for business because Ouyang Ziqian expressed his love to her. And Ling Tianyi was not here, there would be many opportunities for her to come here for business.

Dou Ya made a decision. She turned around and left with her boarding bag. But she only walked for one step. She couldn’t help turning to gaze at the elegant face which was engraved in her heart.

Ouyang Ziqian saw Dou Ya turn around and look at him. He immediately waved his hands. “Take care. Remember to turn on your mobile phone after getting off the plane!”

Dou Ya waved the mobile phone in her hands. “I’ll remember it. I’ll call you as soon as I get off the plane!”

In this way, Dou Ya turned around and went step by step. She finally had to leave the man she loved the most.

During the long flight, Dou Ya could sleep well on the plane before, but this time, she couldn’t sleep but think about the things before boarding.

“Am I dreaming?” Dou Ya bit herself again. “I got up in the morning, and then I did not sleep. Yes, this is not a dream. He really expressed his love to me. It’s true!”

Dou Ya had been in a trance. She even dropped the drinks once and then dropped the bread on the plane. Everything wasn’t going well. She sometimes cried, but sometimes laughed like a fool. So that the passengers next to her all mistook that her spirit was not normal. They even asked the stewardess to change their seats.

In this way, Dou Ya finally got off the plane.

Dou Ya turned on her mobile phone immediately, wanting to call Ouyang Ziqian. But her hands trembled due to excitement. She hardly knew how to check the mobile phone.

At this time, her mobile phone rang. Dou Ya smiled when she saw who called her.

It was from Ouyang Ziqian. This meant that Ouyang Ziqian had been focusing on her flight. She just got off the plane less than one minute, he called her. It represented the greatest attention on her.

Dou Ya felt that the sound of her mobile phone ring sounded extremely beautiful for the first time. Dou Ya took a deep breath and answered the phone.

“Hello, Ouyang!” Dou Ya tried to make her voice sound calm. She didn’t want to be too excited, being impolite.

“You have arrived safely, right?” Ouyang Ziqian asked a useless question. But Dou Ya felt that it was very precious. His voice sounded magnetic; his tone was very gentle.

“Yes! I have arrived. I just turned my mobile phone on, wanting to call you to tell you that I’m safe. I don’t expect you to call me first,” Dou Ya said gently.

“OK. I’ll feel at ease. Is everything OK? Did you eat or sleep on the way?” Ouyang Ziqian asked with concern.

“I’m fine with everything. I ate a lot and slept well. You don’t need to worry about me. Isn’t it three a.m. in your city?” Dou Ya thought of the time difference suddenly.

“Yes! The stars outside are very beautiful!” Ouyang Ziqian said with a smile.

“Really? It’s noon here now!” Dou Ya and Ouyang Ziqian could talk so many jokes in common days, but she didn’t know what to say at this time.

“Eat more at lunchtime. You couldn’t eat well on the plane. Now you have choices, so don’t treat yourself bad,” Ouyang Ziqian said.

“I know. I’ll go to have a big meal later. You should go to sleep now; otherwise, you will be sleepy in the class tomorrow. And you just left the hospital, you need more rest. Pay attention to the food you eat, and take care of your stomach!” Dou Ya was also concerned about Ouyang Ziqian. She felt that Ouyang Ziqian stayed up late to call her when he was ill, she was satisfied with this goodwill. Even if she wanted to talk more to him, she did not want to affect the rest of the person she loved most.

“Well! You have to take good care of yourself. After I hand in this paper, I will go back to see you. I will accompany you to celebrate the Spring Festival and Valentine’s Day,” Ouyang Ziqian said with a smile. At this time, his successive postgraduate and doctoral programs were almost finished. He was busy with the preparation of the paper; otherwise, he might take the next plane to go to chase Dou Ya and express his love to Dou Ya again formally.

“Love you, bye-bye!” Dou Ya said boldly, then she hung up.

Ouyang Ziqian smiled gently, and then he hung up as well.

After Dou Ya hung up, she still felt that her heart was beating fast. It seemed that she ran very fast, ran very fast.

Dou Ya felt a little shy. She did not expect that she would take the initiative to say ‘love’ to a boy. But, she also bit her lips and gave herself a gesture of victory. This was a breakthrough. She felt that happiness came to her so suddenly.

What was more, Ouyang Ziqian promised to go back to accompany her to celebrate the Spring Festival and Valentine’s Day, Dou Ya was really looking forward to it.

In the following days, the couple had a fixed time every day to talk on the phone for a long time, send greeting messages, and take pictures of the delicious food they ate to each other.

This situation lasted for more than one month, Dou Ya finally had the opportunity to go there again. “Ziqian, tomorrow I will fly to your city. I’ll work there for five days. Then, it comes the New Year’s Eve, you promised to accompany me to celebrate the Spring Festival. Do not break your promise!”

“OK! I just handed in my paper yesterday afternoon, and I have some time these days relatively,” Ouyang Ziqian said with a smile, “However, I booked my ticket to go back tomorrow half a month ago. I’m afraid that I’ m going to refund my ticket now.”

Dou Ya used to call Ouyang Ziqian “Ouyang”, because “Ziqian” sounded too intimate. She felt that it was inappropriate. She wasn’t Ouyang Ziqian’s junior at the college, so it was also inappropriate to follow Xia Xiaoluo to call him Ouyang Senior. Thus, she called him “Ouyang” every time. And now, they were lovers, so the form of the name was changed.

“Haha, that’s the old saying! The plan can’t catch up with the change! I made the ticket you booked for nothing.” Dou Ya smiled.

“Do you want to spend the Spring Festival with me here, or do you want to fly home together on New Year’s Eve after your work is done?” Ouyang Ziqian asked Dou Ya for advice.

“As long as I can stay with you, everything will be fine. We can make a decision after we meet each other!” Dou Ya was very happy. These days, Dou Ya was so energetic every day. As long as she could talk with Ouyang Ziqian for a while on the phone or send messages, she could be happy for a long time.

At last, the plan couldn’t catch up with the change again. Dou Ya’s work needed to be delayed, and they couldn’t go back during the Spring Festival. Ouyang Ziqian picked Dou Ya up on and off duty to the branch company of Huasheng Group every day. They ate and played together every day.

After Ling Tianyi knew that, to make a match between Ouyang Ziqian and Dou Ya, he simply arranged Dou Ya to work permanently in the branch company. He hoped that their affection could develop faster.

At that time, Ling Tianyi did not know that Ouyang Ziqian was Xia Xiaoluo’s cousin. He was still looking forward that Ouyang Ziqian could love others, so he couldn’t like Xia Xiaoluo anymore. Moreover, in recent years, he also found that Ouyang Ziqian was really a good person. If Dou Ya and Ouyang Ziqian were together, Dou Ya would be very happy.

Dou Ya was Xia Xiaoluo’s best friend since childhood, now she was his good subordinate. He really hoped that Dou Ya could live a happy life.

Because of Ling Tianyi’s match-making, the two could often be together. Their affection gradually warmed up. Finally, they could be like this today. Dou Ya was going to see the family members of the Ouyang Ziqian family. Dou Ya felt nervous, but it was also sweet.

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